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What is an iPhone?

Many of my friends and family ask me "What is an iPhone?" as they see me holding it. What is so special about it? isn't it just a phone? What is all this fuss about? They wonder.

They know how much I like to start an iPhone chat and they challenge me with those iPhone questions. So many question such as:
What is an iPhone 4, and what is the iPhone 4 antenna problem?
Why buy an iPhone? and what are the iPhone 4 features?
What is the difference between an iPad vs iPhone?

If you have ever asked what is an iPhone, you could think of the iPhone as a mini computer, that can run thousands of iPhone applications of different functions. What made this process so unique and easy on the iPhone is the ability to download and install those application from the iPhone itself with an iPhone data plan.

You simply connect to an online store called the App Store that has thousands of applications to choose from. You install them right from your iPhone with nothing else. Contradictory to other smart phones, where you had to connect to your computer first and then install your application on your computer, and then sync to your mobile device.

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Although, almost all smart phones are capable of internet access and have an MP3 player, the iPhone design and the simple to use iOS allows to do everything faster, more efficient, easy and in a fun to use way.


What is an iPhone main features?


  • It is a device that is reliably compatible with both PC's and Mac's running iTunes to to Sync to your computer..

"what is an iPhone?" is one of the iPhone questions that will continue to fill the internet iPhone chat rooms and will create debates for years to come. The iPhone is a device that revolutionized the cell phone industry just like the Apple iPod revolutionized the MP3 player industry in 2001. With the iPhone 4, Apple has started all over again setting a new standard and benchmark for smart phones for years to come.

People now look at smart phones differently, and now they expect a smart phone to do more than just phone calls. This sever competition is good; It will push Apple to invent and produce even more fantastic products from hardware and/or software in the future.


What is an iPhone 3G, and 3GS?

There are currently four versions of the iPhone although there might seem to be more because of variation in storage sizes.

iPhone 2G:

This is first iPhone that was introduced in June 2007, and it is usually referred to as iPhone 2G.

This iPhone used EDGE network for accessing the internet which was slow compared to 3G network which is twice as fast. It came with 4GB of storage capacity.

iPhone 3G:

Then in July 11th 2008, Apple introduced the iPhone 3G which had the faster 3G network vs the slower EDGE network and the addition of a GPS chip.

iPhone 3GS:

In June 17th 2009, Apple released the iPhone 3GS, which is faster and has more memory. It is capable of high quality video recording and editing. In addition, it has voice control and a digital compass. Click here to read the full iPhone specs.

What is an iPhone 3GS - iphone pictures


What is an iPhone 4:

Find out what is an iPhone 4 and what are the iPhone 4 featuresThe iPhone 4 is the forth generation iPhone and is the most powerful iPhone made to date. It was announced in the beginning of June 2010, and became available in June 23rd. You will notice a big jump between the first generation iPhone and iPhone 4 in every aspect starting with the iPhone design and style, the screen resolution known as the retina display and the hardware power.

The iPhone 4 features are so attractive that it sets again a new benchmark for new smart phones to come.


What is an iPhone With CDMA Support:

After four years of the original GSM iPhone, Apple made a new iPhone design that supports the CDMA network. This CDMA iPhone can be found on the Verizon network. Moreover, with the iPhone 4S, Apple made a world iPhone design that will work on any network whether it is CDMA or GSM.


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