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Generic iPhone Headphones

In Ear iPhone headsetsiPhone headphones are special headphones that are designed specially for the iPhone. They are usually built-in an in-line microphone to use as a hands free phone. Also they come with buttons to control your music.

Most expensive Generic headphones on the other side, don't come with such features. Therefore, a headphone adapter for the iPhone is needed.

An expensive headphone with an iPhone headphone adapter is a must have iPhone accessory specially if you use your iPhone heavily listen to music.

Although the iPhone comes with a headphone from Apple, the sound quality of the Apple iPhone headphone is not that great. Also, it is always a good idea to buy another set of iPhone headsets just for emergency cases.

For example, I have an iPhone headset in my car, and I have the original Apple iPhone headsets in a drawer next to my bed, and I have another iPhone bluetooth headset in my drawer in my office. Therefore, when I need a headphone, I can always find one next to me where ever I am.

If you use the iPod application a lot, you might need a nice iPhone headset that will give good sound, and that has a mic and control buttons.

It is not common to find high end expensive headphones with a microphone and control buttons simply because those features will add cost to non-iPhone users. If you don't care much about the quality of the sound and answering phone calls at the same time, then simple cheap headphones are available.

There are many different types and styles of headphones that work for the iPhone. However, if you have one of the first generation iPhone 2G, then you must have an iPhone headphone adapter.

Manufacturers of headphones have some creative styles and shapes, and also names to differentiate between the different types and styles of those headphones.

Bose for example, might call one type of headphone a different name than what Sony thinks. However, a naming scheme that covers almost every type of headphones can still be developed by just relying on the shape and style of the headphone.

Therefore, we can divide headphones into five different categories. In ear headphones, on the ear headphones, around the ear, clip-on type, and behind the nick headphones.


Types of headphones:

In Ear type iPhone earphones In Ear headphones:

Those headphones go inside the ear canal, and provide some seal with the ear to improve sound and eliminate outside noise. I personally don't like this type of earphones, as they can fall easily. However, they are small and can be stored in a purse, bag or a in a pocket.

The Apple iPhone headsets reside in this category. There are many headphones of this type that are designed for the iPhone. Some of them have both a microphone, and control buttons. Others might only have either a mic or one or more buttons.

in ear iphone headsets typeIn ear headsets usually have some rounded rubber feature to help sealing and holding the earphone in the ear. Still with a little move or bump, this type of headphones can fall easily.

clip on iPhone earphonesTo avoid this problem, some of those earphones have some kind of a rubber hook that attach to the cable and route the wire behind the ear.

It converts the in-ear type headphone to a clip-on type headset. Once the hard rubber piece is attached to the wire, the headsets can go inside the ear canal and hook to the ear. It hold them in place and prevent them from falling.

Those types of in-ear headphones seem to have high frequency sound and lack of base due to their small size. Since they are small and portable, they can be folded easily and stored in a carrying case.


On Ear headphones:

iPhone headsets on ear typeThis type of headphones just sit on the ear and have some padding or foam for ear comfort. The two speakers are usually connected with flexible plastic that go around the top of the head.

This style has bigger speakers but still don't cover the whole ear. They usually have better base than the smaller in-ear headphones. If they are equipped with noise canceling technology, the atmosphere noise can dramatically be eliminated.


on ear iPhone headphonesIt is very difficult to find those type of headphones designed specially for the iPhone headphone jack. They can be too expensive to just be designed for the iPhone.

Therefore, to take advantage of the iPhone headphone jack, use an iPhone headphone adapter. Those iPhone headphone adapters are cheap and can be found from many online stores. They will allow your expensive headphone to control the music, so you can play, pause, forward and rewind your music, besides the ability to answer and end phone calls.


Around the Ear headphones:

around ear iPhone headsetsThis type of Headphones is big, and covers the whole ear. With noise canceling technology, you could eliminate outside noise almost completely.

They also seal the ear real good as they cover the whole ear. Due to the larger speakers of those headphones, the sound quality is one of the best you can get for headphones.

Use an iPhone headphone adapter with those type of headphones to take full advantage of the iPhone audio capability.

Hang or clip-on Headphones:

clip on in ear style ipHone earphonesThis type of headphones rotates around the ear to get full grip. This clip-on feature can be added to on-ear or in-ear headphones too.

They have a rubber or plastic piece that slides and hooks around the ear to hold it in place. You have to connect each speaker to your ear separately, which can be a little tricky with some designs.


clip on iPhone headsetsOnce the headphones are hooked to the ear, they are difficult to fall. However, they can become uncomfortable for long periods of times.

You can find many iPhone headphones of this style that are specially designed for the iPhone.

They will take advantage of the iPhone audio capability, such as controlling music and answering and making phone calls. See iPhone headphones page for more details.


Behind the neck:

behind nick iPhone headphoneThis type of headphones is similar to the on-ear headphone. The speakers come in different sizes and shapes. They can be in-ears or on ear.

The two speakers are connected with a flexible plastic that not only keeps the ear phones firmly tight but also it makes it easy to wear and remove.

It routs behind and around the ear and then behind the neck giving a very nice and tidy appearance. This type of headphones isn't commonly available specially for the iPhone. However, you can always connect it to an iPhone headphone adapter and control music, and make phone conversation.

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