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iPhone Armbands

iPhone armbands are accessories that allow you to hold your iPhone in person while working out, jogging, running or biking. The best place to hold your iPhone is on your arm while doing any of those activities.




iPhone armbands for easy workoutAdvantages of iPhone Armbands:

The iPhone arm band holds your iPhone on person if you don't have a pocket, bag or purse. You simply hold it in an armband around your arm. They are mainly designed for athletes.

iPhone armbands are great for workout

iPhone armbands pocket Armbands simply work by inserting the iPhone in a pocket that wraps around your arm and with a velcro tape, you can tighten it or loosen it depending on your arm size.

The iPhone audio port must be exposed for connecting an iPhone headphone or other third party headphones.


Armbands Features:

iPhone armbands with clipsMost iPhone arm bands are weather resistant, water resistance and sweat resistance as most people will use them while working out. You don't want the armband or the iPhone to get wet. You should also look for an armband that is washable.

One of the annoying issues you might see with some iPhone armband is that they don't have a clip for the headphone wire.

After you connect a headphone to the iPhone audio out port while it is in the armband, the wire will be hanging free while working out which could be distracting. You should look for iPhone armbands with clip to wrap the headphone wire and to hold the headphone itself. This will work as a storage area when you don't want to listen to iPhone music.

Bluetooth iPhone headphoneIt is of course best to use an iPhone arm band with an iPhone bluetooth headphone or a bluetooth headset. You will then enjoy wireless iPhone music or hands free phone calls through the iPhone bluetooth capability without worrying about wires hanging.

Once the iPhone armband is around your arm, you can adjust its size with a velcro tape or compression sleeves that stretches to fit different arm sizes.

Other clever armbands combine multi features in one. For example, you can have a hard iPhone case that has a clip which allows it to attach and detach easily from the armband .

iPhone armbands three in one functions

Therefore, if you want to use the iPhone screen for any reason, you don't have to pull the iPhone from the armband pocket. You can simply detach it and then re-attach it when you are done. Another feature the ability to attach a a belt clip to the hard iPhone case. You can then remove the iPhone from the armband and connect it to your belt using the belt clip. So you will have two places to carry the iPhone .

Also, some iPhone arm bands come with a little key pocket to allow for holding a gym key or a house key along the iPhone itself.

Comfort is the most important factor in an armband. As you will be wearing it while working out, it is necessary for it to be breathable to cool the arm and preferably washable. It must also be durable, so you don't want the armband to break or fall apart while running or jogging and then break and loose your iPhone or iPhone 4s.



iPhone Armband with a Screen Protector:

Many armbands come with a screen protector which protects the iPhone from water and dust. You should make sure that the screen protector or cover allow you to see through and allows full access to the touch screen and iPhone 4 retina display. Of course you should have easy access to the volume and more important the iPhone audio jack.

iPhone armbands are usefull iPhone accessories


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