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iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s colorsApple announced the iPhone 5s alongside another version of the iPhone called iPhone 5c on Tuesday September 10, 2013 at the press event in its headquarter in California.

This is the seventh generation iPhone. As we are used to with Apple the s version of the iPhone is usually an iPhone 5 design with some enhancements. The c version is lower cost iPhone that was introduced with colors the first time.

With this iPhone release Apple introduced two unique hardware features besides other unique software features that makes the 5s worth the upgrade for those iPhone 5 users.

Touch ID:

The first unique hardware feature is the finger print sensor or Touch ID. This is a hardware sensor that can scan your finger prints from up to five fingers and allow you to unlock your iPhone by simply touching the home button.

iPhone 5s Gold, Silver, White

This is a great technological addition to the iPhone that could change the way we login to our bank accounts and make purchases. You can say good bye to passwords with Touch ID, or at least it is the beginning.

Initially you can make any App Store purchase, but it should have many other usages in the future.

Therefore, the iPhone 5s becomes the first smart phone with this new technology.

Desktop Class 64-bit Processor:

Another hardware improvement that is also unique and first to appear on a smart phone is the introduction of desktop class 64-bit architecture A7 processor.

This 64-bit processor in the iPhone 5s compared to the 32-bit A6 found in the iPhone 5 boosts twice the speed in both performance and graphics. As a result of this improved speed, the iPhone 5s performs tasks much faster than the iPhone 5.

Many speed improvement in rendering and real time gaming will start to show up when developers update their apps in the App Store to the 64-bit architecture which Apple claims to be very easy and fast.

All the iPhone applications that come bundled with the iPhone 5s are already 64-bit optimized including the photo app, the Maps, and others.

New iSight Camera:

iPhoned 5s CameraThe iPhone 5s Camera has also improved in every aspect, and many features were added.

For example, shooting pictures is much faster. The addition of burst mode in the Camera application is only possible with this improved speed.

The slow motion video recording is also unique to the iPhone 5s where it uses the A7 faster processing power to record at 120 FPS (frame per second).

New M7 Motion Coprocessor:

This new coprocessor is introduced for the first time on an iPhone. It functions mainly to track actions that the A7 would otherwise do and drain much of the iPhone battery. Therefore, this coprocessor saves processing powers and battery from the A7 and it is used solely for tracking actions like steps and location. Therefore, this coprocessor is going to be very useful in fitness applications as it can track your actions even when the application is not running in the background.

Should I upgrade?

It depends on what you currently have, and what you plan to use your iPhone for. For example, if you are an Android user, the iPhone is a completely new experience for you so you might want to try the iPhone 5s.

If you are iPhone 4s and below user, then you will find the new iPhone a much much faster phone than the one you have, and you will feel every bit of performance improvement in every action you make on your iPhone.

If you are an iPhone 5 user, you might not feel a huge difference in speed because the iPhone 5 is fast. However, you the biggest speed improvement you will feel when you take pictures or in using the iPhone Camera in general.

The iPhone Camera is a big improvement and if you used your iPhone 5 camera a lot, then you will appreciate the faster and much improved camera in low light of the iPhone 5s.


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