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iPhone 6 Features

This is not a full iPhone 6 review, but just a quick glance at my 2 weeks of experience with my iPhone 6.

First of all I was very happy with the iPhone 5s design and screen size. I never asked or wanted a bigger screen phone. I thought the 4 inch display of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s were just perfect for my small hands. I just wanted a lighter lighter and more featured phone as the technology advance.


However, the public opinion appears to be different. It looks that the mass population love the big size smart phones. Apple for two years though exactly what I thought, but at the end they delivered exactly what the mass population is asking for, a bigger screen iPhone.

Therefore, Apple released two iPhones, a 4.7 inch display with 1334 x 750 resolution called iPhone 6, and another bigger 5.5 inch display at 1920 x 1080 resolution called iPhone 6 plus. Those iPhones are huge compared to the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5.

Finally, Apple enters the phablet segment of smart phones. The result is surprisingly amazing. Nine million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus were sold in the first 2 days. The statistics shows that this iPhone has the highest adoption rate ever since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. It is up to three times the adoption of the iPhone 5s.

I couldn't also believe that the iPhone 6 plus would outsell the iPhone 5c. Apparently, people just want big screens phones nowadays. The longer I use my new iPhone6 and iOS 8, the more I learn, and the more I find hidden features, and enhancement.

So, here is a quick glance at the things that I found exciting in both the iPhone6 and iOS 8 so far after two weeks of use.


iPhone 6 case with strapAfter two weeks, I have to admit that I am loving this size of the screen, with some reservations. The if screen is of course amazing in playing video, and displaying pictures, and many other things. However, I can still hardly reach the right side of my iPhone 6 corner.

When I hold my old iPhone 5s, I just feel more comfortable holding it. I didn't want to take a chance and drop it, so I bought a case one week later, and I immediately added a strap to it like the picture on the right.

So, now when I hold the iPhone 6 in my hand, I feel more comfortable from drops.

Moreover, Apple introduced Reachability in iOS8 for the bigger iPhones. Once enabled, the top of the screen moves to the bottom half of the screen when you double touch not press the home button as you can see in the pictures below.

Reachability for iPhone 6Reachability for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in iOS 8

With Reachability enabled, my case strap, and assistive touch I am more comfortable holding my bigger iPhone, and have easier access to all the corners of the iPhone screen.

I expect Apple to comes u with more cool ideas to enhance Reachability as the iPhone 6 will become the standard iPhone screen size.

Two Display M

iPhone 6 Zoomed vs Standard displayIN settings, you could choose between a Zoomed display which makes the iPhone 6 just like an iPhone 5 but everything is scaled up. So, everything is bigger, the texts, menus, and the the apps are bigger.

The other display mode is called Standard which gives more use of the bigger screen real estate. iPhone apps in this mode will take full advantage of the bigger screen rather than making things bigger.

Such apps, could borrow some of the features of the iPad.

To switch between the two screen modes, go to settings --> Display & Brightness and then tap the View button. You can choose between Standard and Zoomed display.

iOS 8 Multitasking FavoritesFavorites Contacts:

This is a nice feature in iOS 8 which allows you to see your favorite contacts at the top of multitasking window.

Just double click the home button to activate the multitasking screen, and you will see you favorite contacts, and recent calls at the top. You can select your contact, and then select which phone number you want to call.


Louder Speaker:

In the iPhone 6, you will notice that the sound is louder in everything. The phone calls are louder, the ringtones and music are louder.

Battery Life:

This is the first iPhone I have so far with a battery life that could last for one day under normal use. I am a heavy user, and it still doesn't last a full day. However, if I am cautious, I could manage to get it through a full day easily.

Hay Siri:

In iOS 8, if the iPhone is connected to a power supply, you can now activate Siri by saying "Hay Siri". Once you say "Hay Siri" and then follow it by your questions, Siri will wake up and answer. For example, say "Hay Siri, what time is it?". The iPhone will wake up, and Siri will answer the question. But make sure you have your iPhone connected to a power supply.


iPhone 6 Camera BrightenessThe Camera:

The iPhone 6 cameras both front and rear on the new iPhone are like buying a brand new cameras. The speed and quality of images are superb. The iPhone is back to have the best smart phone camera for this year.

The brightness slider is amazing, where you can tap and slide up and down to adjust the brightness of your picture.

Just tap on the screen while the camera is on, and you will see a brightness slider that allows you to adjust the picture brighten mess for both photos and videos.


240 fps Video Recording:

With the iPhone 6 ability to record HD video at 240 fps, you will get very slow motion videos playback.


Keyboard Extensions:

The addition of extensions in iOS 8, and opening the keyboard to the developers, there will be lots of nice and creative keyboards with out the need to jailbreak your iPhone.


Apps Extensions:

This is another really cool feature of iOS 8. Now you can choose which app to open a document. Or, you can send one document to another app for further editing for example.


Black and White:

One of the cool features of iOS is the ability to turn your iPhone color to grey scale. Apple said that turning grey scale on will get you an additional 2 hours of battery when you are low. To turn grey scale on, just go to Setting --> General--> Accessibility, then turn on grey scale. Everything on your iPhone will be grey scale including videos, and photoes.


Three Finger Zoom:

Zooming on the iPhone has always been fun. But with iOS 8, Apple improved the zooming and added more features to it. You can enable zooming in Settings --> Accessibility and then turn Zoom on. Now, you can double tap two times on the screen with three fingers, and you can zoom the screen. Double tap with three fingers and slide up and down to zoom in and out. this will work anywhere even when playing video.

iOS 8 Zoome ModeiOS 8 Zoom Feature

If you triple tap on the screen with three fingers, you get more options for the zooming feature.


More Features with OSX:

More features like Handoff, CarPlay, and HomeKit, and Continuity are to be available with the release of OSX Yosemite for Mac. With continuity, you will be able to make and receive phone calls and text messages on your Mac if the iPhone is in a the wifi area.


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