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Apple Maps

Apple Maps is a maps solution to the iOS. I was very exciting when I heard that Apple acquired two mapping companies in 2009. One company is a 3D mapping company called Poly9 and the other one called C3 Technologies. I knew that this was a great move in the right direction.

The iOS was always a slave of Google maps lack of features while the Android platform was always ahead in its maps and the integration with the Google Android OS.

Well, of course, the idea of making the same thing by the same company is always an advantage. Google makes the Google Maps and they make the Android OS. The same applies to Apple with the iPhone, as Apple makes both the iOS and the hardware. It is always an advantage when one company makes the whole thing.

On the other hand, Google maps wasn't following this one company approach and it was in fact slowing down the iOS maps development. For example, after 5 years of google maps, the App didn't even provide a turn by turn audio notification compared to all Android devices.

I have t admit that I used google maps to search for businesses and addresses, but I never used it for directions. I used Navigon combined with another App called Navigon Now which allows me to copy any address from a search result and open it with Navigon.

Therefore, I would find the location with Google maps, and open directions in Navigon using Navigon Now app.

Moreover, the google maps is useless when used outside of the USA as it requires an internet connection to download and update its maps. So, once I travel to Canada, it becomes useless.

Apple Maps still doesn't download the maps and still doesn't allow for navigation without internet. It does allow some buffering but to a limit. I hope that changes soon with the ability to download maps. However, the iOS for the first time gets two great features. The turn by turn navigation, and Flyover which are great features that didn't exist on google maps.

Apple MapsApple Maps turn by turn navigation

Apple Maps Flyover Apple Maps Flyover Details

With all the critics and media complaints about the Apple Maps accuracy, I personally didn't have much problems with it. Also, the number of Maps available in the App store allows for many choices and temporary alternatives that removing Google Maps from the iOS is not an issue.

At the end, I love the Apple Maps apps, and time only will prove that it is a great app that integrates with Siri, and deeper in the iOS. So, now you can say go Home to Siri, and it will give you audio direction to your home.

What do you think, should Apple continue its Mapping adventure, or just count on others like google?

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