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iPhone Hacks

iPhone hacks using Cydia  hacks and toolsWith the vast number iPhone hacks you can do so many things that are not possible with the original off the shelf iPhone you buy from Apple.

To apply any of the hacks in this page you must modify or jailbreak your iPhone. You know if your iPhone is jailbroken by verifying that you have Cydia installed on your home screen of your iPhone.

With Apple keeps killing every jailbreak that comes to the market, it is becoming more and more difficult to jailbreak newer iPhones. Therefore, you have to be careful when using the hacks in this page as many of them will not work on later iOS or iPhone 5s.

You have to be very careful when selecting iPhone hacks in Cydia because many iOS hacks were written for a specific iOS. For example, iOS 8 hacks will only work on iOS8, and iOS 7 hacks will only work on iOS 7 unless they were updated to support both iOS. Some incompatibility with hacks could cause your iPhone to go into infinite boot, and might require a restore which would lose you jailbtreak. Therefore, make sure to read the description, and remember that iOS 7 hacks will work only on iOS7, and iOS 6 hacks works only on iOS 6, and so on.

Moreover, you will know if you have a tethered jailbreak or untethered jailbreak when you reboot your iPhone.

If you must connect your iPhone to PC or Mac every time after you reboot, then you have a tethered jailbreak, if not, then you have an untethered jailbreak.

The iPhone is a powerful mini computer, but because of some restrictions applied by Apple, and the phone carrier many powerful features are disabled.

Although jailbreaking is becoming more difficult starting with iOS 5 and the Apple A5 Chip which is used on iPhone 4S, and iPad 2, the jailbreak usually happens at the end after some wait and effort from the DevTeam.

iPhone icons hackWhen I talk about iPhone Hacks, I mean those little tweaks or modifications to the iPhone Operating System or iOS to make it do things that were not intended by Apple or the cell phone carrier.

These tweaks and hacks are completely software driven. There is no hardware modification involved.

Most iPhone hacks don't happen by running applications. However, they are system level tweaks and tricks that could enable or enhance a feature in the iPhone software that allows other applications to take advantage of it.

Most of those hacks don't have an iPhone icon after they are installed. You won't know that they are installed until you run an iPhone application that use them.

There are so many hacks for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that I won't be able to cover them all in this page. I will however, cover the best ones, and the ones I personally use the most. iPhone hacks are specific to the iOS version. For example, some hacks work on iOS 5 only or iOS6 only. With every iOS release, a jailbreak must be available for the current iOS, and the hacks must be updated to work on the latest iOS.

iOS 7 jailbreak was released in December 23, 2013 that is compatible with all new generation iPhones including the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and the new iPad Air, and iPad mini. This iOS 7 jailbreak was a complete surprise to everyone as it was published with no previous news.

Also look at the iPhone tips and tricks section of this website to learn more about other iPhone system tricks.

3G Unrestrictor is a hack that tricks your iPhone 3G or EDGE network into thinking it is wifi. This allows you to make iPhone VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone calls and save your monthly minutes. You can use FaceTime over 3G network instead of wifi only.

iPhone Tethering is a hack that allows you to share your internet connection from your carrier with other external devices such as a laptop, iPod touch or an iPad. So your iPhone will work as a wireless modem or a moveable hot spot. MyWi is an iPhone tether application that allows you to do that with ease.

Unlocking an iPhone is one of the most popular modification. It allows you to use your iPhone with any carrier. iPhone unlocking allows you to use any SIM card carrier. You won’t be restricted to use AT&T in the US with your iPhone if you unlock it. There are many paid and free iPhone unlocking software available on line.

iPhone widgets are mini applications that run as a second layer on top of any currently running iPhone application. With CrazyDashboard, you can run Mac widgets on the iPhone. Moreover, with iOS 5 new notification center, iPhone widgets have a bright and exciting future. Dashboard X is another great easy to use widget system for the iPhone.

iphone hacks sbsettingsSBSetting is one of the most useful utilities available for the iPhone. It is the first iPhone hack that I usually install right after I jailbreak my iPhone. It is a little utility that once installed through Cydia, gives you quick on the fly access to many iPhone settings such as brightness, wifi, 3G, iPhone bluetooth and more.

Backgrounder is my most important hack which allows the iPhone to truly multitask. This means that when you press the home button, the app doesn't actually quit, but it is minimized. It is like minimizing an application in your Mac or PC. The app will stay running in the background.

Multitasking became a native feature starting with the iOS 4. However, I still use Backgrounder multitasking and love it more than the native iOS 4 multitasking that came with the iPhone 4.

Use Kirikae to switch between and quit any iPhone app. An amazing iPhone hack.Kirikae is a hack for the iPhone that when combined with Backgrounder gives a complete multitasking environment. It lists all running apps, and allows you to switch between them.

Moreover, you can quit any of the running applications by tapping the x next to the running app.

This iPhone hack has an icon, and has the option to create a list of favorite apps for quick start right in Kirikae.

Unfortunately Kirikae is not supported on the iPhone 4 and iOS 4. However, another hack that does the same thing but much better is called Multiflow.

iphonehacks free ramFreeRam is one of the coolest hacks available for the iPhone. It is a virtual iPhone memory hack that tricks the iPhone into thinking it has more memory than it physically does.

It uses some of the storage memory as ram which improves performance and allows you run more applications at the same time.

As you tap the "FREE UP MEMORY" button available in Sbsettings under Processes, more memory will become available.

Fortunately, one of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S features are the increase in physical ram to 512MB that there is no need to use such hack any more on those newer iPhones.

iphone hacks 30 iconsiPhone icons hacks allow you to have a lot more icons than the default 16 iPhone icons per page. By default you can only have 4 rows and 4 columns of iPhone icons besides the 4 icons in the dock.

With those iPhone icons hacks you can squeeze more icons on a single home screen and have quicker access to more apps in one page.

mQuickDo is a cool hack that allows you to fully control your iPhone by touch actions or gestures.

You can power down, restart, open and close apps all with gestures. You can assign any application to different touch action or gesture. For example, you can assign a long slide at the bottom from left to right to open Multiflow to see all running apps. This hack is specially useful to protect your home screen button from physical wear.

Inspell is an amazing little hack that adds a spell checker to anything you type on your iPhone. Just double tap on the incorrect word, and you get a list of several corrections to pick from. iOS 5 included similar features like this one such as word definition.

iphone hacks inspell hackinspell iphone hacks correction

Action menue is an iPhone hack that gives more paste options than normalAction Menu is one of my best iPhone hacks. It adds many options to the iPhone context menu besides the copy and paste. When you tap and hold on a word in any iPhone application such as iPhone notes, iPhone mail, iPhone Safari browser or any iPhone browser, you activate a little contextual menu that allows you to copy, cut, or paste.

Action Menu allows you to add more options and features in the iPhone contextual menu. One of the features is called Favorites, which allows you to copy several words or sentences in a clip board that is stored in the iPhone memory.

Then you can paste any of the words or sentences selected from the clip board at anytime in any iPhone application. You can create a list of your favorite words, or phrases that you use a lot so that you don't have to type them every time you need to enter them. Action Menu Plus Pack is the full version of this iPhone hack which is available in Cydia and cost $2.99.


iPhone Video Out is a hack that allows you to mirror your iPhone screen to your TV by connecting an iPhone Video out Cable to your iPhone and your TV.

The iPhone can by default display photos and videos to a connected TV through an iPhone video cable or an iPhone HDMI cable. However, with this iPhone video out hack, you will be able to mirror the whole iPhone screen to your TV.

iOS5 has a great feature called Air Play Mirror which allows you to do the exact same thing without wires!. However, Air Play mirror is only supported on iPhone 4S, and iPad 2 and requires an Apple TV to be connected to your HDTV.

iPhone video out is a an iPhone hack that allow you to vie iPhone on TVg

Frash is an iPhone port of flash from Android. It allows you to run most flash contents with Mobile Safari. It is easy to install through Cydia and is free. It is available for iPad, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Although many flash contents can be displayed with no problems including games and video animations, video is still not supported.

Frash is an iPhone hack that could be installed manually using the iPhone deb file install procedure or directly through Cydia. Visit the iPhone deb file page to learn how to install deb files manually.


iPhone emulators are my favorite iPhone hacks that allow you to run other Operating systems on the iPhone. You can run applications and games from other devices or game consoles. For example, you can run Nintendo and Sega games on your iPhone. Or you can run Palm OS applications. Moreover, an Android emulator will be coming soon that allows you to dual boot your iPhone in either iPhone OS or Android OS. Visit the iPhone emulators page to see a big list of available emulators for the iPhone.


iPhone Folders hacks were introduced after the iPhone 4 release with iOS4 feature called Folders. iPhone folders allow you to categories your iPhone icons to folders. Many iPhone hacks like FolderEnhancer are now available in Cydia that enhance and improve the performance of Folder for iOS 4 and above.

iPhone Safari Hacks are little iPhone tricks that allow your default mobile safari browser to have more feature and improved performance. You can add full screen browsing, and many gestures that make iPhone safari the best mobile browser on the iPhone compared to other third party iPhone browsers on the App Store.

Free SMS Text Messages:

One of the most useful iPhone hack for SMS text messages is called SMS GV Extension. This hack allows you to use the Google Voice service to send and receive free MMS and SMS text messages. First, you need to sign up for Google Voice for free, and then install SMS GV Extension from Cydia for $2.99. Then, enter your username and password in the SMS GV Extension settings.

Free iPhone sms with google voiceMake free iPhone sms messages using GV extention

Combine this iPhone hack with biteSMS and you get the most powerful and advanced SMS text message system on the iPhone and iPhone 4.

The iPhone Flash Light Hack:

The iPhone comes with a camera flash to improve pictures taken at night with the iPhone camera. This hack allows you to use the iPhone camera flash as a useful flash light that can be turned on at any time by pressing some buttons.



FolderEnhancer combined with Springtomize gives one of the best iPhone folder customization options. Folder enhancer allows you to create folders inside folders, and it gives you unlimited scrolling inside your folders. You are not limited to 16 icons in iPhone 5 or 12 icons in iPhone 4S.


Springtomize 2:

Springtomize 2 is one of the most useful iPhone hacks on Cydia. It has so many tweaks to the iOS and it takes advantage of many iOS 5 and iPhone 4S features. It cost $2.99 from Cydia but it can replace at least 3 or 4 other independent iPhone tweaks. It is an all in one tool to tweak your iOS.


GPS iPhone Hack:

Navigate from Maps adds a new button to Google Maps that allows you to use your favorite iPhone GPS applicationNavigate From Maps is simply the best iPhone GPS hack that allows you to use your favorite iPhone GPS application with the default Google Maps application.

You will be able to use Navigon, TomTom, Sygic, iGO MyWay or any other iPhone GPS application that you buy from the App Store as an alternative to the default Google Map application.

Then you will be able to get voice notifications and turn by turn support using your paid GPS application any where in the world.

This iPhone hack will add a button in Google Map that will send your directions to any installed iPhone GPS application on your iPhone. Navigon is installed in the example on the right.

iPhone Photo Hacks:

Organize iPhone photo albumes in your iPhone  camera rollThere are some iPhone photo hacks in Cydia that add some nice extensions to the default iPhone photo application. Those iPhone photo hacks can improve your photo browsing and organizing experience.

For example, an iPhone photo hack called PhotoAlbum+ give you the ability to organize your camera roll pictures into photo albums. This is something that is not possible with the default iPhone photo application.

Another iPhone hack is called iSocialShare allows picture and video sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. The cool thing about this iPhone photo hack is that it adds the sharing feature right in the iPhone photo application.


You can apply many system actions such as reboot or respring with activator gesturesActivator is an iPhone hack that allows you to fully control your iPhone with gestures and buttons.

For example, you can assign a system action or a task to your sleep button, so when you press and hold the sleep button, you restart your iPhone.

You can also start an iPhone application by double tapping the status bar.

Activator can communicate with other iPhone hacks from Cydia. For example you can assign the volume button to turn on the iPhone flash light which is originally designed for the iPhone camera.

The possibilities are endless. Visit the Activator page to learn about all the possible tasks, and how to assign them to tens of possible gestures.



iFile for iPhone is a Finder like file browser on the MaciFile is the best Cydia iPhone application to manage and organize you iPhone downloads and media without the need of iTunes. iFile carry the symbol of the Mac Finder and does similar job as the Mac Finder or Windows File Explorer.

You can use iFile to play unsupported iPhone video formats, and to open any file you downloaded directly to your iPhone. You can Move, Copy or delete files from any directory in the iPhone file system.


iPhone Customization:

Using a combination of some iPhone hacks you can customize almost anything displayed on your iPhone screen. You can change the iPhone icons arrangement with GridLOck, or select and move multiple icons at the same time for faster arrangement using Multi Icon Mover.

Moreover, MultiFlow allows you to see all open applications in a Mac Expose style. iPhone widgets allows you to access little applications anywhere on your iPhone without closing any running application.

iPhone themes are a huge area to discover in Cydia. You can with some WinterBoard or DreamBoard themes change the whole user interface of your iPhone. You can make your iPhone look and act like Android OS, Palm OS, or even Windows Vista. Visit the iPhone customization page to learn more.


NotiCall for notification center for iOS 5Notification Center Hacks:

iOS5 came with notification center, which adds a new layer on top of your running iPhone applications.

With some notification center hacks, you will be able to install some really cool and useful iPhone widgets.

Then, you can access them at anytime from the notification pull down menu.

Those iPhone hacks can add a camera widget or allow you to make phone calls, quickly contact you to your favorites, access Siri, system settings and much more right from the notification center pull down menu. Also look at LockInfo which is similar to Notification Center but can also be accessed at the lock screen.


iPhone Camera Hacks:

There many iPhone camera hacks in Cydia. Some of them will allow you to have quick access to your camera, while others give you the ability to control Focus an Exposure. Some hacks allow you to take a picture without even opening the iPhone camera.


Siri Hacks:

iPhone hacks for Siri are tweaks that add more functionality to Siri This is a new area of hacks that started to show up in Cydia after the iPhone 4S release and after the first Jailbreak for iOS 5.

Siri is the intelligent assistant that comes with the iPhone 4S, and can understand what you say. Then, she look for an answer to your question either from your iPhone information, or from the internet.

Several Siri hacks are now available in Cydia that allows you to add several functions and commands to Siri.

For example, you can control your iPhone settings with voice. You can open apps, and even have Siri listen to you all the time so you don't have to press the home button to activate it.

You can tweet, or translate from one language to another all with voice using some great Siri Hacks.

My Best iOS 5 Hacks:

Visit this page to find out the best of the best. These are the hacks that I settled with, and the ones that I can't live without. Check them out.

My Best iOS 6 Hacks:

After a long wait for an iOS 6 jailbreak, the evad3rs team released a jailbreak called evasi0n that works for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. Those are the my best iOS 6 hacks that are the result of this latest jailbreak.

My Best iOS 8 Hacks:

With every iOS update, we loose some good iPhone hacks either because the developer just gave up updating, or maybe the iOS already implemented the hack within the iOS, or many other reasons. However, we also get some other new and good hacks.

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