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iPhone Keyboard

An external iPhone keyboard might be a dream to some people who want to physically touch and press keys while typing. With the iPhone bluetooth connectivity, you will be able to connect a variety of wireless bluetooth keyboards and make this dream come true.

Apple didn't officially supported the connection of an external keyboards to the iPhone until iOS 4.0. It is clear that when Apple implements something to the iPhone or iPhone 4, it must be 100% working properly. Therefore, there was no keyboard support in the past, but of course it was always possible to jailbreak and install BTStack and connect about any bluetooth keyboard.

Connect a Keyboard to the iPhone

With the iPhone bluetooth, it is possible to wirelessely connect a bluetooth keyboard and use the iPhone as a mini laptop. As you might know, iPhone keyboards hacks require jailbreaking the iPhone.

With an iPhone keyboard connected, you will be able to write iPhone emails, iPhone notes, and compose a whole document with ease.

BTStack Keyboard

BTStack Keyboard is an iPhone hack that is installed through Cydia, and costs $5.00. It allows the iPhone bluetooth to communicate or pair with almost any HID (Human Interface Device) bluetooth keyboard to your iPhone. Click here to learn more about BTStack.

iPhone bluetooth keyboard from Apple Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is one of the most popular keyboard for Mac users as it comes with Apple computers. It works very good with BTstack Keyboard for iPhone and it also works flawlessly with iOS 5.

The nice thing about this little iPhone hack is that it has a demo version. So you can try it and see if it works with your bluetooth keyboard before you buy.

With BTStack you can connect any bluetooth keyboard to Iphone install btstack keyboard, and connect any bluetooth keyboard to iPhone

Connecting a bluetooth keyboard with BTStack keyboard is simple. You just start the BTStack Keyboard application, and put your bluetooth keyboard in discovery mode. The application will then find the keyboard and displays its name. When you click on the discovered keyboard, you can close the application and start any text application and start typing.

Apple Keyboard for iPhone works great with BTstack Keyboard


The iPad Keyboard:

The iPad keyboard dock was introduced for the iPad. However, it will work with any iPhone running iOS 4.0 or higher.

Run iPad keyboard dock on iPhone keyboard with iPhone OS4.0

I think the iPad will open a new line of iPhone accessories. Whatever the iPad gets becomes a potential iPhone accessory.


iTwinge Keyboard:

iPhone keyboardThe iTwinge is a strange keyboard for iPhone. It is a simple sleeve that slides under the iPhone and covers half of the iPhone screen right on top of the touch virtual keyboard. By pressing on any key, you transmit a touch to the screen, so you have a feeling of an actual keyboard. Read the full review here.

By sliding the iPhone keyboard , you have a keyboard  feeling to the touch


Keyboard with iPhone dock:

Some iPhone keyboards sold on line would show a dock for the iPhone attached to a keyboard. Be careful with those keyboards as they don't actually allow you to type on your iPhone. Those keyboards will charge and dock your iPhone just like any normal docking station.

The keyboard can only be used for the computer that is connected to it and not the iPhone.

iType Keyboard for iPhone:

iPhone Keyboard that is 10 times bigger than the iPhoneThis iPhone keyboard is limited to work with only one iPhone app called iType.

You can only type within the iType app itself. Then you can copy and paste the text to email, iPhone Notes or any other iPhone apps.


iOS 5 Dictation:

With iOS 5 great features, the iPhone keyboard gets a really nice microphone icon. This icon is only available on iPhone 4S and can be seen when you activate the virtual keyboard. The microphone is located to the left of the space bar in the keyboard. This microphone button allows you to speak what you want to say. It is a speech recognition feature available for iPhone 4S owners.

iPhone keyboard dictation with Siri on iPhone 4SiPhone 4S dictation with iOS 5

You can potentially get rid of typing using the iPhone touch screen keyboard and just say what you want. The iPhone will convert your speech to text and put it in the text field you choose.


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