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Navigon for iPhone

Navigon is my best GPS application for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. It is simple,  very easy to use and navigate.

navigon-iphone-homeIts data base is complete, for example, I was able to find many of the destinations just by searching their name.

It is available for many regions including North America, Brazil, Europe, South africa, Russia and Turkey.

You can buy it at the App Store for $69 for the US-Canada version, and $139 for Europe which is the most expensive version due to the size of the maps for Europe.

Navigon is one of the best iPhone applications and it supports both portrait and landscape view in all of its screens.

Search by address:

navigon iphone landscapeWhen you start this GPS iPhone application, you get the home screen with 4 large buttons. The buttons are self explanatory, if you know the address, just tap Enter an Address.

Follow the screens to enter the state by tapping on the flag at the top right. Then enter the City.

Navigon iphone statenavigon iphone city and state


Search by POI:

You can search by POI ( Point Of Interest). From this screen you can select City, State or Nearby.

navigon iphone POI searchnavigon iphone all categories

If you are driving and want to find something around you, then tap Nearby, and enter the name of the place. Tap All Categories so that you can search in everything.

You can also search google within the application which is pretty neat if you have an iPhone data plan and an internet connection.

Navigon is one of the best iPhone gps applications Google search in Navigo for iPhone is cool


The Category Screen:

The Category screen allows you to narrow your search by selecting a category which could return results faster. You can start typing the destination and Navigon will find names as you type.

iphone navigon destinationnavigon iphone destination


Take me home button & Show Map:

The Take Me Home button is a quick way to just go home. Just tap this button where ever you are, and it will rout you to home. You have to set up the home button first.

navigon iphone take me homenavigon-iphone-show-map

The last big button on this screen is the Show Map button. This button will show you where you are on the map given that GPS signal is good in strength.

For the iPhone GPS to function, you have to be outside, you shouldn't be inside a building, or you will get the red warning or weak GPS signal.


Features & Options:

navigon iphone five buttonsAt the bottom of the main screen, there are 5 buttons, where you can access only from the home screen. Once you start your GPS iPhone navigation, you can't get to those buttons.

The second button from the left is Favorites which takes you to your favorites list of destinations while Recent takes you the recent destinations you have visited.

navigon iphone contactsThe Contacts button is one of the most powerful features in Navigon, where you are linked to your iPhone contacts.

If you have the address for the contact, you can select that contact from your existing list, and get direction to him/her.

The last button at the bottom is the More button where you can access the Navigon settings and options.

The Options Screen:

The options screen lists all the settings and options available. You can access the options screen from 2 locations. It is located at the bottom from the More button.

iphone navigon mapnavigon iphone more options

You can also access Options while you are in the map itself from the top right button.

navigon-iphone-options map disp[layThe "3D Navigation Map" turns 3D or 2D map on or off. You can also control the night or day mode.

Also you can set your mode, the pictures shown here are all in night mode, which has the darker screen, while day light mode will turn the screen into white instead of Gray so it is brighter in the day time.

You can select to see street names on the map, and to show categories that are important to you. For example, you can show gas stations as you are driving, or you can select any category you want.

You can also add an interim destination, which means that if you want to stop by another place on your route.

For example, say you want to stop at Burger King, while you are going to Detroit as your destination, it will find a Burger King on your way by tapping "Add Interim Destination" and enter the name of the place you want to stop by on your way.

Tap the route profile to select your speed, if you are in a car, riding a bike, or just walking as "pedestrian". It is very important to select the method you are using, as it will create your route based on allowed roads.

navigon iphone route profilenavigon iphone route  profile

For example, if you select Bicycle as your speed profile, then Navigon will not direct you to go to  highways!

You can also set the notification volume from here and iPod control to on or off. If iPod Control is on, you can control the iPod application right within Navigon .


The Map:

The map is clear, simple and shows lots of detailed streets. Your speed is always displayed on the top, which can also be changed in options.

map view in navigon iphonenaigon iphone map in 3d

At the bottom, you can select to have your time of arrival, and miles until you reach destination displayed as shown by the green and blue circles.


Other Features:

Navigon for the iPhone and iPhone 4 can display the speed limit and can warn you if you exceed it.

There is no option to change the language as available with other iPhone GPS applications, as the program defines the language based on the region you have. It can speak street names besides directions which is neat, and it supports landscape view in any of its screens.

iPhone GPS using Navigon on the iPhone


GPS iPhone Hack:

"Navigate From Maps" is an iPhone Hack for Google Maps that can be purchased from Cydia if you have a jailbrocken iPhone. This hack allows you to search for your destination in the default Google Maps application, and then send the address to Navigon for quick turn by turn voice navigation.

Use google maps search feature to find a location, then send it to your Navigation applicationNavigate from maps is an iphone hack for GPS iPhone Google Maps

The iPhone hack simply adds a new button in Google Maps called "Navigate Here With Navigon". Once you tap this button in Google Maps, Navigon will open with directions to that destination. The hack will show any GPS iPhone application installed on your iPhone such as TomTom, Sygic , iGo MyWay or any other.

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