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iPhone HDMI Video Out

An iPhone HDMI adapter is a great accessory for the iPhone 4. One of the best iPhone 4 features is its ability to play HD video on an external HD display. This feature is available by default without any additional iPhone hacks.

Apple digital HDMI adapter for iPhone 4 and iPad / iPad 2

Many iPhone video applications in the App Store support video out within the application itself. For example, the Youtube app, the Photos app, AirVideo, Orb Live, the default iPhone movie player app, and even some iPhone browsers like iCab, all support iPhone video out by default.

The HDMI video adapter allows you to connect your iPhone 4 to an HD TV, and be able to play 720P video.

This digital AV adapter which looks like a strange iPhone cable is available in the Apple Store or in many online stores. It is the only iPhone accessory that allows you to play movies and other multimedia contents in high definition from your iPhone 4 to your HDTV.

iPhone HDMI video out adapterThe iPhone HDMI adapter work a little different on the iPad and iPad 2 as it mirrors the iPad and iPad 2 display on your high definition TV. There is no iPad jailbreak required, you simply connect the HDMI adapter to your iPad/iPad2 dock and you are all set.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work this way on the iPhone 4. Only iPhone movie players and iPhone applications that support video out will take advantage of the HDMI adapter.

The iPhone HDMI Adapter has two slots. One slot is used to connect an HDMI cable to an HD TV, while the other slot is a regular 30pin dock connector which makes it easy to charge your iPhone battery while using the HDMI video out display.

iPhone composite video out cableThe iPhone HDMI adapter works exactly the same way as other AV video cables, and component video cables or any iPhone cable that allows iPhone video out.

The only difference or advantage of the HDMI video adapter is the high definition out put. If you have a High Definition TV, then your best way of connecting your iPhone 4 to your HDTV is through the Apple HDMI adapter.

HDMI iPhone video our from AppleYou can still use many iPhone hacks to extend the HDMI video out capability even further.

I have tried to connect my iPhone and iPhone 4 video out using an AV video out cable and a component video cable. However, none of those iPhone video cables is comparable to the iPhone HDMI adapter display clarity.

The picture on a high definition TV is so clear that I immediately removed my component video cable and started using the HDMI adapter all the time. There are two ways you can view your iPhone display on an HD TV using the iPhone HDMI adapter.

iPhone HDMI video out screenThere is the default way which requires no iPhone jailbreak and it supports many iPhone applications by default. Most iPhone video application support video out nowadays.

When you tap play on any iPhone movie player, or Youtube video, the iPhone screen will turn black telling you that the TV is connected and the video is playing on the TV.

The other way of displaying your iPhone screen on an HDTV using the iPhone HDMI video adapter requires iPhone jailbreak and it has some advantages over the default one.

First, the whole iPhone screen will be mirrored, therefore, you don't have to worry about an iPhone movie player supporting video out or not. It will automatically be mirrored. There are a couple iPhone hacks that will allow you to mirror your iPhone display to an HDTV taking advantage of the iPhone HDMI video out.


iPhone HD Video Out Hacks:

You can still use some iPhone hacks to display full screen video and bypass the default video display. The advantage of doing this is that you will have more control of your iPhone video out. Not only you can display the default iPhone movie players on an HDTV but also you can mirror any iPhone application whether or not it supports video out.

Display HD video using an HDMI video adapter for your iPhone

TVOut2 Mirror TV Out is one of the best iPhone hacks in Cydia that gives you the ability to adjust your display to exactly fit your TV screen.

 digital av adapter is the best way to connect your iPhone to TV

The other great iPhone video out hack is called Display Out which does the same thing as TVOut2 but has no way to adjust your display. Therefore, you will find that there are 2 black vertical bars displayed on the left and right of the HDTV as shown below by the red rectangles.

Connec an iPhone hdmi  adapter to your iPhone for HD video out

Those two black bars can be removed using the TVOut Tuner to fill your whole TV screen as shown below.

Apple digital av adapter allows high diffinition video out to your TV

Although I wished that there was one simpler connection to iPhone HDMI video out cable which plugs to the iPhone and is built in USB just like the Component video cable. But I think that would increase the cost from $29 to maybe $59 and this is how Apple managed to keep the cost down.

Connect an iPhone HDMI video adapter to get High Def

Since the iPhone is a small device, connecting an HDMI cable and a 30 pin iPhone cable to charge the iPhone battery all together seem to be a little too heavy. Therefore, be careful when you leave the iPhone on a table so that the weight of the cables doesn't pull the iPhone 4 and drop it.


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