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Kirikae for the iPhone

 kirikaeKirikae is a small iPhone hack that allows you to list and switch between running applications. It allows you to quit or kill any running app and start a new app. Combined with backgrounder, it gives the iPhone a true multitasking environment.

Kirikae is available from Cydia for free and has an icon that will show on your iPhone home screen after it is installed.

This iPhone hack might not be useful just by itself. However, when combined with other hacks like Backgrounder, FreeRam or other virtual memory iPhonehacks, it makes the iPhone a full multitasking operating system.

When you Open Kirikae, You get three options. The first option in the settings is Appearance, which I don't use much, but you can turn on or off the animate switching for example. The second option is Control, and third is Favorites.


The control button allows you to control how to activate the iPhone hack. Tap the control button and select how you want to activate it. Select one of the four options above. I have it set up so that it opens when I double click the home button.

kirikae-2The third and most important option is Favorite. It allows you to add applications that you like to have quick access to while in Kirikae without going to the spring board or home screen.

All installed applications on your iPhone will be displayed, and you can simply select the ones you like to be as your favorites. After the iPhone hack is running, you will have access to those favorites within it.

Now You can tap any application in your favorites list that you created from the the settings above, and start it without going to the home screen as normal.

This list will be available to you whenever you start Kirikae.


kirikae-1When you have your iPhone hacked, think of this hack as a task manager in windows that you get when pressing alt+control+delete.

Kirikea does the same thing, it brings your list of running applications, and gives the ability to switch or quit any of those running apps.

When you activate the iPhone hack, by double tapping the home button in my case, you will see a window with a list of applications and two tabs at the bottom of the screen.
Update: They are four buttons at the bottom of the screen with the new release.

When you get iPhone hacked, kirikae will alow you to switch between applicationsThe Active button shows a list of the current running application. You can tap any app on the list to switch to it.

Or, if you slide your finger on any of the running apps, a red quit button will appear allowing you to quit that application. If you slide your finger on the Spring Board, you can re-spring your iPhone.

Update: The new release has a little x next to each running app instead. So you don't have to slide your finger. You just tap on the x to quit that app.





Kirikae combined with Backgrounder is a powerful iPhone hack that will make your iPhone experience much more like a desktop one.

iPhone hacking with Kirikae allows you to easily switch between running appsThe latest release of this iPhone hack added some new features. A Spotlight button that allows you to quickly switch to spotlight to search your iPhone for a specific app.

Or quickly switch to the SpringBoard to access your Apps on the home screens.


If you have your iPhone is hacked, or Jailbrocken, then Kirikea is a must have iPhone hack for you. It is free and it makes switching and running applications on your iPhone as simple as running multiple applications on a desktop computer.

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