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iPhone Camera Connection Kit

The iPhone camera connection kit is one of the most useful iPhone accessories available, and for musicians, it could be the single most important one.

Although the name of this iPhone accessory doesn't imply anything but something related to the camera, it can in fact function in many other ways than just a camera kit.

When Apple introduced this adapter or camera kit cable, it was meant to allow the iPad and iPhone a way to download pictures directly from a digital camera. It is simply a lightening to USB cable that allows you to connect any USB camera and simply grab all the pictures from that camera to the iPhone or iPad camera roll.

32 pin old iPhone camera connection kitEven older iPhones and iPads had this option by using a 32-pi adapter that connects to the iPhone or iPad dock port which then gives a USB port.

With iOS and iOS 7 advancing so quickly, this camera connection kit could now be used in many other applications and accessories that use USB.

For example, you can connect a USB keyboard to this USB port, you can connect some external USB microphones, or use it as a sound input with some USB audio devices.

You can also expand this single USB port and connect a USB hub, and connect several USB devices to your iPhone or iPad.

The only caution when using such accessories or USB devices is that they must be of low power. They must nut use too much power that the iOS will reject the device.

Connect your iPhone to Midi Instruments:

iPhone camera connection kit connected to midiFor musicians, this USB port opens a whole new world of ideas and options. You can connect a USB to midi interface or adapter to your iPhone or iPad through this camera connection kit. You can simply buy an off the shelf third party usb midi adapters, and simply connect it to the USB port. Just make sure you research the MIDI adapter to make sure others have tried it with an iOS device.

The only disadvantage is that Apple doesn't officially support this port as a generic USB port.

Therefore, you must try for yourself and see if the port will work with the USB device you have. Once this MID adapter works correctly, you will be able to connect your favorite midi instrument to your iPad or iPhone, and then use your favorite iOS music application from the App store to do many exciting stuff.

You can then use any iPhone midi application and use your midi instrument to take full advantage of the variety of great iOS music applications. If you are a musician, you will love this great camera connection kit option. Your iPhone synthesizer applications will come to live, you can use control sounds generated on your iPhone and trigger them using your midi keyboard. iPhone drums machine apps will allow you to change the drum pads sound, and use your iPhone as a module to assign different sounds to your drum pads.

The options are unlimited when using a midi instrument with your iPhone.

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