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Wunder Radio for iPhone

wunder radio iconWunder radio is simply the best streaming internet radio application for the iPhone. Not only it allows you to search for any station by country, but also, it allows you to manually search and add your own stations.

It has its own web browser that allows you to log in to satellite radio accounts like Sirius and XM or the huge internet radio stations from RadioTime.

Therefore, the possibilities are endless with access to almost any radio station that is available on the internet besides the ability to stream TV audio.


WunderRadio:- Quick Over view

wunderradio main screenWhen you open the iPhone application, you will see 5 buttons at the bottom, and a URL or search area at the top.

The url area is a unique feature of Wunder Radio, it allows you to enter a radio URL address that you might want to add manually. Also, you can enter a keyword to search for a radio station.

Tap the Stations button to get a list of  several categories.

wunder radio categoriesEach category opens a new list of sub categories. The first Category is Wunder Radio which lists the Recently Played stations.

The Weather Underground allows to find the weather conditions for different regions and areas in the world.

RadioTime is where you would generally listen to and control iPhone music, sports, talk radios and others.

wunderradio scanners and tuned.mobi iphoneThe Scanners category allows you to monitor and scan Police band, Air traffic, and locomotive radio traffic for US, Canada and Queensland's, Australia.

On the other hand, TUNED.mobi allows you to listen to FM radio from different areas in the world.

wunder radio subscription and other stations for iphoneSubscription Radio, allows you to listen to Sirius and XM satellite radio while  Other Station Directories gives you access to different radio stations from different internet radio websites.

Wunder Radio Features:

The most interesting category is the RadioTime category. It allows you to browse internet radio stations by your local position using information from your iPhone GPS or Global Positioning System (GPS) supplied by the iPhone and iPhone 4.

local radio by gps iphone wunderradiowunder radio local weather iphone

Tap the Local Radio by GPS to access local radio, and local weather stations. Browse Music allows you list many radio stations by categories such as rock or classical, hip hop and others. To go back to the previous menu tap the the button at the top left.

In RadioTime, tap the Browse World to listen to best selection of world music from big cities in the world.

wunder radio iphone browse worldwunder radio browse world

Also, tap the Browse by Location to access internet radio stations by continents and countries, which is an amazing feature.

wunder radio by contenent iphonewunder radio by country

I can easily find all internet radio stations available from Egypt for example by tapping Africa, then Egypt. Visit the Arabic iPhone application and Aljazeera Arabic pages to learn about more Arabic TV and Radio.

wunder radio radiotime presets"My RadioTime Presets" is another interesting area that I cover in more details later. It is a link to RadioTime.com which has over 60,000 internet radio stations.

In the TUNED.mobi area, you can list US radio stations by states. Tap "The Stream Center USA", and then tap the state you are looking for, then select the category.

wunder radio local stationswunder radio stations by states

You can also listen to Subscription Radio stations which allow you to listen to your satellite radio if you have membership with Sirius or XM radio accounts.

wunderradio subscriptionwunder radio sirius radio iphone

The Other Station Directories area is full of other internet radio stations. Tap TUNED.mobi to open the WunderRadio browser and browse through different internet radio stations. (Of course you can use iPhone Safari or any other third party iPhone browser to do this).

wunder radio other stationswunderradio web browser for iphone

You can access all your favorite internet radio stations from the Favorites button at the bottom. The bit rate and the network supported are displayed to the right of each radio station.

wunder-radio favoriteswunder radio favorites

Tap the Edit button at the top right to arrange your favorite internet radio stations or to delete the ones you don't want. Tap and hold on the right side of a station to move it up or down or tap on the (-) button to delete it.


The Player:

wunder radio now playingWhen you start playing a radio, a screen with the radio station shows up. In this screen you can you can control your iPhone music volume, stop or play a radio station.

You can access this screen by tapping the Now Playing button at the bottom.

If you tap the plus button at the top right, you will add this station to your favorites.

Tapping on the station name will open wunder radio iPhone browser and a web page for that radio station will be displayed.

wunder radio itunes web browserwunder radio browser for iphone

You can also change the Bit Rate for a station by tapping the Bit Rate link shown by the red rectangle and it will show other available bit rates for that  station.

change bit rate in wunder radiowunder radio other available bit rates

itunes in wunderradioAlso, you can tap the iTunes button shown to open iTunes in your iPhone if the radio station is supported.

This allows you to purchase that program, show, song or talk from iTunes.

The Play in background link is another unique feature of wunderradio. It allows you listen to the radio station in the background by opining the specific station in the iPhone music player through iPhone Safari.

wunder radio play in background and settingsplay in back ground with wunder radio for iphone

When you tap the play in background link, you will be asked to tap on the play button, and then tap home after the player starts. This feature could be avoided with iOS 4 which added multitasking, or by installing an iPhone hack called backgrounder from Cydia which allows radio be played in the background. But this of course requires jailbreaking your iPhone.

You can access the Settings screen by tapping the Settings button at the top left.

wunder radio settings for iphoneIn Settings, you can change the appearance of wunderradio to classic if you want.

You can also set the buffer size, and the preferred Bit Rate for all stations.

Those settings allow you to control your iPhone music stream. For example, if you have a stream that is buffering too often depending on your iPhone network speed, you can lower the Bit Rate to improve that stream.

Wunder Radio Web Browser:

The Web button is a local Wunder Radio web browser that shows pages related to the radio stations just like iPhone Safari or any other third party iPhone browser. It also has links to many weather information and other Wunder Radio help and links. The left and right arrows at the top left works like a normal iPhone web browser to go back or forward.

wunder radio web browser links iphonewunder radio weather

The Wunder Radio Web browser is also used to sign up for a RadioTime account which can be accessed on both a desktop computer or from your iPhone or iPhone 4 by going to the RadioTime area and My RadioTime Presets.

You can add presets on your PC or Mac, and see them in Wunder Radio  by logging to the RadioTime account.

wunder radio radio timewunder radio browser radiotime

RadioTime is a huge source of internet radio with over 60,000 stations and 30,000 talk programs. When you sign up for a free account, you can easily access all your presets or stations from RadioTime area in Wunder Radio.



The sound quality of the wunder radio is excellent and the streams are continuous. However, if a stream breaks too much due to slow iPhone network, you can always change the bit rate to improve the stream. It is an actual radio app with thousands of on line radio stations that is different than other internet music sharing apps like Last.fm or Pandora.

Wunder Radio is full of internet radio stations, it covers almost every region in the world including many Arabic countries. Visit the Arabic iPhone application page to learn more.

Its ability to add internet radio stations manually, and its built in browser are exceptional. The ability to listen to internet TV audio is a great feature that treats TV audio as radio.

Moreover, the ability to link to iTunes with some stations, and the ability to play your radio in the background are also great features for a non jailbreak iPhone owners. The radio  possibilities of WunderRadio are endless.


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