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iPhone Applications

Default pre installed iPhone applicationsiPhone applications are programs that run on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

They are available in what is called the App Store. There are over 800,000 applications in the App Store as of 2013.

You can download those applications either through your PC or Mac using iTunes, or directly to your iPhone using the App Store application on your iPhone.

iOS in general have some default or pre-installed iPhone applications.

Some of the main applications that come with iOS 6 are iPhone Safari, iPhone Mail, iPhone Notes, Contacts, Apple Maps, iPhone Photo, YouTube, Music, Calender, an iPhone Audio recorder, Whether, Find My iPhone and the iPhone Camera Application. You can't uninstall or remove those applications that are pre installed.

With the number of iPhone applications increasing daily, you can find an application for almost anything you are looking in the App Store from games, cooking, travel, utilities, sports, social network, productivity, news, navigation, and much much more.

iPhone applications categories in the App StoreCategories of iPhone applications in the App Store

In the early days of the iPhone, it was not possible to install applications on the device as there was no App Store and it was a closed system. The only way to run applications was by connecting to the internet and running iPhone web apps through Safari.

Fortunately, those days are gone. The App Store is now is the largest online application store in the globe with over 1 million apps available as of 2011.

Later, web apps became more advanced and many companies modified their websites to look just like an application when opened with any iPhone web browser.

Visit the best iPhone applications page to see my day to day best and most useful apps from Music, productivity, social media, to scanning and printing from iOS.

How to Install iPhone Applications?

There are two ways to install applications on the iPhone. One way is by using iTunes on your Mac or PC, while the other way is by using your iPhone itself.

Using iTunes:

Access iTunes store from iTunes on the Mac or  PCUsing iTunes to install iPhone apps is pretty simple while I personally don't use it.

Basically, you open iTunes on your Mac or PC, and then go to iTunes store from the left column.

Then, select the App Store tab from the menu bar as shown below.

Select any category from the pull down menu as shown in the picture below.

Now you can browse through all the available iPhone applications in any selected category.

Find iPhone applications with iTunes on your Mac or PC

You can also select a category from the pull down menu located on the right side of iTunes. Once you select a category, iTunes will update and display all the applications from that category.

Install iPhone applications using iTunes on Mac or PC

Once you find the application you want, simply click on it to read more information about it. There are free and paid applications.

Buy an iPhone application using iTunes on Mac or PC

When you click on the application to install it, you will be asked to enter Apple ID and password. Then, your download will start, and will be stored in iTunes. After you connect your iPhone to your computer either by wire or over wifi, all the iPhone applications that were downloaded to iTunes will be synced to your iPhone.

Buy an iPhone application using iTunes


Using the App Store:

This is the most common and the easiest way of installing applications on the iPhone. There is no need to connect or sync with your computer at all. Simply open the App Store application on your iPhone and select a category, or search for an application.

The app store applicationiPhone applications categories in App Store

Once you find the iPhone app you are looking for, simply tap the button that says "Free" or that has a "price" to install the application. You will then go the application description screen where you can tap the "Install" button to install it.

Install free iPhone applicationsBuy and install an iPhone application using the app store application

You will then be asked to enter your apple ID, and your password to proceed with the download. Then, the download and install of your iPhone application will start and the app will be ready for you.

Use apple ID to login to App Store in order to download iPhone applicationsDownload and install iPhone applications from the App store

The beauty of this method of downloading and installing applications is that it is independent, all what you need is Wifi or 3G/EDGE connection to the internet. The application will be in your hand in a very short time.


The Cydia Store:

Cydia StoreThere are thousands of other iPhone applications available through other unofficial stores like the Cydia store.

Cydia Store is also growing very quickly and it has many iPhone hacks and tweaks that you can't see in the app store. Many iPhone apps are available for free while others cost $0.99 and up in Cydia.

Installing iPhone applications though Cydia is simple, but it is not as simple as installing apps from the App Store.

First, you must jailbreak your iPhone which allows you to have full access to the iPhone file system in order to install Cydia.

Then you might have to add a source to install a specific hack. Visit the Cydia page to learn how to install iPhone hacks and tweaks.


Why Use Cydia Store?

Using Cydia to install iPhone applications is not an option for everyone. Jailbreaking your iPhone and installing Cydia application is usually for end users and is not an alternative to the App store. It is an additional store that has special hacks and tweaks that you can't find in the App store, and that can enhance you user experience.

Cydia store applications simply don't meet the SDK (Software Development Kit) requirements by Apple and therefore, they are not allowed to be published in the App Store.

This is an attempt by Apple to protect the iPhone from unauthorized or buggy applications that could damage its reputation. Those policies and restrictions are becoming more and more lean as the iOS is becoming more advanced.

Of course, the best world of the iPhone is to enhance some App Store applications with some features and tweaks from the Cydia store.


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