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Great Siri for iOS 10

We shouldn't forget that Apple is the first one to introduce a digital assistant to its smart phone that is called Siri. At the same time many other companiies such as Google and Microsoft started their own digital assistant.

Siri in iOS 10 has many new commands, and many new features that most of us will not recognise either because we don't use Siri or don't know about those commands.

Siri for iOS 10 is now much smarter, and many existing commands have improved.

With Siri in the past versions of iOS, it is a hit or miss type of command. If you get it right, you would keep the command in your mind, and you would probably repeat it again. However, if he command doesn't work, then you would most probably not try the command ever again. This is what is killing Siri. Now with Siri for iOS 10, many commands, and capabilities are available that most of the time you will get something. However, if you already gave up on Siri. Then, maybe it is time time to rethink Siri for iOS 10 and give it a fresh retry.

Hay Siri:

hay Siri is not and iOS 10 Siri feature. It existed since iOS 8. However, I put it here because it is improved so much, and I think that if you want to use Siri, then activating Hay Siri is one important action you should do once you get your new iOS 10.

Activating Siri is easy. Simply go to Settings --> Siri --> Allow "Hay Siri". Once you enable this iOS 10 feature, you will go through some activations to allow Hay Siri. You will be asked to say Hay Siri a couple of times, and you will be asked to ask Siri some questions.

Once this is done, Hay Siri will be activated. Now you can say "Hay Siri" to enable it to listen to you. You will hear a beap, and then you can ask whatever question without ever touching your iPhone.

Where is a Friend or Family Member:

Siri for iOS 10 best featuresWith the Siri for iOS 10, it is possible to ask questions and ask about data coming from other apps installed on your iPhone. For example, find my friends is an app pre-installed on all iOS devices that allows you to locate your friends in the network.

Of course, for such feature to work, your frinds must agree to you tracking them. And your location will also be shared with them. So they can find you.

With Sisi for iOS 10, you can find friends and family memenbers by simlpy asking the question "where is Bob", or "can you find Bob?". If Siri can understand, then it will open the map and locate the friend you are looking for.

If you click on the map, Find My Friends app will open in full view with the person location, and how far he is from you.

Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone is one of the best apps on iOS. Although, it is designed to find and locate your lost iPhone or iPad, I use it a lot to also find and track my family members.

Siri for iOS 10 makes this task even simpler. Simply ask Siri Find my iPhone and if you are already logged in, the app will immediately open, showing you all your devices on the map.

You can open almost any app installed on your iPhone by calling Siri and "open such app".

Correct Pronunciation:

How many times, I was annoyed because Siri will not pronounce my name correctly. But, I didn't know how to fix that. Siri for iOS 10 allows you to teach Siri how to pronounce names. In Siri for iOS 10, it is easy to correct the pronunciation. Simply ask tell Siri "this is not ho you pronounce Sohail". then, Siri will reply to you asking you how you want her to pronounce the name. With your voice, and with your pronunciation, Siri will give you a couple options of she thinks you want the name called.

Once you pick the right pronunciation, from now on, that is how Siri for iOS 10 will call your name, or any other name you want. You can repeat this process for all your contacts if you want.


Call my wife:

This feature existed with Siri before iOS10, but I thought it is good to remind people with it because it is such a cool feature.

You can teach iOS who your family members are and how they relate to you. For example, when you open your profile in iOS contacts, you can add a relation. It could be a brother, a cousin, or a friend etc.

it is easy to add a relation. Simply go to the contatcs app, and tap edit. Now scroll down to "Add Related Name". Now you can select a name from your contact, and assign it a relation.

Once this is set up correctly in your device, then you can easily ask Siri for information abut this person by his relationship to you.

For example, I can ask Siri to call my wife. Because the relationship is already setup, and my iPhone knows who my wife is, Siri can easily call my wife on her phone number when I ask.

Or I can say, "Call my old Son, or young son" whatever I assign contact to my older son or younger son will be the target contact.

Listen to this song:

Siri for iOS 10 has Shazam integration. Therefore, it can listen to a song and tell you everything about that song. Simply tell Siri to start listening, or "hay Siri", "listen to this song". Siri for iOS 10 will start listening and after 30 seconds, it will tell you the song name and artist.


Dictation is not a Siri for iOS 10 feature, but it is something really cool in iOS 10 that allows you to continuously listening to something and convert it to text. Simply open your Notes app, and create a new note, then tap the microphone button to allow your iPhone to start listening. Once it is in this mode, your iPhone will start dictation and whatever you say will be translated into texts.

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