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The App Store

The iPhone Applications Source

app store categories 2The App store is a short name for an Application Store. Although the AppStore is not a trade mark of Apple, Apple was the first one to adopt this name as its only source of iPhone applications on line.

Though, there are many AppStores for different devices available, the AppStore has been attached to the Apple iPhone applications.

The App Store has applications for all iOS devices including the iPhone, iPhone 4S, iPod touch, and iPad. You have to be a developer to be able to release applications for the iPhone in this store. To become a developer you must pay $99. Then, 70% of the application revenue goes to the developer while Apple gets 30%.

This Store is part of the big iTunes Store which hosts many other stores from Apple such as Music, Videos, Podcasts, Books, Magazines, and TV Shows.


App Store updates Just one year after its grand opening in July 11, 2008, the app store had over 55,000 applications, and 1 billion downloads.

After 2 years, the App store hosted 100,000 applications. The AppStore had 500,000 applications by end of 2011. This makes it the largest online application store available in the globe.

The Store is hosted by Apple on its servers. You can access this store from your desktop computer using iTunes, or using the AppStore application for the iPhone.

When you start the App Store application, you will get the main screen which has buttons at the top and the bottom. The top buttons are about new and hot iPhone applications. At the bottom you will see Featured, Categories, Top 25, Search, and Updates.

In the picture above, you can notice that I have 4 updates available, shown by the red circle. This means that 4 of my installed iPhone applications have new releases. If I click on the updates button, I will be asked for my password to login to the AppStore, and start downloading the new updates.

The search button allows you to search the AppStore for a specific application, while the Categories button displays applications by category.

app store categories 1app store categories

The best way of using the AppStore is to use the search button, and just start searching for what you want. Most of the time, you will find an App for what you are looking for.

Most of the applications in the AppStore start at $0.99, while there are many free ones. You can always look at the "Top 25" button which has 3 more options. Top Paid shows you the best paid applications, while Top Free shows the best free applications. Those applications get their rating from people who already used those applications and posted their reviews.

app stor top freeapp store install


Instal iPhone Applications:

To install an iPhone application after you select it, tap the "FREE" button if it is free, or the "BUY NOW" button if it is paid.

Download apps from the App StoreBuy iPhone applications from the App Store

Then, you can tap the "INSTALL" button to start the installation. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password to verify your account.

Install apps from the App StoreLog in to the App Store

If the app is free, you will start the download. If it is paid, then your iTunes account will be charged the cost of the application.

An email from Apple will be sent to your email to confirm the transaction. The process is very simple and fast. The app will end up on your screen and a new icon will appear.

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