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iPhone FM Transmitter

An iPhone fm transmitter is one of the most useful iPhone accessory you can buy for your device. It allows you to listen to your iPhone audio output through your car speakers, or any FM radio without wires.

Have you been in a situation where you want to play a Youtube video or a song on your iPhone and share it with your friends on loud speakers? Then you need an iPhone FM transmitter.

You can simply plug the FM transmitter to your iPhone and select a station on both the FM transmitter and your FM radio. Then, you you will be able to hear your music or YouTube wirelessly on the FM stereo speakers.


Types of FM transmitters for the iPhone

There are different types of iPhone fm transmitters available in stores. Some of them use the iPhone audio output or the iPhone headphone port, while others use the iPhone dock.

iPhone FM transmitter that hooks to the headphone jackThere are three types of FM transmitters for the iPhone. One type is generic that can work on any mp3 player with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

iPhone FM transmiters that plugs to the iPhone dockThe second type plugs to the iPhone dock and transmit audio through the dock to the FM radio, and is usually powered by the iPhone battery.

FM transmitters with charger for iPhoneThe third type of FM transmitters for iPhone also connects through the iPhone dock, but it is powered by your car cigarette lighter, and also charges your iPhone.




Generic FM transmitters for iPhone

This type of fm transmitters is generic and can work with any audio device. It has a standard 3.5mm audio jack that most audio devices, and mp3's players have. Since it doesn't use the iPhone dock, it must have its own power. They are either powered by battery or by a car cigarette lighter plug.

iPhone fm transmitters through the iPhone audio portiPhone fm transmitters through the headphone port iPhone FM transmitter that is powered by car cigarette lighter

I don't like those generic FM transmitters as they need their own power supply or battery and therefore can become a little heavy, but they are cheap and compatible with many devices.

Those FM transmitters are portable and can be used in the car or at home, just make sure they are either fully charged or they have a new battery .


Portable iPhone FM transmitter through iPhone Dock

Those types of fm transmitter plug to the iPhone dock. They are designed for the iPhone and not compatible with non-Apple devices. They use the iPhone dock port to transmit and control the iPhone music and audio.

fm transmitter for iPhone through the dock fm transmitter for iPhone through the dock port

Moreover, they are powered by the iPhone battery itself, so there is no need to have an internal battery, and therefore they are very light and portable.

This is a good option if you carry your iPhone to places where you want to share your music with others in a car or a home. Once the fm transmitter is connected to the iPhone, you can select an fm channel on the fm transmitter, and select the same fm channel on the car radio or home radio. Then, you can hear the sound from your iPhone wirelessly transmitted to that FM radio.


iPhone FM transmitter for Cars

Connect your iPhone to your car stereo with a wireless iPhone fm transmitter through the cigarette lighter


iphone-ausio-through-casset-playerWith older cars that are equipped with a cassette player, it is simple to buy a cassette adapter and plug it to your iPhone.

However, many cars come with either a CD player or just an FM radio. It becomes almost impossible to connect your iPhone to your car speakers and enjoy your favorite music library in your car with those types of car stereo systems.

Therefore, buying an iPhone Fm transmitter for your car is the best solution. The FM transmitter connects to the iPhone dock, and it has a car cigarette lighter plug that plugs to the cigarette lighter in your car to power both the fm transmitter and to charge the iPhone.

It is best to keep your FM transmitter in the car, and plug your iPhone whenever you get in the car. You will be charging your iPhone, and be able to listen to your music at the same time.


Hold, charge and transmitte audio from iPhone to car stereo with this iPhone fm transmitterHolds, and charge your iPhone with this fm transmitter for iPhone, you can even remote controlSome fm transmitters for the iPhone come as an all in one unit that holds, charges and transmits music to your car stereo while others come with a remote control to control your music.

Be aware though that phone calls audio will not be transmitted through an FM transmitter connected through the dock.

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