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iPhone Cases

iPhone cases are the most important iPhone accessory for any iPhone owner. I heard so many stories about a cracked iPhone screen or a damaged iPhone due to drops.

iPhone cases are designed to protect your iphone from those accidents. Also cases for iphone now add personality to the device. A case for iPhone can give a different look and appearance to make it unique and personal.

Cases for iPhone are so important not only they will protect your iPhone from breaking, but also they will keep the iPhone glass and body clean and free of scratches and dents.

Some stores are specialized in iPhone cases only while others carry many iPhone accessories including lots of cases for iPhone. It is very difficult to track and find every case supplier as there are thousands of cases out there.

iPhone Cases:- Options available:

There are several types of iPhone cases available in many different online and physical stores. There are many styles of leather case for iphone, or cases made of cloth. Other cases for iPhone are made from hard plastic, or rubber.

side iPhone casesside cases for iPhone Side cases allow you protect your iPhone while it is inside you bag or purse.

You can't answer the phone or access your iPhone touch screen without pulling it out of the side case.

The side case can also be clipped to your belt on the side, and it has an opening on at the bottom for fast removal from the case.

Holders cases are hard and attach to the iPhone from the back. They also allow attachment to the belt.

hostler iphone case

Top cases hold the iPhone from the top and also clip to your belt. The light weight pouch Case for iPhone is soft and it cleans the iPhone glass every time you pull it out.

iPhone cases topiPhone cases from topTop iPhone caselight weight pouch iphone case

The skin cases for iPhone are very thin and give fashion and color to your iPhone. Thin skin cases keep the slimness of the iPhone while provide a nice grip in your hand.

skin iphone case

Flip lid case for iPhone flips 180 degrees to open and give access to the screen, then flips back to cover and protects the screen. There are transparent and other colored hard plastic cases for iPhone that give extra protection to the iPhone body.

flip lid iphone casestransparent hard iphone case


Plastic cases for iPhone are thick but provide better protection against drops. Some of those hard plastic cases have a little iPhone stand that slide in and out to adjust the iPhone for video or TV playing.

hard iphone cases


Many iPhone leather cases work as an organizer case that allow you to add a note pad, a pen, or even credit cards along with your iPhone. This makes the case like a small work binder or a business case.

organizer iPhone cases

Water Proof iPhone Cases :

OttoBox water proff iPhone caseSome iPhone cases are water proof. For example, the 100 % water proof cases for iPhone from OtterBox allow you to use your iPhone while swimming.

Combining this waterproof hard case with a bluetooth headphone, and you can enjoy your music while swimming!

The Aquapac has different water proof cases for iPhone. Some float on water if dropped, and allow you to listen and access the iPhone touch screen while in water.

The cases look like a simple plastic bags that hold the iPhone inside.

The perfect combination to those water proof cases for iPhone is a water proof bluetooth headset. This will avoid having a wired headphone to your sound out port and it will gives you freedom while swimming and listening to your music.

There are some very simple clear plastic water proof bags. You just place your iPhone inside those bags and close them.

It provides 100% water proof seal and it has a wrist strap that wraps around your wrist.

It is very convenient while fishing, boating, swimming, or even diving. You can access the touch screen while under water.

Combine this with a waterproof bluetooth headset and listen to your music while swimming freely without wires.


How to select a case for iPhone:

It can be very difficult or very easy to shop for an iPhone case depending on your need. I knew how important a case for iPhone is but still it took me about 2 months to figure out what type case I wanted for my iPhone.

I had one thing in my mind for a case for iPhone, that it must have a strap. I want to be able to hold my iPhone in my hand and around my wrist so that I don't drop it.

The iPhone screen is made of glass, and it is very easy to get scratched or the phone get dropped and broken. I have seen many damaged iPhones due to scratches, dents, and some kind of mal function simply because they were dropped.

Even with the best case out there, the chance of dropping your iPhone still exists. The case is just a protection. It doesn't guarantee that no damages will occur to the phone if it is dropped.

The best protection of course is not to drop your iPhone. This is by having a case that has a strap that wraps around your wrist like the DLO SlimCase for iPhone 3G, 3G S (Black).

This case is very convenient specially when you use the iPhone as a camera to take a picture for example. You have to hold the iPhone from the edge. Imagine a little bump to your hand while you are taking the picture the iPhone will fall and break.


What to look for in an iPhone case?

Those are some questions that you need to answer in order to find your Case for iPhone:

  • Are you looking for a case for iPhone that give a good grip, or better protection, or both? The more protection, the bigger the iPhone case.
  • Is it appearance what you care about for your case for iPhone?
  • Do you like a strap attached to your case that can go around your wrist or a clip that attach the case to your belt?
  • Do you have other accessories that need the iPhone without a case? In other words, can the iPhone when it is in the case fit inside your iPhone accessory? if the answer is yes, then you should look for an iPhone case that is easy and quick to remove and install or a Dock Extension Cable.

Things to watch out for in iPhone cases:

CorCases iPhone caseOf course the things to look for in general in any iPhone Case is its size and style.

You don't want a bulky looking case that ruins the style and appearance of your iPhone. The stylish Slider Aluminum Case for iPhone made by CoreCases is a good example.

Moreover, you want the iPhone cases to easily give you access to all the inputs and outputs of the iPhone.

Also, you should have enough room to slide your finger to the left or right. For example, you should easily be able to move an application icon from one screen to another by tapping on an icon and dragging it to the next screen by sliding to the left or right.

This requires some room at the side edges. A thick bulky case could make it impossible to touch the left or right edges of the screen.

The most important button on the iPhone is the home button, you should easily be able to click it with no interference with the case. And of course, iPod Touch cases shouldn't be used on the iPhone. Cases for iPhone should have a hole in the front for the camera.

Your volume control should be easy to access. The headphone jack and the sound mute button on the side should all be clear and be easy to access.

iPhone Cases vs iPhone accessories!

The problem with most cases for iPhone is that they won't fit with other iPhone accessories such as many docking stations, stereo speakers docking, or even the Apple simple dock. You have to remove the iPhone from its case in order to seat it on the dock.

I always try to avoid any iPhone accessories that conflict with my iPhone case, as I don't like removing my iPhone from its case.

iPhone dock extention for iPhone casesSome iPhone accessories provide a Dock Extension Cable so you don't have to mount the iPhone on the dock.

Instead, you plug the additional extension in the dock, and then connect the other end of the extension to your iPhone and let it sit on the side.


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