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iOS Music

iOS music application are awesome and they make the iPhone or iPad a portable recording studio. Music creation and publication on the iPhone is one of the best areas ever on any mobile smart phone. None of the competition like Android or Windows phones have the versatility, the capability, and the variation in the number of applications that are available on iOS.

If you are a musician or a hobbyist that like to compose or generate music, the iPhone is your best solution. iOS music applications are so powerful that they match the power of a desktop computer applications.

You will find tons of iOS music applications in the App store that can almost do anything you want. For DJ's, you will find lots of DJ applications.

if you like to play keyboard, you will find a lots of music keyboard and Synthesizers for the iPhone. If you play Guitar, or if you play drums, you will find lots of iPhone applications for those instruments.

You don't even have to own an instrument to enjoy the power of iOS music applications. Almost all the applications allow you to play with sounds and rhythm produced by the application. You can then manipulate things, and use your iPhone touch screen to actually generate the music you want.

You can simply create your own band by just tapping on your iPhone screen. The biggest advantage of using an iOS device to generate your music is the touch screen responsiveness compared to other smart phones from Samsung, LG, and Nokia running Android or Windows Phone.

The responsiveness of the iPhone screen is not comparable and it is a very important element in producing music on your iPhone by touch. Whatever the field of music or instrument your are looking for in the App store, you will not be disappointed.

Of course the huge varieties of iPhone music applications and midi capabilities are other important factors, and the ability to combine the power of several of those apps to compose your music.

iPhone Midi:

iPhone midiiPhone midi applications allows you to control your midi instrument or your iPhone sounds from an external midi instrument. Connecting a midi instrument to your iPhone requires a lightening to USB cable or Camera Connection Kit which can then be connected to a midi hub or module like iRig or iConnect. Then, you can connect to your midi device and trigger sounds from your iPhone by using your midi device.

You can also control many of the musical devices from your iPhone or iPad by connecting your mixing equipment by midi to your iOS device.

iPhone Synthesizers:

If you are a keyboard player, owning an iPhone or iPad is a must. When you discover the capabilities, and the cool iOS music applications available for keyboard players, you will be impressed.

iPhone Synthesizer

Simply search the App store for Synth or Synthesizers, and you will find tons of music applications that allow you to produce, and generate sounds either by sampling, or by changing some triggers. Many iOS music applications will have tens of sounds that are already sampled and ready for use either by tapping a keyboard on the iPhone, or by connecting a midi keyboard to your iPhone through a Camera Connection Kit or through the lightening port of the iPhone, and playing the sound that way.

Your keyboard will trigger the sounds that are generated on your iPhone to give you very high quality professional sounds. Those sounds generators or synthesizers could cost you thousands of dollars when you could get them for $20 or more from the App store.

GarageBand is a free iPad and iPhone synthesizer that can be downloaded from the App store, and takes full advantage of the iPhone 5s and iPad air 64-bit architecture. Music Studio is another great iOS music synthesizer that does a lot more than just producing sounds.

iPhone Music Accessories:

With the power and capability of iOS music, you will see lots of iPhone music accessories in music store like GuitarCenter.

If you visit the iPhone or iPad area in any music store, you will see many music accessories not found for any other device.

iPhone midi accessories

iOS midi hubs, or modules like iRig midi that connect to the iPhone lightning 9 pin connection or the older 30 pin connection.

You will find sound input and up to 4 channels microphone input devices and more that connect to the iPhone lightening to USB using the iPhone Camera Connection Kit. Other iPhone accessories like stands are more targeted to the iPad due to its bigger screen.

iPhone Drums:

If you are a drummer, then you are in the right perfect place in the Apple ecosystem. iPhone drums machines are amazing on the iPhone. You will find drum machines apps that allow you to create drum loops using only your iPhone touch screen. While you can use some iOS music applications to actually trigger your drum sounds from your electric drum machine if it is connected to your USB or midi in your drum machine just like a drum module.

iPhone Drum Machine

The possibilities are endless when your connect your drum machine to your iPhone.

iPhone Guitar AmpGuitar Amps:

This is a huge area for guitarists. When each physical filter or guitar amp cost over $100 in music stores, now you can buy lots those filters and Amps for your Guitar for fraction of this price.

The App Store is full of guitar learning stuff like chords, guitar tabs, and even tuning your guitar. With some apps, you can actually play guitar with strings on your iPhone touch screen.

With the power of the iPhone 5s 64-bit architecture, you can add several effects in line that gives real life great performance.


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