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Arabic iPhone Applications

There are so many Arabic iPhone applications in the App store which makes the iPhone simply the most useful handheld device for Arabs or Arabic language speakers alike.

The iPhone is just perfect in every aspect in reading, writing, and recognizing the Arabic language right out of the box without any additional add-ons or modifications specially with iOS 3.0 and above.

Choosing to buy an iPhone is the smartest decision for Arabs across the Arab world. The iPhone has already found good grounds in the Arab world and is already available in many Arabic countries such as Jordan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. You can find iPhone 3G, 3GS and even iPhone 4 in locked and unlocked condition.

Not only the iPhone supports Arabic language, but it also has an Arabic mode where it can be rebooted in a completely arabic iOS environment.


Arabic on iPhone:

Arabic language on iPhone with Arabtaller plusWhen the iPhone 2G was released in 2007, Arabic language wasn't supported, which meant that you couldn't type or enter arabic letters to the iPhone using any of the default apps like YouTube, Safari for iPhone, mail, or Notes.

However, it was still possible to visit Arabic web sites and read arabic text with out a problem which was a big plus at that time.

Not many PDA's or smart phones supported reading Arabic right out of the box while the iPhone did. And there is a big difference when the operating system itself supports Arabic right out of the box vs add-ons or other plugin's.

The Arabic language was fully supported by Apple starting from iOS 3 and above which means that you were able to input Arabic characters across all the iPhone applications.

It was still possible to add Arabic language to older iOS 2.0 and iOS 1.0 but you had to jailbreak your iPhone and install an Arabic iPhone language hack from Cydia that costed $25 at that time.

The Arabic hack was called Arabtaller and Arabtaller Plus which were for iOS 1.x and 2.x series. You had to add the iPhoneislam repository which is available through iphoneislam.com by going to Cydia and adding the iphone islam source.

iPhoneislam is one of the best Arabic iPhone websites available on the net and they provide many Arabic Apps in the App Store. It is also nice to know that Arabtaller is also available for the iPad which adds Arabic keyboard to input Arabic letters in to the iPad Prior to iPad 2.

Arabic language on iPad


Arabic iPhone Applications in the App Store:

It is amazing how many special Arabic iPhone applications are available in the App Store. Although many of them are not specifically for Arabs, those apps can still be used to serve Arabic language in one way or another to view or listen to Arabic shows and news.

One of the best iPhone arabic applications is AJA Live watch is Aljazeera Arabic live TV for example.

Below, I will show you what some Arabic iPhone applications are available, and what you should expect if you want to buy iPhone and use it in Arabic language.


Listen to Arabic Radio on iPhone:

Many of the internet radio applications available in the App Store can simply locate radio stations from any country including many Arabic radio stations across the Arab world.

Those Internet radio apps allow you to either enter a url address of a site or allow you to browse radio stations by countries where you can select the Arabic country you are looking for.

Tunein Radio, Last.FM, and Wunder radio are some of my best internet radio iPhone applications. I use them all the time to listen to Arabic news, music, or even Arabic TV in audio format.

There are lots of other more specific Arabic radio applications in the App Store that allow you to listen to a specific Arabic country radio stations. For example, radio lebanon, radio Kuwait or United Arab Emirates radio are country specific Arabic radio apps.

Arabic radio application on the App StoreArabic Radio  iPhone application


Watch Arabic TV on iPhone:

This is my best part of the iPhone, and is what I use my iPhone about 80% of the time. I use my iPhone 4 extensively to watch Arabic TV, and use much of my iPhone network bandwidth to stream arabic shows and news such as Aljazeera Arabic TV.

Luckily that I was able to keep my unlimited iPhone data plan with AT&T when they changed their data plans and made it limited. Streaming TV on the iPhone takes up lots of the iPhone 3G network bandwidth. Therefore, if you are not on wifi you should watch your data stream.

Al Jazeera arabic for iPhone in the App StoreAl Jazeera english is an arabic iphone application

YouTube is the best way to watch arabic TV on iPhone It is amazing how you can connect your iPhone to a TV and watch arabic channels on a big screen by connecting the iPhone to your TV using an iPhone video out cable.

You can even watch youtube video right from your iPhone on a big screen TV. It is also nice to know that almost any program or arabic series old or new is available on YouTube.

So it is your choice of of what and when to watch what you want .

I have a car mount, which is an iPhone accessory that mounts the iPhone on the dashboard in my car. I can then charge the iPhone and watch Arabic channels or listen to arabic radio in my car through my car speaker, an iPhone speaker, or a bluetooth headset.

The App Store has many specific Arabic iPhone applications for different arabic countriesMany arabic iPhone applications allows you to watch different TV channels from within one App. For example NetTV, which is the best iPhone internet TV application, has many arabic TV channels from different Arabic countries.

France24 is another good arabic TV channel for news App.

Other iPhone applications like OrbLive allows you to select your channel manually which could be any Arabic channel from the internet.

Also, there are many Arabic iPhone applications that are specific to different Arabic countries. So you can find a TV station application for Lebanon or Egypt for example, while others might be specific to Arabic shows, or Arabic movies.

Al Jazeera Arabic is an Arabic iPhone application that displays Al Jazeera website news, and its live Aljazeera Arabic TV. Aljazeera english is another specific App in English and is also available in the App Store.

Those arabic TV applications make the iPhone a portable TV in your hand anywhere in the world.

Arabic Dictionary for iPhone:

Arabic iPhone Applications, dictionary and translator There are so many dictionaries apps in the App Store, and almost all of them support Arabic language translation and word definition. Simply select your languages in the input area, and then choose your output language. The app will translate or give definitions in the languages you specify.

Almawred Al Qareeb is an iPhone Arabic application in the app store that contains 33,000 words and can also pronounce the english words.

It is about $15 from the App Store and is worth the money if you are a student learning english.

You can input the word in either arabic or english and then get the meaning in either languages.

Al Mawrid, an iPhone arabic application to translate and give synonemsArabic iPhone applications that translate arabic to english or english to arabic


Arabic and Islamic Calendars:

The iPhone is the perfect device for Arabs and muslims as there many Arabic iPhone applications specifically for muslims.

Al Kuran, the Quran, in arabic for the iPhone in the App StoreIslamic calendars for iPhone in the App Store

You can find Quran for iPhone in Arabic and english with its translation and explanation. You can find Ramadan calendar for the month of Ramadan, or you can find islamic calendar for all muslim holidays.


Arabic Bible for iPhone:

arabic bible for the iPhoneChristian Arabs also have some specific apps in Arabic.

Just search for arabic bible in the App Store and you find a couple of Arabic Bibles apps.

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