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iPhone Cheap International Calls

With the iPhone it is possible to make cheap international calls using either iPhone VOIP (Voice Over IP) or standard cell phone network using many iPhone applications such as iSip or Skype for iPhone.

Since the iPhone has wifi and 3G/EDGE network capability, it is always connected to the internet which makes it a perfect device to make cheap international calls using VoIP.

There are many apps for the iPhone that allow free text messages with your friends and family. However, some iPhone applications like Skype, iSip or NetTALK allow you to make cheap or iPhone free calls using your local wifi network or 3G/EDGE through your iPhone data plan.

iPhone Service Plans:

There are two plans that you can choose from when you select your cell phone service provider. For the iPhone it is mandatory to have an iPhone data plan besides the normal calling minutes plan.

The normal calling minutes plan defines how many minutes you get per month such as 500 or 700 minutes and so on. The iPhone data plan is your internet connection which is usually unlimited with AT&T. It is the iPhone data plan that is interesting because with it, you can make cheap international calls and also save on your minutes with iPhone VoIP calls.

Generally, there are three different ways you can use your iPhone VoIP to make cheap or iPhone free international calls. You can use wifi, your minutes plan, and/or iPhone data plan.


Using wifi/3G to make VoIP iPhone calls:

skype for iphone to make skype out callsSkype for iPhone allows you to make Voice Over IP communications with Skype users only while or iSip allow you to make VOIP phone calls to land line phone numbers.

To make a completely free international calls using Skype, your friends or family members must have Skype accounts, and they must have Skype running on their desktop computer.

On the other hand, you can use many text chatting services like MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Twitter and others besides voice communication with skype contacts.

You can even use the iPhone 4 built in front facing camera to video chat with your contacts. Visit the iPhone video chat page for more information.

The disadvantage with using Skype or Fring to make a free international phone calls is that your friend or family member must be a Skype member, and must be running Skype on his/her computer all the time for you to find him/her.


Make VoIP iPhone calls using iSIP:

iSip dial pad for iPhone This is one of my favorite methods of making cheap international calls. It uses wifi or 3G to make Voice Over IP phone calls to any land line phone number.

You need to set up a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) account with one of the ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Providers).

I use a company called Callcentric, and I find its rates very attractive.

Once you set up your account, you will get an account number and a password.

You can use iSip on the iPhone to input your SIP account number and password in the SIP setup in those applica tions.

Once you are logged in, you all your outgoing phone calls will be placed using your SIP account and saving your monthly minutes.

This method of making VoIP phone calls is best used if you are abroad and there is no cell phone service available. I used SIP phone calls in the hotel in Mexico for example. I used the free wifi that was provided by the hotel to make iPhone free calls to the US.


Make iPhone Free Calls to US and Canada:

iphone-free-callsMany VoIP iPhone applications are starting to appear in the App Store. Some of those iPhone applications like NetTALK and iCall allow you to make completely free iPhone calls to anywhere in US and Canada.

You need to register with NetTALK for free to use their service while iCall allows you to make cheap international calls by subscribing to one of their plans.

NetTALK allows you to record your voice conversation while iCall allows you to receive phone calls over wifi or 3G network.

Both iCall and NetTALK use VoIP and require either wifi or an iPhone data plan to work.


Using cell phone network to make cheap international calls:

You can always use the traditional way of calling to make cheap international telephone calls by using a calling card for example .

make chaeap international phone calls with smartcaller for iphoneYou start by calling an 800 or a local phone number, then enter the calling card number or account number, and then you enter your destination.

I use SamrtCaller which is an iPhone application that makes this process a one touch process.

I set up my account in the application by entering the calling card, or account number. I enter the 800 number to dial and then I enter the phone number I want to dial from my contact list.

This information is then stored in the iPhone application for any future phone call I want to make.

If I want to make another call, then I simply change the contact phone number from my contacts list. SmartCaller will use my stored calling card information to dial any of my contacts.

One disadvantage of using the cell phone network to make cheap international calls however, is that it will use your minutes unless you use it in week ends or after the peak time. Then the calls would be cheap and would not use your minutes.

The other disadvantage is that you have to be in the country that provides your phone service otherwise roaming charges would apply and the phone call would become very expensive. If you are outside the country of your service, then use iSip as described above to make cheap international calls.


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