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Control Center

Control Center is a a new feature in iOS7 that allows you to access many things inside your iPhone quickly. Some of the items or icons in this menu are shortcuts to iPhone applications or settings while others are just services.

iOS 7 Control CenterApplications Shortcuts:

At the bottom of the control center menue you can quickly open the iPhone iOS 7 camera app or the clock app to access the alarm and timer. You can also access a new simple calculator and a flash light.

As you move up, you will find AirDrop which allows you to share photos, and videos with other iOS devices in the network. Then, you can see AirPlay to stream music or mirror your whole screen to an Apple TV.

Then, as you move up, you will see the music controls which used to be in the task switcher in iOS 6 and below. Now you can skip, play and control your iPhone volume right there.

Furthermore more to the top, you will find the brightness slider. This is a cool addition to iOS 7 as many people suffer battery issues because their iPhone screen brightness is too high, and it was difficult to go through the settings apps to increase or reduce the iPhone brightness.

Settings Shortcut:

Then, you will see 5 buttons at the top of the menu. These are simple but most useful settings for your iPhone. In iOS 6 you had to go to settings and go though multiple taps to get to those settings. Now you can with one slide up access Airplane mode, wifi, bluetooth, don't disturb, and orientation lock.

Quick Access:

The nice thing about control center is that you can access it from anywhere in your iPhone while running any application. Simply slide your finger from the bottom of you iPhone screen at anytime anywhere even when at the lock screen. It is one of the features that many iPhone users were asking about for a long time.


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