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iPhone Synthesizer

iPhone synthesizers are applications that convert your iPhone into a true functional synthesizer. You can then connect a midi keyboard to your iPhone using a USB camera connection kit cable and control your iPhone synth app with your external midi keyboard.

This is really amazing what you can do with the power of the 64-bit apple A7 iPhone 5s, and the iPad air. In the palm of your hand you can have a synthesizer, or a digital sampler that would have usually cost thousands of dollars.

The App store is full of differernt kind of iPhone synthesizers that range in price from $4.99 up to $50 and more. There is no limit of what you can do. All depends on the capacity of your iPhone, and what exactly you want to do.

The apps could have an in-app purchases that could expand your library of sounds even further. You can have really amazing real high quality piano sounds, or Symphonic, electronic, Classical, world, and many other real time computer generated sounds and effects..

You can then add differernt effects to your sound from within the app itself. For example, you can add echo or reverb with differernt level of manipulations.

With the use of AudioBus app, you can even use most compatible iPhone synthesizers, samplers, and effects apps in the app store and combine them with each other. So, you can have an input application like an iPhone synthesizer or iPhone sampler, and then assign an effect app in the middle to enhance the sound of your synthesizer, and finally, you can add an output app that can record all your tracks like Garageband or Music Studio.

AudioBus iPhone synthesizer and midi

All this beuty and power of those apps can only be done on iOS using iPhones and iPads. There is no other samrt phone or tablet with this much power and music app veriaties. Therefore, the iPhone is simply the best device to produce, mix, and record music on the go.

There are hundreds of iPhone synthesizers available in the App Store. Some of them are specific to one group of sounds like Grand Piano, iGrand Piano, Grand Piano, Vtuoso and many others where the main purpose of the iPhone synthesizer app is to give you just piano sounds.

Some iPhone synthesizers are more for guitar sounds Voiline, or more for creating sounds from scratch using sine waves and more.

Other synthesizers in the App store have an all in one type package that provide all the instruments you need to compose a song. You will get a bunch of synth sounds, base, guitar, and drums sounds, a sound effect unit, and a mixer plus a sequencer all in one nice package.

Of course with iOS 7 CoreMidi and CoreAudio and InnerAppAudio, you will be able to easily connect your midi keyboard to your iPhone via an iPhone camera connection kit, which gives a USB port to connect most midi interfaces and devices.

Here are some of the best iPhone synthesizers for the iPhone and iPad.


GarageBand is Apple's own solution to creating music on iOS including the iPhone and iPad. This app used to cost $5 in the app store. However, with the release of iOS 7 it became free. Moreover, Apple updated this app to take full advantage of the 64-bit archetecture of iPhone 5s, and iPad air.

GarageBand iPhone Synthesizer

The app can be used independently to reat music by just using your iPhone. It has a Sampler where you can sample sounds from the iPhone microphone and play it using a the phones keyboard, it has a Guitar, Base Guitar, Drum Machine, Strings, a Keyboard Synthesizer, and much more.

The beuty of garageBand is that it support the iPhone midi and all the features of iOS 7 CoreAudio and CoreMidi which means that if you connect a midi instrument to your iPhone while GarageBand is running, you can simply trigger and play any of the hundreds of sounds and instruments that come with the application using your midi keyboard or any midi instrumnet you have.

Ofcopurse with the use of third party apps like AudioBus, you can use GarageBand as a final recorder to record full 32 tracks.

Music Studio:

Music Studio 2 is another great iPhone midi application that is an alternative to GarageBand and has greate sounds and agreate sequencer. By connecting a Lightnening to USB cable and connecting a midi keyboard through an iPhone midi accessory like iRig, you can create all your notes using MusicStudio internal sounds from your midi keyboard. It also has a drum machine that you can use with your electric drums if you have one to control and record midi notes.

Music studio iPhone midi


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