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Notification Center Hacks

Notification center hacks are tweaks that target the iOS 5 notification center. We all love the notification pull down menu, and the fact that we can access a new layer of the iOS at anytime while running iPhone applications.

Because the notification center is a new layer on top of the iOS, it can take widgets, and other hacks that can easily be accessed from the pull down menu. For example, you can access the SBSettings from the notification center with a simple hack and so on.

In this page, I will focus on those types of notification center hacks that improve the notification center pull down menu and allow you to access things quickly without closing your currently running application.

Notification center hacks  for iOS 5LockInfo:

As you know SBSettings is one of the most useful iPhone hacks available in Cydia. You usually access the SBSettings by sliding your finger on the status bar from right to left.

However, with the notification center now coming with a slide down in iOS 5, it would make sense to combine both menues in one.

LockInfo is a great hack for your jailbroken iPhone. It costs $7.99 from Cydia, but it will make your life much easier. It allows you to access your notifications from your lock screen, and even from your home screen in addition to the improved notification center.

One of the coolest features of LockInfo is the ability to blend the SBSettings menu in the notification center, so you can save that additional SBSettings gesture for something else.



NotiCall is a notification center hack that adds your favorites contacts right in the notification pull down menu. NotiCall is free from Cydia, and once it is installed, you will see your favorite contacts on your Notification Center.

You can then slide your finger to the left to see more of your favorites. Then, you can tap on any contact and choose to call, make a Facetime call, or send a text message.

Search the web from the notification centerNotiCall for notification center for iOS 5


LockInfo for iPhone notification centerNCInstaCall:

NCInstaCall is another cool free iPhone widget for the notification center. While NotiCall above allows you to make a call to your favorites quickly, NCInstaCall allows you to place any phone call.

Simply tap the phone icon to open the dial pad, or tap the address book icon to call anyone from your address book.


Opening a URL or searching the internet is never easier with the free OpenURL hack.

This Notification Center hack allows you to enter any text in the search area right in the notification center. iPhone safari will open from anywhere with your search results.


NC Weather Widget:

This iPhone widget for notification center will make your notification menu shine. It is a high resolution retina display widget to replace the weather notification. Slide your finger once to see one day forcast, and slide one more time to see a 6 days forcast.

NCInstaCall NC Weather Widget for Notification Center


Mirror widget  for notification centerMirror Widget:

This is a strange iPhone widget for the notification center. It simply adds a camera window in your notification center allowing you to quickly view the front facing camera or the rear camera, which would work like a mirror.

This might be the best notification center hack for females. It works like a mirror quickly and can be accessed from anywhere.

It is free from Cydia, and is easy to use. Once it is installed, a single tap will allow you to capture a picture, while a double tap will allow you to switch between front and rear iPhone camera. Any captured picture will go the iPhone photo library.


wifi ip address for notification center NotifyIP:

This is a notification center hack that adds the IP address of your local wifi network. It is useful to quickly know what wifi network you are currently connected to.

The other longer way is to go to settings and wifi to find what you are connected to.

It is very convenient and quick right from the notification center at any time.


If you are tired of clicking and holding the home button to start Siri, then you will love this notification center hack.

SiriLaunch adds a little microphone to the left bottom of your notification center pull down menu. At any time, you will be able to tap this button and Siri will start listening. You must have an iPhone 4S or above to have Siri.


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