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My Best iOS 8 Features


iOS 8 was announced by Apple recently in the World Wide Development Conference WWDC. Some of the features were announced but not everything. Then, iOS 8 beta became available to registered developers, and more details, and more features were discovered.

I will discuss my favorite features that I read about or heard, that I think will be the most useful features. Coming from jailbreaking my iPhone always, I find many of the features are Apple implementation of those iPhone hacks, while others just improve an existing feature, or enhance the overall use of iOS devices.

Having said that, jailbreaking an iOS device think will remain, and more hacks will be available to take advantage of the new features. So, no worry here.

Peer-to-Peer AirPlay with no wifi network!:

When AirPlay and AirPlay Mirror was first announced in iOS 4, I was so excited about being able to project my iPhone to my HDTV. Being at home it was never an issue to connect to my Apple TV. My iOS devices automatically find the wifi network and connect to it.

iOS 8 is introducing a new feature that will allow you to connect to an Apple TV, and maybe other iOS devices with no local wifi network requirement. This is really amazing, meaning that your iPhone will be able to detect Apple TV's and iOS devices in the area, and then connect to them using wifi. You don't have to connect to a local wifi or enter passwords on either the Apple TV or your iPhone.



With iOS8, developers can a add extensions which give system wide effect to your iPhone. This is something was impossible with previous iOS. Therefore, and app can add a system wide extensions, that other apps could use.

Third Party Keyboard:

This feature has been around on Android, and in the jailbreak community. Finally, Apple opens the keyboard to the public. Now, we can expect different system wide keyboards with different kind of features.


iCloud Photo Library:

With iOS 8, we don't have to worry about the 1000 picture limit on iCloud for photo stream. All your photos and videos and albums will be on the cloud at full resolution. Therefore, your whole library will be on iCloud.


Notification Widgets:

Widgets have existed on the Mac since early versions of OSX, but never been adopted on iOS until iOS 8. Now in notification center, developers can add widgets to their applications, that will be showing in the notification center. You can easily arrange those widgets, but only in notification center.



Mac OSX Yosemite and iOS 8 made the communication between your desktop or laptop Mac so close, that it is very easy to share files between your iOS devices and your Mac. So, you can easily AirDrop a file from your Mac to your iPhone or vice versa.

Also, it is very easy to continue working on one app on one device and finish it on another device and continue exactly where you left. For example, If you are typing an email, you can go to your Mac, or iPad, and finish the email exactly how it was left on the iPhone.


Phone Connection:

This iOS 8 feature just shows how much integration between iOS 8, and OSX Yosemite are in the work. Your Mac recognizes your iPhone when you are at home and when you are connected to the same network. Therefore, if your iPhone rings in your bedroom, and you are in your office , your Mac will display the caller ID, and you can pick up the phone on your Mac using your Mac speakers, and microphone.


iPhone Connect to Mac as Video:

Once you connect your iPhone to your Mac running Yosemite , your Mac will recognize your iPhone as a video device. Therefore, you can capture anything on your iPhone on your Mac screen, and save it as a video using Quick time. It is similar to AirPlay mirror running on the Mac with a third party application like AirServer, but it must be faster.


Auto Tethering:

Many of the iOS 8 features are more integration between the iPhone and your Mac. If you are on your Mac, and there is no wifi around, your Mac will automatically find and connect to your iPhone and use the tethering feature to connect to the internet through your iPhone data plan.


Grey scale:

If you ever see that your battery is coming low, and you don't have access to a close by iPhone charger. Then, grey scale is the savor. It turns your iPhone system to grey scale Everything becomes grey scale including the iPhone Camera, video and photos which will boost your iPhone battery.



HomeKit is one of iOS 8 developer features that allows different appliances and devices in your home to communicate with your iPhone. It is similar to AirPlay but with other home devices. Fore example, There are many third party AirPlay Speakers that allow you to stream music from your iPhone. The same thing with HomeKit, you will see appliances, such as Air conditioners, heaters, lights, and garage door systems that are HomeKit ready. Therefore, you will be able to control your home by simply talking to Siri from anywhere in the world.

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