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iPhone Headphones

Apple iPhone HeadphoneiPhone headphones that are specially designed for the iPhone are different from regular headphones. If you examine an Apple iPhone headset jack and compare it to another regular headphone jack from a walkman or a CD player, you will notice that the Apple headphone jack has three rings compared to just two rings on other regular headphones.

This third ring is a big difference. This additional connection gives the iPhone some additional control over iPhone music and phone calls.

To take full advantage of the iPhone's audio jack, you will need to use either the Apple iPhone headphone or buy an iPhone earphones from other companies with three rings that is built in a microphone .

iPhone headphone jackThe iPhone headphone jack is capable of sending both iPhone music and phone calls from the phone to the iPhone headsets. It is also capable of receiving audio from a microphone.

The Apple iPhone headset allows you to control your iPhone music and video right from your headset itself by pressing some buttons.

For example, you can control the volume, and play and pause your iPhone music. You can also rewind and skip a song. Additionally, you can answer phone calls and end phone calls. It make hands free phone calls easy.

With some iPhone applications, you can even record a voice memos.

Those features are very convenient when you are listening to your music, and suddenly you get a phone call. You will be able to click a button on the headphone wire, and answer the phone call.

Answer call without  iPhone headphonesWithout this feature, you would have to pull your iPhone from your pocket, bag or purse and tap the answer button on the screen which is inconvenient.

It is easy to tell if a headset is an iPhone compatible headset. In addition to the three ring jack shown in the picture above, you can look for a microphone and a button in the wire of the headset. visit the Apple site for more details about those types of headphones.

The Apple iPhone headphone is built-in a microphone and has three in line buttons that allow you to control you iPhone music volume and answer phone calls.

Apple iPhone earphone microphoneApple iPhone headphone volume control button

Third party iPhone headphones with micMany other third party iPhone earphones are designed for the iPhone and do the same thing. They have an additional microphone and inline buttons to take full advantage of the iPhone audio jack.

iPhone headphones adapters with micophoneIf you don't have one of those headphones, and have a headphone that you use and like. Then, you can still make that headphone compatible with the Apple iPhone jack audio capabilities.

This is done by using an iPhone headphone adapter that is built in a microphone and has iPhone music control buttons. Simply connect your regular headphone to the adapter and enjoy the full audio features of the iPhone.


Types of iPhone earphones:

There aren't many types of iPhone headsets available due to the special design of the jack required. Some companies, however, do make iPhone earphones that take advantage of the iphone jack. There are two types, the in-ear and the clip-on iPhone earphone.

In-Ear iPhone earphones:

in ear iphone headsets typeThose iPhone headsets go inside the ear canal, and provide some kind of a seal to the ear. Since there is no way of holding those earphones in the ear, they can fall easily. However, they are small and can be stored in a purse or a in a pocket.

In ear iPhone headsets have some rounded rubber that help sealing and give comfort to the ear. Still with a little move or bump, the headphones can fall easily.

To avoid this problem, some of those iPhone earphones have some kind of a flexible rubber hook that attach and route the wire behind the ear in what is called clip-on iPhone earphones.

Hang or clip-on Headphones:

In Ear iPhone headsetsThis type of iPhone headphones has a flexible rubber piece that is attached to the wire, the headsets can go inside the ear canal, while the rubber piece go behind the ear to hold them in place and prevent them from falling.

They work as a hook to get full grip to the ear. Some in-ear iPhone headsets come with this additional flexible rubber piece as an option. It can be installed or removed to the wire.


clip on iPhone earphonesOnce the clip-on headphone is hooked to the ear, it is firmly seated and difficult to fall or unhook from the ear. However, they can become uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time.

With those iPhone headsets you will enjoy all the features of the Apple iPhone headphone that was discussed earlier.


Things to consider:

There are so many iPhone headsets accessories available in stores. One of the most important things to look for besides the sound quality in iPhone earphones is the wire quality.

How easy it is for the wires to get scrambled. It is the worst thing to pull your iPhone earphones and find that the wires are all tied to each other, and then waste time trying to unhook them. With some quality wires this condition can be greatly reduced.

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