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iPhone Camera Accessory

It is surprising to know that there is such thing called a camera accessory for the iPhone. While the iPhone camera is not that powerful due to the compact size of the iPhone, some interesting iPhone accessories do exist that can improve the iPhone camera picture quality to near professional level.

The original iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G are equipped with a 2 Mega pixel camera, while the iPhone 3GS had a 3 Mega pixel camera. The iPhone 4 on the other hand, came with a 5 Mega pixel camera. Dedicated consumer cameras were in the range of 10 to 12 Mega pixels at that time.

Therefore, in terms of mega pixels, there is a big gap between the iPhone camera and other dedicated still photo cameras. Although the mega pixel is not the full story, it gives a quick ball park measure of the camera quality.

Apple added a backside illumination sensor and an LED flash to the iPhone 4 which did improve picture quality regardless of mega pixel. However, nothing beats actual hardware with some iPhone lenses additions


iPhone Camera Accessory Features:

iPhone camera zoom accessory lensYou can improve the picture quality of the iPhone with some unique iPhone lenses which can easily attach to the iPhone camera.

Those iPhone accessories are designed specially for the iPhone and can add features like optical zooming.

Click here to see real pictures taken with such iPhone lenses. An iPhone camera accessory could range in price from $15 and up to $200 and more depending on the quality you are looking for.

Since the iPhone built in camera is small, it can't handle optical zooming, it can only do digital zooming with the iOS 4. Therefore, an actual zoom lens is required.

You can find some big lenses for the iPhone that give up to 8x optical zoom. Most of those lenses are not powered and therefore, there is no dynamic to the lenses. There is no electronic adjustment, everything is manual if availabe.

iPhone camera lenses with microphone, stabelizer, and wide angleiPhone camera holder with wide angle  lens and microphone

Those camera lenses attach to the iPhone camera by means of a magnet or some type of an iPhone case that has threads in the camera hole. You can simply purchase different types of iPhone lenses on line from Amazon or many other places.

iPhone case with lenses

iPhone camera accessory lensYou can have several lenses of different effects that could fit the same case. For example, you can simply screw or stick the new lens in the hole area over the iPhone camera, and get different effects.

When you change the lenses, a different effect is achieved. You can get lenses that do Sparkle effect, Starburst, Tri-Image Mirage, wide angle, fish eye and more.

If you want a new camera effect, just replace the iPhone lens with a new one.

Although they look ugly as they extend outside the iPhone, you can always have them in your pocket and quickly attach them when you need them. If you are a camera person, and like to experiment with different effects on your iPhone, then you will have some fun with such iPhone camera accessory.

iPhone camera accessories with flash and lensesBecause older iPhone's didn't have a flash, some camera accessories include a flash and an iPhone battery extender all in one unit.

Some things to consider when buying those camera accessories is that the iPhone 4 flash will be blocked by the lenses because the iPhone 4 flash is very close to the camera lens. However, this is not a problem with older iPhones.


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