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iPhone Battery Chargers

An iPhone battery charger is one of the most important iPhone accessory you might own. I have iPhone chargers everywhere I go.

Because the iPhone batteries are not replaceable, it is very important to keep them charged all the time specially if you are a heavy user.

I have two wall mount iPhone battery chargers at home, and have one USB cable plugged to my PC at work just in case I need a charge. I also have a car charger in my car and my wife's car. Therefore, most of the time my iPhone is 100% charged by the time I go anywhere.

When the battery becomes too low or when I see that I will need to save on battery, I use some of the iPhone tips and tricks shown here for battery saving. The most common tip on saving iPhone battery is to reduce your screen brightness.

There are so many different types of iPhone chargers available in stores, and online.

Wall and car battery chargers:

wall iPhone battery chargerThe most common iPhone chargers are car or wall battery chargers that are built in their own cable.

car iPhone battery chargerWhile those type of iPhone car chargers and wall chargers are ok for one single place either a car or a room, I prefer the USB based chargers. They are more convenient and universal.

USB iPhone battery wall charger USB iPhone battery car chargerYou can use the USB cable to charge your iPhone using any USB port.

For example, you can use a PC, Mac, car charger or wall charger that have a USB port and connect a standard USB iPhone cable to charge your iPhone. Moreover, many new cars are now built-in USB port so you can use this universal USB iPhone cable to charge your iPhone battery if you own one of the newer cars.

iPhone Battery chargers and Extenders:

iPhone battery extendersThe other type of battery chargers are battery extenders. Those are very convenient if you are going to a trip and you know you won't have access to a wall or car charger.

Your best thing is to have one of those iPhone chargers and extenders in your bag. There are two types of battery extenders for the iPhone. Some use regular AA or AAA replaceable batteries which could also be rechargeable batteries, and some others use their own rechargeable batteries.

You can use those chargers and extenders to either charge your iPhone while it is setting, or use them as an additional battery when the battery of the iPhone becomes low.

AA or AAA iPhone Battery extenders:

iPhone battery extenderAA or AAA battery extenders for the iPhone are cool. You are guaranteed not to run out of battery since the battery pack uses standard batteries.

No matter where you are, you can buy those batteries, or just have lots of them with you when you travel. You simply replace the batteries in the battery extender when your battery becomes low, and plug the battery extender to your iPhone dock to give it additional power.

Rechargeable iPhone battery extenders:

iPhone battery extendersAnother type of battery extenders use their own rechargeable batteries. You can't replace those batteries, and you have to make sure that you charge them before you travel.

When those battery extenders are fully charged they can give twice as much as battery capacity to your iPhone. Those battery extenders have their own charger, and they can be either charged separately, or while connected to the iPhone charging both units at the same time.

iPhone solar battery chargers:

surge battery charger solarOne of the most exiting chargers are the solar ones. Those chargers use the free clean sun light or day light to charge your iPhone.

Therefore, no matter where you are, just sit in a light or put the solar charger under sun light, and get a full charge for your iPhone.

One of the problems with those solar battery chargers is the length of time required to fully charge depends on the sunlight strength, and the size of the solar cell itself.

Therefore, With those types of iPhone chargers, you should look for the ones that have the option to charge the unit using the regular USB port so you can charge them when you are at home or when it is dark, or in those times where sun light is not sufficient to charge the internal battery of the solar device.

universal iPhone solar chargersThere are some universal solar chargers that can work for many devices too.

They have different plugs for the different devices including the iPhone of course. They differ in size and in capacity.

Some of them use the sun light to charge their internal battery, while others supply the electricity directly to the iPhone or other external batteries or devices.

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