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iPhone Tips and Advice

The iPhone is currently the most popular smart phone in North America. With every new release, Apple adds new features to improve both the hardware and software.

iPhone 5Once we become close to a new iPhone release, many speculations, predictions, rumors start taking place.

The Apple events in San Francisco are some of the most popular tech events that happen every year with tickets usually selling out minutes after reservation open.

In those events, Apple surprises the world with a new or unique feature that was never mainstream before. Features such as the touch screen in 2007, FaceTime and the 3.5" retina display in 2009, Airplay in 2010, Siri in 2011, and the 4" iPhone 5 retina display in 2012.

iPhone tips and adviceThe i-Phone has always been the benchmark and the Rolex brand for any new smart phone since it was released in 2007.

Although, many Android and Windows phones may have more features, the iPhone excels in its simplicity and ease of use.

No matter how old you are, you will find yourself, within minutes searching the internet, browsing the world wide web, installing applications and making phone calls with almost no learning curve.

Every page in this website has some tips about the different new features of this amazing device. You will learn where to find them, and how to enable them.

You can either browse the website by selecting a category from the navigation menu on the left hand side, or by simply entering a search criteria in the search box at the top of any page.

What You Will Learn:

Air play is a new iOS feature that allows you to display your iPhone on your Apple TVYou will learn about the most useful applications, hacks, tips and tricks available that will make your experience with your iPhone more enjoyable, fun and productive.

I will show you some applications that I personally use to achieve different tasks in different areas.

You will see how enjoyable this experience for me, and how it could be enjoyable for you too.

I will uncover most of the hidden features of this amazing device so you can take full advantage of its potential power.

Some of the biggest advantage of having an iPhone vs other smart phones are stability, security, the huge number of iPhone accessories, the huge number of applications, and being on an Apple ecosystem if you have other Apple products.

The Operating System:

The iPhone software is called iOS. the most advanced mobile operating systemThe iPhone software residing inside the Apple phone is called iOS.

It is the operating system that gives the i Phone its user friendly interface, and it is what makes this phone so unique among the hundreds of other Google Android phones.

The beauty of the Apple phone is that it is made by one single company. Apple makes the design, and makes both the hardware and the software of the phone. Therefore, everything is perfectly compatible with each other.

Any new hardware update is always followed by a software update that takes full advantage of the hardware. This makes it easy for developers to make the best and highest quality applications that use the phones hardware and software to its full potential.

With Apple making both the hardware and software, it becomes harder and harder for the competition to catch up and meet the same level of compatibility, stability, battery life, performance and integration between software and hardware that the iPhone enjoys

The Applications:

iPhone applications, tips and techniques with iPhone tips and adviceThere were over 100,000 applications in the App Store just after 16 months of its grand opening in April, 2008. The number went up to over 200,000 apps after 2 years, and the number grew to 500,000 applications in 2011 and to 750,000 apps in 2012.

The App store for the iPhone and iPad reached 30 billion downloads in May 2013. This makes the App Store the largest online software store in the globe.

No matter how old you are, you will find a category that meets your needs and interest. You will find Games, GPS Navigation, Video Sharing, web browsing, medicine, physics, geography, history, languages, learning, books, magazines, and many more applications.

The iPhone applications are also improving and updated frequently to take full advantage of any new iPhone hardware or software feature such as Airplay mirror, iCloud, and Siri.

The Jailbreak:

iPhone Tips and AdviceJailbreaking an iPhone is a simple process to apply to your phone if there is a jailbreak available at that time.

It simply allows you to gain root access to the iOS file system. It opens another world of possibilities and great features that Apple either didn't or refused to implement for one reason or another.

As the iOS and hardware improve, jailbreaking your iPhone will give you even more features and capabilities than what is already available.

iPhone hacks is a category that is dedicated to jailbreaking. In those pages, you will learn about the additional features and enhancement that you can achieve by jailbreaking your iPhone, and installing some of the coolest features available in the Cydia store.

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