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Watch TV on iPhone

There are different ways of watching TV on iPhone using its wireless capabilities in connecting to the internet. Since most big TV stations now have live feed of their stations on their websites or other servers online, it is now possible using your iPhone to connect to the internet and access any those TV stations.

You can watch live news, TV shows, movies, and many other video programs anytime wherever you are. That is the beauty of the internet, and the beauty of having a wireless device such as the iPhone.

tv on iphone

Watch TV on iPhone and use as aportable TVYou can simply type the website address of those TV stations on your iPhone using the Safari browser, and be able to watch them live.

Moreover, many big TV stations now have iPhone applications. Therefore, it is a good idea to start by searching the App tore for a TV station that you would like to watch. Some applications allow you to watch live stream TV while others allow you to watch recorded TV shows.

There are many different ways of watching TV on your iPhone. Some ways are completely free, others cost the price of an iPhone application while others cost buying an additional hardware such as a TV Tuner, or a SlingBox.


TV on iPhone Applications:

This method of watching live TV on iPhone is mostly free but it might lack selections, ie you might not find your favorite TV station. You simply visit a website with your iPhone using Safari, or download an iPhone application that gives you access to this live feed.

Many big TV stations now provide their live TV feed online on the internet for free. If you can get an iPhone application for that TV station, you can then install that app on your iPhone and watch live or recorded TV programs for that TV station.

You can also watch some TV stations by simply visiting their website using iPhone safari. The picture below shows an arabic site called aljazeera.net displayed in Safari on the iPhone running as a web app.

Watch arabic aljazeera TV on your live  iPhoneWatch Aljazeera arabic tv on iPhone anywhere over wifi or 3G

By taping any of the blue buttons with the red circle shown above, you will be able to watch live aljazeera arabic on your iPhone. Therefore, search the App Store for your favorite TV station if available, if not, then visit that station using Safari on your iPhone and look for a live feed button.

NetTV for iPhone live TV

There are many iPhone applications in the App Store that allow you to watch live TV feed. Aaljazeera English, CNN live, France 24, BBC, TVUPlayer, and Live are all some available iPhone applications for those TV stations.

Most of of those iPhone TV applications are free. However, you will find some applications that are $0.99 and up, NetTV for example is $4.99.

TV on iPhone with NetTV:

NetTV is simply the best iPhone TV application available in the App Store. It has a big list of TV channels that can be viewed either by categories or by countries.

For example, if I want to see what Egyptian channels are available, I would simply select Egypt from the list of countries, and I will get all the TV stations that are available for free from Egypt. The US for example, has about 37 live free TV stations.

Watch live TV on your iPhone with NettVWatch TV on your iPhone from many different countries using NetTV

Almost all the countries in the world have something in this little iPhone application. It is simply amazing.

TV on iPhone With ORBLive:

tv on iphone with orbliveORBLive is another iPhone application, that cost $10 from the App Store, that allows you to stream your favorite TV stations using the internet.

First, you have to register for a free account with ORB.

Once you are registered and the ORB server is installed on your PC and running, you can access your ORB favorite stations using the OrbLive app for the iPhone.

You can log in to your OrbLive account using any web browser to access your account and manage your channels.

Any channel you add or remove using the Orb website can then be viewed on your iPhone.

ORB has a huge list of TV stations from all over the world. You simply add TV stations to your favorite list, and then watch them on your iPhone. Your PC must be running and connected to the internet all the time for you to be able to access your streams at any time. ORBLive works over wifi, 3G and EDGE.

OrbLive can also stream from a web camera or a compatible TV tuners connected to your computer. Moreoevr, it can stream any video you have in your desktop compute to your iPhone. Visit the OrbLive page to learn more about watching TV on iPhone with OrbLive.


iPhone TV Tuners:

iPhone TV tuner, Eye TV You can watch TV on iPhone using a wide selection of iPhone compatible TV tuners.

The first TV tuner that came to the iPhone was from Japan. The 1Sig TV tuner for iPhone was available only in Japan for the One Seg TV Signal.

Then, other TV tuners started to come to the US and other countries in the world.

Many TV tuners application in the App Store require an iPhone compatible TV tuner pre installed. Other TV tuners are sold as a bundle with their hardware. You would buy the TV tuner, and then download its iPhone application for free from the App Store.

TV tuners get their TV signals from any connected cable TV, satellite TV, or any external video source. You can then watch live TV on iPhone by connecting to your TV tuner.

Air TV and Eye TV are two good TV tuner applications for the iPhone, that support a wide range of TV tuners for both Mac and PC's.


TV on iPhone Using SlingPlayer:

Watch TV on iPhone with SlingBox This method of streaming live TV on iPhone uses a device called SlingBox that feeds your TV stations to the internet.

Then you can use an iPhone application called Slingplayer from the App Store that is made by the same company to control the SlingBox.

Once you are connected with your SlingBox over the internet using your iPhone, you can watch all the channels that the SlingBox can receive. You can then control the SlingBox from your iPhone, flip channels, record or schedule a recording all on your iPhone.


TV Using iTunes Video Store:

The iTunes application comes pre-installed with any iPhone. When you open the iTunes app, tap the video button at the bottom which will give you the option to watch movies, TV shows, or Music Video.

TV on iPhone with the iTunes applicationitunes store movies

Once you pick a movie or show, you can watch a preview of it, or you can either rent it or buy it. To access your purchases, simply tap the "Purchased" button to see all your purchases. Or you can check your current or latest downloads by tapping the "More" button.

Watch TV  shows, and movies using iTunes on the iPhoneDownload TV shows and movies with iTunes



There are several ways of watching TV on iPhone. You can use your iPhone to stream TV from the internet, you can use a SlingBox to broadcast your cable TV to the internet, you can use a TV tuner, or you can simply watch hundreds of movies and TV on iPhone using the iTunes application.

If you already have a SlingBox installed in your home, then your best way to watch TV on iPhone is to buy the SlingPlayer app from the App Store and use your SlingBox to its full.

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