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iOS 7 Hacks

iOS 7 HacksiOS 7 hacks are hacks that are compatible with iOS7. After iOS 7 was successfully jailbroken by the Evad3rs with evasi0n, many of the previous hacks didn't work right away.

Even Cydia itself had to be updated to be compatible with new iOS7 64-bit libraries. However, it didn't take long until most but not all iOS 6 hacks became compatible with iOS 7.

Luckily there are many great iOS 7 hacks nowadays that take full advantage of the 64-bit architecture, and also take full advantage of the latest iPhones that came with iOS7 which is iPhone 5s touch ID to be specific.

The following iOS 7 hacks are my best ones that I install on my iPhone right after I jailbreak. Some of the iOS 7 hacks are old known great hacks that are just updated or rewritten to work on iOS7, while some others are completely new that take advantage of some of the new iOS 7 feature and enhance those feature even further.

I will start with those iOS 7 hacks that are iOS 7 specific and then the hacks that are rewritten for iOS7.


This is my best iPhone 5s hack. It just makes unlocking your iPhone a snap, and it is 100% secure.

Usually to unlock an iPhone 5s with touch ID, you would first press the home button to display the lock screen. Then, you would touch the home button again with your finger to unlock it with your fingerprint.

Basically, this is the only function of touch ID on the iPhone 5s beside the ability to purchase apps from the App Store with your finger print.

Virtual home adds two very useful functions to iPhone 5s touch ID. First, it allows you to unlock your iPhone directly when it is shut off. That means, you would skip one step which is pressing the home button to get to the lock screen.

With Virtual Home you just have to touch the home button for one second, and your iPhone will unlock skipping the lock screen all together. Therefore, you will notice that I don't have any iOS 7 hack for the lock screen because I don't even see it that often. This is a quick shortcut to open your iPhone 5s every time and it is always secured with your fingerprint.

The second feature of Virtual Home is that it removed the home button push completely. Therefore, you only need to touch the home button to perform any home button action. So to close an app, you just touch the home button. It is a very nice feature.


iOS 7 came with a bunch of new features, and many visual changes. Control Center is one of the most significant addition to to iOS 7. When you slide your finger from the bottom, you get a menu that allows you to quickly switch and control some of the most useful tools on your iPhone such as wifi, bluetooth, calculator, camera and flash light besides the music control.

CCControl is an iOS 7 hack that adds some more features to iOS 7 control center. You can change the color of the menu, and you can add many more buttons at the top to control many of your iPhone settings.

iOS 7 control center hackiOS 7 control center hack

I have added many more setting than the default wifi, bluetooth, rotation lock, airplane and don't disturb. I can turn on or off LTE, or snap a picture quickly, or even respring, or reboot my iPhone.

More iOS 7 controlsCCControl is an iOS 7 control center hack



This is a really cool hack, combined with Virtual Home just makes the iPhone 5s faster. When you removes the slow motion of your folders opening, apps opening, and closing, the whole iPhone experience improves dramatically.

Vertex iOS 7 HackVertex:

Vertex is a very cool iOS 7 hack that combines both the App Switcher, and Control Center in one page, and one gesture.

So when you swipe your finger to access the control center, you will also open App Switcher, and see all running apps side by side/

You can easily quit any running app by sliding your finger up.

I don't use Vertex full time yet as it is still very buggy, and once you activate it, you will loose AirDrop and AirPlay!!


Folder Enhancer for iOS 7FolderEnhancer adds many features to your folders. I have always installed on my iPhone, and it was rewritten for iOS 7 to do exactly the same as before.

You can control add up to 5 columns, and 5 rows. You can add nested folders, and increase your folder window size. You can even control the animations of the folders.


iKeywi a five row keyboardiKeywi2 is an updated iOS 7 hack that does exactly what the previous version did in iOS 6. It allows you to add a fifth row to the pop up keyboard in iOS 7. You can assign any key to this fifth row.

I personally don't like the fact that I have to tap the shift button in order to get the numbers pad. Therefore, I made the fifth row all numbers.

So, now when I want to type something that contains letters and numbers, I don't have to switch the keyboard to get numbers.

It is a very useful iOS 7 hack that just makes typing much faster and easier.

iKeywi2 cost $0.99 from Cydia.


It is annoying that you can only move one icon at a time from one iPhone screen to another. MultiIconMover has been my best rescue for this lacking. It was updated for iOS 7 and it does exactly what the name indicates.

You can select multiple icons, and move them all at once to a new location. You can use it to move multiple icons to a folder so that you can arrange and organize your folders much quicker. So, if you cant to create a Games folder, you would simple select all the games you have from different screens, and simply dump them in the games folder.

Navigate From Maps:

This is one the most useful hack for your Maps, and GPS system If you have Navigon, or TomTom, and want to use them for directions like me, you would find that finding an address is not as powerful as Google or Apple Maps. Moreover, any website with addresses will send the map to Apple Map which is the default Map app on iOS.

With Navigate From Maps, you will be able to open the Map you have from Apple Maps in any third party GPS App like TomTom or Navigon, Sygic, iGoMyway or any iPhone GPS app.

Navigate from Maps iOS 7 hackNavigate from Maps hack for iOS 7

So, I would simply search for the location using Apple Maps, and then once I find it, I tap it and select "Navigate Here" which allows me to select any of the installed Navigation apps.

Record 'n' Torch:

I hate when I start taking a video, and then find out that it is actually too dark, and I wished I had the flash turned on.

Record n torch iOS 7 hack

Record 'n' torch solves this critical problem by adding a flash button while recording video which allows you to turn on or off the flash light while you are shooting the video.


One of the annoying things in iOS when typing in any text field is going back to try to correct a letter for example. You have to tap to get the magnifying glass, and then swipe to get to the right location. SwipeSelection is an iOS 7 hack that allows you to swipe on the keyboard left or right while typing to move the cursor forward or backward. Then, you can easily reach where you want to correct or change.

VideoPane:VideoPane iOS 7 Hack

Another problem that I have with my iPhone when I play video is that once you tap the home button, the video stops playing. Apple did this purposely so people don't accidently leave videos running on the background and drain their iPhone battery.

Sometimes, I want to listen to a Youtube video, or watch it while navigating Facebook for example. VideoPane is one of my best iOS 7 hacks available. It allows you to split almost any video to its own window, and then when tapping the home button, the video will remain on the home screen.

Therefore, you can still watch your video and read your email, or browse the internet at the same time.

VideoPane allows to split your videos, move it around, and even control the size of the window. Finally, you can lock your iPhone and still listen to the video in the background.

Backgrounder for older iOS 3, and iOS 4 used to give multitasking for videos, but unfortunately it was discontinued a long time ago, and VideoPane is much better solution for video backgrounding.

Wake With Weather:

Wake With Weather is a cool Siri hack that announces the temperature with Siri voice as your alarm goes off. This is very useful when you wake up in the morning, and immediately after you unlock your iPhone, the weather is announced. So you know exactly what to expect when you drive to work or go any where.

Action Menu:

Action Menu was one of my favorite iOS 6 hacks, and it didn't take long to see it on iOS 7. I was impressed that when I installed Action Menu for iOS 7, all my history from iOS 6 came to live in iOS 7. Very good iPhone hack.


Activator was always one of the first iPhone hacks that I install immediately after I jailbreak. However, Activator wasn't immediately ready with the rest of iOS 7 hacks. I had to wait, but once it became available I installed it right away. It is free and great hack to add gestures to your iPhone. All the features and actions are the same as before with more finger and multi fingers actions.

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