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iGo My Way for iPhone

iGo My Way is another simple to use iPhone GPS application which is full of features and options that enhance your navigation experience.

The user interface takes full advantage of the iPhone touch screen including pinching to zoom in and out, and slide up and down to scroll.

iGo May Way is currently available for North America ($65), Europe ($100) and Western Europe ($75) and is in the App Store.

igo-my-way show mapigo-my-way startWhen you start the iPhone application, a gauge appears at the right bottom giving you an indication that the application is loading.

After the application finishes loading, you get 4 buttons to tap.

The buttons are big, clear and easy to tap. It also have a tapping sound to indicate that a button is tapped which is another unique feature in iGo My Way application.

It has nice integration with your contacts, so you can select a contact as a destination if you have his/her address stored in your contacts.

The Show Map window, which has a small map is actually a big button, tapping on the map expands the map to full screen and shows your position. You can hear the voice notification by tapping the big arrow on the top left of the map.

igo-my-way other optionsTap Menu at the bottom right on the map to go back to the main screen. Tap on the map and you will get more options.

In this screen, you can set the appearance of your map. You can set your map view as 3D or 2D and also adjust your zooming, far or close.

The brightness for day or night can also be adjusted and your favorites destinations can also be accessed from here.

The "Where Am I" button gives a quick information about your position, and the address where you are.

igo-my-way  find addressigo start destinationTo start a route, you need to enter a destination by tapping the Destination button.

Here you will have the option to navigate by entering an address or finding a place by name.

You can also locate a place on the map, or select a place from your favorites or from your history list.

igo-my-way-listigo-my-way street name The big buttons for finding things in iGo My Way is pretty neat.

Tap the Find Address, and enter all the address components necessary by tapping the big buttons and typing the information.

When you get to the typing part, a big keyboard that fills your screen will show up. Type a few letters, then tap the List button at the bottom right to see a list of matching names. When you are done, tap the button at the bottom right to start the route.

A summary of your route information will be displayed for quick check, then, you can tap the Go! button to start your route calculation.

Tap More Options to get more options about your route such as Route Alternatives, Places around Destinations, or Add Destination to Favorites.

igo-my-way route alternativeigo more options

igo alternative routesTap Route Alternative to change your route as you prefer, fast, short, economical or easy.

As you tap on the route option, you will see your route changing in the display below it to give you an idea of length and time differences between the routes.

This is one of the coolest features of iGo My Way.

You can also use the iPhone and iPhone 4 standard pinching to zoom in and out or use the + and - buttons located at the bottom.

Also, you can tap and hold to move the map around.

igo places around youPlaces Around Destination is a quick way to list available important Points Of Interest around you.

The last button in this screen, "Add destination to Favorites" allows you to add the current destination to your favorites list.

igo route settingsRoute Settings button allows you to change the preferences of your route.

You can change your vehicle, route planning, and other road options like toll, and ferries. Simply check or un-check the ones that apply to you.

igo-other placesigo find placesYou can also Find Places by entering their category or just by entering their names.

Tap Other Places, and a nice road screen with arrows showing you the options to find a place.

igo destinations around youYou can find a place around you, or along route, in a City, or around destination.

iGo My Way makes this process pretty simple by displaying a road with those different options on it, which makes it very clear.

Just tap on the box of your interest, and follow the screens to enter name or category of your place.

Find on Map is another cool feature of iGo My Way for the iPhone and iPhone 4, you can move the map around with your finger, and zoom in and out normally by pinching. Once you find a destination on the map, just tap it.

igo find on mapigo find on map

igo find places around cursorNow, you can tap the More Options button at the top to find places around the cursor, or if you want to add the cursor position to your favorites.

When you are done, tap Select at the right bottom, and your route calculation will start.

igo show historyAt the bottom of the Destination button, you can select any of your destinations from your history. Tap on Show All to see all your previous destinations.

Finally, the Settings button allow you to change many of your default route settings like your vehicle, sound and warnings. You can even change the shape of your vehicle from the 3D Vehicle Gallery.

You can also change the screen colors and themes and more importantly change the language for both the navigation and the voice notifications.

igo settingsigo settings

GPS iPhone Hack:

Send any address from your email to the Maps application and then to your favorites GPS iPhone applicationIf you are lucky and have your iPhone jailbrocken, then Navigate From Maps is an iPhone hack for you.

This iPhone hack is available in Cydia and it allows you to send any direction of a location or address from the default Google Maps application to iGoMyWay when it is installed on your iPhone or iPhone 4.

The iPhone hack simply adds a new button in Google Maps that says "Navigate here with iGoMyWay".

The picture on the right shows Navigon and TomTom buttons added in Google Maps.

However, once you install Sygic, iGo My Way or any other iPhone GPS application, a new button will be added automatically.



iGo My Way for iPhone and iPhone 4 has some unique features not available in other iPhone GPS applications.

The extra big buttons makes it very easy to navigate and tap. The additional sound when you tap a button gives a feeling of a click. Finally, the ability to change vehicle shape and color and themes of the screen are additional cool features.

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