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iPhone Stands

Vertical iPhone stands iPhone stands are objects that allow you to hold your iPhone in different positions. Some of those stands are very simple, and easy to assemble, or even build yourself, while other stands are more complicated, and more expensive.

A stand for the iPhone can be very useful when you want to watch a video or a slide show while you are drinking or eating.

The main function of an iPhone stand is to allow you to seat your iPhone on a table or a flat surface. They come in different shapes and flavors and can have several features beside just holding the iPhone in horizontal or vertical position.

iPhone Stands Features:

It is important to have an iPhone stand that can be rotated in different axis to give you the best viewing angle. Therefore, the stand should be adjustable for different screen positions while still should be solid so it won't loose its balance and tip or fall.

An adjustable iPhone stand should be able to rotate up, down, left and right or even 360 degrees.

However, most cheaper iPhone stands just hold the iPhone in a fixed horizontal or a vertical position at a fixed angle.

Some stands allow you to adjust the tip angle either in horizontal or vertical position by opening or closing a support in the stand itself.

The horizontal orientation is the most common in a simple stand. It is mostly useful when watching a video or TV on your iPhone.

Complex iPhone Stand iPhone stands can be very simple and cheap and also could be complicated depending on the features you are looking for.

A stand should hold the iPhone firmly. The worst thing that could happen while the iPhone is in its stand is to loose its balance and fall.

Some stands require that the iPhone be removed from its case if it has one, which means you have to take the iPhone case out every time you want to hold it in its stand.

I don't personally like to remove my iPhone from its case, and therefore, I prefer a stand that can be adjusted for different width and height. Those adjustable stands will also be useful when you upgrade to an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5 for example if the iPhone dimensions are changes.

iPhone Stands with Case Also, a stand for the iPhone should give you the ability to connect a USB charger or a USB cable to charge the iPhone while it is in the stand.

Most of the time, the iPhone would be playing a video or a movie while it is in the stand. Therefore, it is best to have it plugged in to a charger while playing such videos. Therefore, the stand should have a wide openings at the dock are to allow different USB dock connections.

Simple Stands:

Simple iPhone stands

Stands for iPhone could also be very simple and cheap. They could be a simple bent clip, or a simple shape sheet of metal. Or even a special shaped hard paper.

They just sit under the iPhone and fold in a position to support it horizontally or vertically.

Metal iPhone stands


iPhone Cases With A Clip Stand:

iPhone Stands can be very simple Some hard plastic iPhone cases come with a little clip that folds out from the back of the case to allow the iPhone to stay in its horizontal orientation.

Those stands could be adjustable by opening and closing the stand.

Some stands serve one or more purposes. For example, one single case could have different attachments to allow for a belt clip or a mount for the car. So, you will have an iPhone case, a stand and an iPhone car mount all in one package.

iPhone Stands With Clip Strange iPhone Stands


iPhone Stands With Dock Stations:

Some stands work as a charger while they are holding the iPhone. They are also called docking stations.

When you seat the iPhone on the stand, it is actually docked and being charged. To charge the iPhone in those types of stands, the iPhone must be in a portrait position most of the time.

iPhone Stands with chgarger It is almost impossible to hold the iPhone in a horizontal position with those stands unfortunately.

You could of course connect an a USB cable to charge the iPhone while it is in landscape position but the appearance will not be very clean with a wire hanging from the side.

Docking stations have more features than just charging and holding the iPhone in a stand. Visit the iPhone Speakers page to learn about those docking stations stands.

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