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iPhone Accessories

iPhone accessoriesThere are so many iPhone accessories available in stores and online. In almost any place you go, you will find a small section of the store carries at least one accessory for the iPhone.

I even see some accessories for the iPhone in some clothing stores, grocery stores, and gas stations. They range from usb car chargers and battery extenders, to headphones, speakers, iPhone armbands and many more.

There are some Apple iPhone accessories that are really cool and strange.

iphone accessry stylusFor example, You can use a special Stylus for the iPhone if you have long nails for example. The Dahon bike mounting and charging unit that mounts and charges your iPhone while riding your bike is a neat accessory for bikers.

There is also a small iPhone projector that connects to your iPhone dock to display your presentation on a big screen.

When I go to any store and see iPhone accessories, I must stop and look at the different items and ideas available for the iPhone. I just enjoy looking for a new and cool iPhone accessory. Sometimes I don't need the accessory right away, but it is just so cool and cheap that I just buy it.

iPhone bluetooth keyboardSince the iPhone also has a built in bluetooth, there are so many cool iPhone Bluetooth accessories available. Unfortunately, the iPhone bluetooth is not complete. There is no data support and many drivers are still missing. However, with some iPhone hacks, many of the bluetooth functionality becomes available.

Moreover, as Apple continues updating iPhone bluetooth, I expect more iPhone bluetooth accessories to become available such as bluetooth game controllers, bluetooth mouse, and bluetooth keyboards.

iPhone accessories install app noteApple introduced a new support for accessories in iPhone OS 3.0. For example, when you connect an accessory to your iPhone that requires an iPhone application from the App Store, a message would inform you of the app availability and it will link you to the App Store to install it. This is similar to installing a driver for a new hardware for your computer.

iPhone Game Controller:

iPhone game controllerThere are different types of iPhone game controllers.

Some controllers are simple game grip, or a steering wheel that hold the iPhone and use it with accelerometer games.


iPhone game controller for iPhone NES emulatorOther iPhone game controllers require jailbreaking and designed to control classic games running on iPhone emulators like the iPhone NES emulator or Sega emulator. The wiiMote is a great example. Visit the iPhone game controller page to learn more about the wii remote connection to the iPhone. iPhone wii remote connect to iPhone

iPhone Keyboard:

Use BTStack which is an iPhone hack to connect any HID bluetooth keyboard to your iPhone or simply use the keyboard dock for iPad with iPhone OS 4.0 on any iPhone 4.

An external iPhone keyboard is one of the coolest iPhone accessory you can buy. It allows you to use your iPhone as a mini laptop.

You can then type emails, SMS text messages, or even compose a complete document with ease using a full size keyboard.

iPhone Screen Protectors:

iPhone screen protctorThe iPhone 4 has a high strength glass screen that is anti scratch but when I bought my iPhone 3G I immediately bought a screen protector with it because I didn't want to take any chance.

This is the single most important iPhone accessory that any iPhone owner should buy.

I bought my iPhone screen protector from the Apple store, it was called Crystal Film Set, and it has lasted me over a year, and I don't have a problem with it at all. I don't think I will replace it anytime soon. Apple doesn't carry any iPhone screen protectors after the iPhone 4. Therefore, you have to look in other stores or online.

You should be very careful when selecting an iPhone screen protector for the iPhone 4 because of the high resolution retina display. Any such cheap iPhone accessories for your iPhone screen could ruin your iPhone experience and affect the brighteners and clarity of your iPhone 4 retina display.

Invisible shield is a brand that has many good reviews on the internet. It is available to protect both your iPhone screen and the iPhone body.

iPhone Cases:

iPhone casesAn iPhone case was my second iPhone accessory that I bought. I waited for sometime to find the one I want as I didn't like any of the cases in stores.

I wasn't very comfortable holding my iPhone without a case, but even with a case, I wanted something more.

iPhone case 2There are thousands of cases available for the iPhone in so many different styles, shapes and materials. There are cases made of leather, rubber or plastic. Some cases are built in a little mount that holds your iPhone either horizontally or vertically if you need to watch a video for example.

My main feature in a case that I was looking for is to have a strap that I can wrap around my wrist. Just like any portable digital camera or device, they come with a strap that you can hold around your wrist just in case they fall. The iPhone has a camera and it should qualify for a strap from Apple, unfortunately it doesn't.

Slimcase for iPhoneIt is very frustrating for me to hold the iPhone from the edges to take a picture for example. It only takes that one push off your hand, and it will fall. Imagine taking a picture from the second or third floor in a balcony or from above a swimming pool!. So, a strap was a must have in my requirement for an iPhone case. Click here to see the DLO SlimCase for iPhone 3G, 3G S (Black) that I have.

iPhone 4 Cases with a Strap:

iPhone 4 Case with strap attached to itOne of the most important features on an iPhone 4 case is having a strap. iPhone 4 features like the iPhone camera requires a strap just like any digital camera or camcorder.

I will show you how to add a strap to your most important iPhone accessory, the iPhone 4 case. By using simple tools, you can add a strap to almost any Phone 4 case.

An iPhone 4 case not only protects your iPhone, but with a strap it prevents it from accidental drops from your hand.

iPhone FM Transmitter:

iPhone fm transmitter FM transmitters are accessories that allow you to listen to your iPhone audio, internet radio or iPod music through your car stereo FM. Those FM transmitters usually charges the iPhone while transmitting the audio so you won't loose the charge while listening to your iPhone music.

You can connect FM transmitters either to the line output of the iPhone, or through the iPhone dock . The iPhone dock option is the more efficient way as you can charge you iPhone at the same time. Once the FM transmitter is connected, you can select a station on the FM transmitter and select the same station on the car stereo or any FM radio, your iPhone audio will be transmitted from the iPhone to that FM radio.

The new Griffin iTrip takes full advantage of the iPhone OS3.0 accessory support by installing an app from the App Store that takes full control of the FM transmitter .

iPhone Battery Chargers:

iphone battery chargersThose are the type of iPhone accessories that you will find in many gas stations on the highway or even in grocery stores. There are so many different kinds. Some of them are simple car or wall chargers that plugs directly to your iPhone dock.

Other types of car or wall chargers have a USB port. Those are more common and more universal chargers. Some of the iPhone battery chargers come with the USB cable but some don't. You simply plug the USB end of the cable to the USB port of the charger, and connect the other end of the cable to the iPhone dock.

I prefer the USB chargers type. You can use the same USB cable to charge your iPhone using any PC or Mac as well as using it in the car or at home.

iPhone Battery Extenders:

iphone battery extenderThose iPhone accessories give additional power to your iPhone when you need it. They are simply an additional external rechargeable battery. Some of them have their own rechargeable battery, but some others can even use AA or AAA batteries to power and charge your iPhone.

They is usually a box that can hold multiple AA or AAA batteries and have a little cable that plugs to the iPhone dock. Some iPhone battery extenders charge themselves using solar power from the sun or light. If you have no power source at all, then you can pick a solar energy charger that works completely on sun or light.

iPhone Video Accessories:

iPhone video cableAn iPhone HDMI video allows your iPhone video to be displayed in high deffinition on an HDTVThe iPhone is capable of displaying iPhone videos on the TV by default.

There are several ways of displaying your iPhone movie players on your TV. The least expensive method is to use an iPhone video cable such as a component video cable or a regular Apple composite video cables that allow you to connect your iPhone to your TV through the dock port.

If you have a high definition TV, and have an iPhone 4, then your best method is to connect through an iPhone HDMI adapter.

If an iPhone movie player supports iPhone video out, then it will switch to video out automatically once it is connected to an iPhone video cable, and you can enjoy full screen video from your iPhone or iPhone 4 to your big screen TV with no additional setup.

Those iPhone video cables are useful when you want to share your favorite YouTube shows, videos or photos with your friends or family.

iPhone video glassesThere are other interesting iPhone accessories that go even beyond that by taking this video signal and feeding it into a small portable projector, or even video glasses that display the video and give big screen effect.

iPhone camera accessory that add zoom to your iPhone iPhone Camera Accessory:

Even your iPhone camera has some accessories for it. You can get lenses for the iPhone that add zooming effect, fish eye, wide angle and more.

Those iPhone camera accessories usually come with an iPhone case that allows different lenses to be attached to the iPhone camera.

iPhone Cables:

expandable iPhone cablesThere are different types of cables for the iPhone. Some cables connect to the iPhone dock, while others connect to the iPhone audio port.

Either way you connect your cable, you can get some really nice control over your music and many enhancement to your iPhone user experience or you can charge your iPhone battery.

Hard case iPhone standiPhone Stands:

If you are in a plane or on a long trip in a bus or train, you might want to use your iPhone to watch a movie or TV.

iPhone stands are iPhone accessories that are designed to hold your iPhone on a flat surface in a horizontal or vertical position.


iPhone Car Mount & Holders:

iPhone car mountCar mounts allow you to hold your iPhone in your Car. Some of them have a suction cup that sticks to the windshield while some others mount to the air vent or the dashboard of your car. If you are looking for a mount, I suggest you shop around for one that suites your car.

iPhone car mount finWhen you buy a car mount for your iPhone, consider your reach by hand, and also the reach to the car stereo, cigarette lighter and AUX if you have one.

Also don't forget that your iPhone could be rotated, so your mount needs to have a rotation capability.

The worst thing in a car is to have too many wires all over the place, that could be distracting while driving. Therefore, make sure that your mount has a good location.

There is big selection of car mounts that started to appear specially after the release of several iPhone GPS applications in the App Store. TomTom, and Navigon have special mounts that take full advantage of their GPS apps adding sound, AUX, speakers, and charging capability all in one unit.

Dahon iphone accessory bike mountThere are also some iPhone accessories that hold the iPhone around your arm while you are walking or running or that hold and charge your iPhone on your bike while biking.

iPhone Hands Free Speaker Phones:

One of the coolest features to have in your car is bluetooth hands free capability. This allows you to pair cell phones like the iPhone to your car speakers and control your phone calls right from your steering wheel.

If your car doesn't have bluetooth, then you can still install other third party iPhone accessories that have this feature. You simply install those bluetooth devices in your car, and pair them with your iPhone to have handsfree voice conversation.

iPhone Armbands:

iPhone armbands with clipsWhen you go to the gym or exercise in your home, you will run into a problem where to hold your iPhone or iPhone 4.

It is very difficult to hold your iPhone in your hand, or put it in your training pockets as you are running or jogging.

This is where you will find an iPhone armband a very useful iPhone accessory to have. Simply put your iPhone or iPhone 4 in the armband and tie the armband to your arm and you should be ready to go.


iPhone Speakers:

iphone speakersThis is one of the biggest categories in the iPhone accessories. The iPhone has two audio sources, the applications audio that include the music and other video and audio applications.

The other source is the phone audio which is your phone calls audio. This might be a little confusing with some iPhone accessories as which audio source is supported by the accessory.

It is very important to know which audio the accessory supports. For example, you can connect an FM transmitter to your iPhone dock, and transmit every audio from your iPhone to your car stereo, but you won't be able to hear the phone calls through the transmitter. This also applies to other accessories with AUX output to your car. You have to pick up your phone to listen to your party.

Therefore, You have to be very careful when selecting a speaker for your iPhone, and know exactly what you want to hear, your music or your phone, or both. Many bluetooth speakers support both hands free calls and music (A2DP). Just make sure the accessory specifically states that.

iPhone Headphones:

iPhone headphoneThere are many types of headphones and headsets accessories for the iPhone.

You can connect any wired headphone to your iPhone through the audio line out and listen to all your music.

iPhone headphones that is built in microphone and buttonHowever, iPhone headphones can take full advantage of the iPhone audio port. They allow you to answer phone calls, play, pause, skip and rewind your music with a click of a button on the iPhone headset cable.

iPhone accessories such as headphones can be expensive based on the type, style and sound quality. An iPhone headphone adapter allows you to add features like a microphone and music control buttons to your existing favorite headphone.

iPhone Bluetooth Headset:

iPhone bluetooth headphoneThe iPhone bluetooth connectivity opens the door wide for a huge selection of bluetooth devices. Starting with iOS 3.0, the iPhone is able to stream music or any iPhone audio to an A2DP bluetooth headphone or headset. Most stereo bluetooth headphones accessories support A2DP and iPhone music control.

However, not every bluetooth headset supports A2DP. Usually headsets are designed for phone calls only and not music. Therefore, if you want to hear and control iPhone music, internet radio, or TV on your iPhone, then make sure the headset you buy supports A2DP profile like the Jabra BT 530 Bluetooth Headset.

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