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Apple Ecosystem

The complete Apple ecosystem is one of the most important advantages of owning an iPhone over any other smart phone. If you have an Apple computer, or two or more iDevices such as an iPhone and an iPad, you will find yourself in the Apple ecosystem.

The Apple ecosystem

You might not know it, or you might not like it, but the truth is that once you are there, you have more advantages than anyone else. There is no company currently that has a so complete ecosystem as Apple.

The desktop computer is usually the center station or the hub. If you have an iMac as your home computer or hub, you will find that your iPhone communicates perfectly with all the applications running on your iMac.

Your photos sync fluently with iPhoto and the photo app on your iPhone, your contacts and your email sync right away with your iPhone. The calender, your notes, your reminders could be identical on all devices in the Apple ecosystem.

If you change one item on any device, all devices get updated on the fly with no action from your side.

Add an Apple TV, and you will open a wide door of very interesting and exciting features and services. Any iDevice running in your wifi network will be able to talk to the Apple TV. Your iMac or Apple computer running Mountain Loin or higher will be able to stream the screen to your HD TV shameless and with no effort.

iCloud and Photo sharing will allow you to share photos between all your Apple devices including the Apple TV and stream any content to your HD TV. AirPlay and AirPlay mirror are the most useful Apple ecosystem features available, that allow you to mirror your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer to your HDTV with no wires and stream contents in real time from any device.

All of this is done efficiently and seamlessly. There is no other ecosystem that can do this with the ease of use of Apple, period. Microsoft and Google do have some ecosystem but it is not thorough and complete or efficient as Apple simply because of the fragmentations and varieties of software and hardware that make this a nightmare to happen on those ecosystems.

In order to get something as efficient as the Apple ecosystem, Google and Microsoft must build their own hardware in addition to their own software to fully be optimized.

Microsoft Ecosystem:

Microsoft has its own widely used operating system which is Windows, and they have their own mobile operating system called Windows Phone. Also, Microsoft has an apps store and other services. However, they lack the hardware portion.

Microsoft just started to make their own hardware, and certified PC's and even have their own stores similar to Apple stores.

Still the PC is a fragmented ecosystem with so many companies making PC's with different hardware configurations, the link between hardware and software is broken.

The same thing happens on the Windows Phone software, different companied can make different Windows Phone smart phones. Therefore, you end up with a corrupt, unsecured, and instable ecosystem.


Google Ecosystem:

Google makes the widely used Android operating system used on many smart phones. Google also is trying to build an ecosystem in the same way as Apple.

Google ecosystem faces exactly the same scenario as Microsoft ecosystem.. There is no link between hardware and software. There are many companied that make Android phones with different hardware and configurations which causes fragmentation in the ecosystem.

One more thing Google lack is the desktop portion or the hub. There is no powerful widely used Google operating system that could be used on desktop computer.

You must own either a PC, or a Mac. Therefore, getting out of your ecosystem and breaking the link again. Of course, you can still break the ecosystem and use a mix of different devices from different companied, but then the experience will be less efficient and different.



As you can tell, the Apple ecosystem is simply the best right now, and will remain this way for a long time. Apple has established a deep root with over 500 million iOS and Mac users who bought iPhone apps from the App Store and are happy. They will not re-invest in another incomplete ecosystem


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