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iPhone Music Control

ipod or iphone music control Playing iPhone music with the iPod application is one of the greatest iPhone and iPhone 4 features. The iPod came long time before the iPhone, and it was established as the most popular and the standard MP3 player in the world.

The iPhone and iPhone 4 is a continuation of the iPod success, and therefore, every iPhone and iPhone 4 is built in an iPod mp3 player. If you already have an iPod and you already have a music library, it is very simple to sync all your current music to your iPhone and enjoy listening to your music.

After you start the iPod application, you want to be able to control the iPhone songs somehow.

You will want to be able to skip, rewind, pause or play with ease. The most logical way of controlling your iPhone music is to simply open the iPod application, and use the controls within the application itself.

Although this works, it is not the most convenient and efficient way.

Suppose that you are listening to music while browsing through iPhone Safari or another iPhone browser. And suppose that you want to skip the currently playing song. It wouldn't make sense to close Safari, and then open the iPod application, and then skip the song and finally go back to Safari or the iPhone browser to continue reading your article.

There are many other more convenient ant efficient ways of controlling your music whether you are in the home screen, in the lock screen, while in another iPhone application, or even while the iPhone is sleeping.

I will show you some of the available ways that make controlling your music on your iPhone a breeze. You don't have to open the iPod application every time you want to skip, pause or play a song. Some of those methods are built in the iOS and can be applied immediately while some others require you to jailbreak your iPhone and require full access to the iPhone file system.


Default iPhone Music Controls:

iPhone music controls appear on the iPhone lock screenIn the lock screen, if you double press the home button, the iPod music controls will show up and allow you to play, pause, and skip any iPhone song.

If a song is already playing, and your iPhone went to sleep, the music will not stop. You have to stop it manually.

Simply double press the home button and tap the pause/play button to play or pause the song.

You don't need to even slide to unlock your iPhone.

This all happens in the lock screen which is simply the fastest way to use your iPhone as an iPod. This feature is built in the iOS and requires no additional settings, and it is very convenient.


iPhone Song Control in Task Switcher:

The task switcher allows you to control your iPhone music while you are running any iPhone applicationThis feature is available in iOS 4 and above, and was introduced as one of the iPhone 4 features.

If you double press the home button while you are in the home screen, or in any iPhone application, the iOS 4 multitasking task switcher will be activated.

The task switcher is a dock that will pop up from the bottom, and allows you to switch between running iPhone applications, but it also allows you to control iPhone music.

Slide your finger to the right as shown blow and a new set of icons will appear. You can start the iPod, or you can control your iPhone songs while you are any where in the iPhone.

iphone song control in task switcheriphone music control in task switcher

There is no need to exit the current application. After you are done with the song you want, you can tap anywhere above the dock to go back to the iPhone application that you were using.


iPod Control in SBSetting:

This is an iPhone hack that requires SBSettings to be installed on a Jailbroken iPhone. Once this toggle is added from Cydia, a new Play/Stop button in SBSettings menu is added. Now you can play or stop your music with one touch to open the SBSettings menu, and another touch to play or stop your music.

iphone music from SBSettingsiphone song control from SBSettings


iPod Control by Activator Assignment:

Activator is one of the best iPhone hacks in Cydia that is used for iPhone customization of your touch screen. Of course, it requires an iPhone jailbreak. With Activator, you can assign gestures or touch actions tasks that you do most. One iPhone customization you can do with Activator is assign iPhone buttons and gestures to your iPhone music controls.

iphone song control from Activatoriphone music control from Home screen

For example, you can assign the volume button up to skip a song, and the volume button down to go to previous track and so on. You can even assign the home button to play or pause a song. I assign a double press to open the iPod controls.

You are free and you can use your imagination to however you want to start your iPhone music and how you want to control your music.


iPod Control by Voice:

iphone music control with voice controlVoice control is an iPhone 4 feature that came with iOS 4. It simply allows you to have some control of your iPhone with voice.

You can dial a phone number for example by calling the persons name.

However, the power of Voice Control is in playing music. You can play a song by calling its name. You can skip to next or previous song all by voice.

To activate Voice Control, you must be in the home screen or in any iPhone application.

Then, press and hold the home button for 3 seconds, and the Voice Control screen will display waiting for you to say a command.

Control Music with iPhone Headphones:

Apple iPhone HeadphoneEvery iPhone and iPhone 4 come with an iPhone headphone. This is a special headphone from Apple that has some features such as answering a phone call while listening to music.

Another important feature of those iPhone accessories is the ability to control your music with special controls in the iPhone headphone cable.

It is also possible to connect a third party iPhone accessory called an iPhone headphone adapter which is an iPhone cable or extension that has iPhone music control buttons. You can then connect to any regular headset and still control your music with the additional buttons on the iPhone headphone adapter.

Those additional buttons on the iPhone headphones allow you to play, pause, and skip a song without touching your iPhone screen and even while the iPhone is sleeping.


Control iPhone Music with iPhone Accessories:

Control iPhone music using iPhone accessoriesSome iPhone accessories like the kensington liquid aux car kit come with a wireless remote that you can attach to your car steering wheel.

With this wireless remote, you can control the iPhone music without even turning the iPhone on. And of course while any iPhone application is running.

iphone music control using iPhone accessoriesSimply press the play button on the wireless remote control and your music will start playing on your iPhone.

You can skip or go to previous track from the remote control without touching your iPhone or iPhone 4.

This is one of my best iPhone accessories. Once the music starts playing, you will see a play symbol on the top right in the status bar indicating that music is playing.


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