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Springtomize 2

Springtomize 2 is yet another iPhone customization tool that allows you to modify almost anything in iOS 5. It takes full advantage of new iOS 5 features. For example, it can customize iOS 5 Notification Center by changing its color and transparency.

Springtomize 2 can easily replace at least 3 or 4 iPhone hacks that you probably have installed on your jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. You can reduce the size and the number of rows and columns of your iPhone icons, which are usually 2 hacks that have to be installed to do the same job.

Access springtomize settings in iOS 5With Springtomize 2 you can customize iPhone screen animation, lock screen, iPhone folders, status bar, and much more easily.

I will go through each of those features that are available in Springtomize 2 and I will show you how those iPhone tweaks work, and which ones are really useful.

The iPhone hack is divided into components, each one of the component shown below reflect full featured tweaks for that specific area. It basically covers about every component of iOS 5.

It is s available in Cydia for $2.99 but it is worth it since you would be saving on many other $0.99 hacks. After you install it, you can access all its features from Settings --> Springtomize.



As you open and close iPhone applications, or when you open an iPhone folder, you will notice some clever animations on those actions.

You can customize those animations with Springtomize. For example, you can modify the duration and the speed of the animation. Some of those animations are not really useful. Who would want to slow down the animations anyway.

Customize iPhone animations with Springtomize 2Customize iPhone animations with Springtomize 2

However, there are some cool effects that you could use when you lock you iPhone 4S. For example, you could make your iPhone locks like an old TV, and you can change the colore of this old tube TV. Moreover, the screenshot flash when you take a screenshot by pressing the home and power buttons at the same time, that flash color can be changed if you want.



This area is full of features that your iPhone 4S comes with by default. It is strange to disable any of those features from your iPhone 4S, but you might find a use for it.

Enable Panorama Capture:

There is one really really cool feature that is disabled by default on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but with Springtomize 2, you will be able to enable it. It is called Panorama. This feature will allow you to take panoramic pictures with your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S camera.

To enable or disable any of the features in this screen, you have to turn the master button "Custom Capabilities" ON. Then, you can turn on or Off whatever you select.

Take panoramic pictures with your iPhone 4S cameraTake panoramic pictures with iPhone 4S camera

Enabling Panorama allows you to take a panoramic picture. You can access the Panorama by going to your iPhone Camera, and tapping on Options, then Panorama.

iPhone 4S Camera optionsSpringtomize 2 iPhone 4s  panorama

A new screen will appear, that you probably never seen before with your iPhone 4S camera. The screen has a rectangle, and a line in the middle with an arrow that moves up and down as you move your iPhone down and up.

iPhone 4S Panorama CameraiPhone 4S panorama picture

Springtomize 2 iPhone 4S panoramaYou need to keep the iPhone vertical. The idea is that you are going to scan about 180 degrees of your environment by moving from left to right.

The arrow must always be on the line as you scan to get the best picture. Tap the camera button and start scanning your environment from left to right.

As you move in a steady speed keeping the arrow on the line, your picture will be captured in panorama!. The results are impressive, that I wonder why Apple disabled this cool feature.

Below is the panorama picture that was resulted from this scan. The more you keep the arrow on line with the center line, the better the picture, and the less black areas you will see at the top and bottom of the picture.

Springtomize 2 Panorama picture for iPhone 4S

You can then trim the top and bottom using the Crop function of iOS 5 camera application to clean the picture. The picture below was taken after some practice, and after using the crop feature of iOS5 camera.

Take panorama pictures with your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S running iOS 5 and using Springtomize 2



There are many iPhone icons hacks dedicated just to the Dock. With Springtomize 2, you could probably remove them all, and just use this single iPhone tweak. Five icon dock is one iPhone hacks that adds a fifth icon in the dock. With Springtomize 2, you can add up to ten icons in the dock. You can hide or show reflection, shadow, CoverFlow effect or even hide the dock all together.

Customize iphone dock with springomize 2customize the dock number of icons using springtomize 2

Moreover, you can customize the shape of the dock by making the icons look Concave, Convex, or Convex (Outside). The sliders allow you to control how much concavity on the icons, and their effects. You need to experiment with those sliders to find a satisfying curve for how many icons you choose.

Customize dock shape with springtomize 2change the iphone dock theme

The results are interesting as shown below.

Customize iPhone dock icons with springtomize 2iPhone dock sustomization with springtomize 2



Customize iPhone lockscreen with springtomize 2The default lock screen on the iPhone only provide you a way to unlock your iPhone, with some information like the date and time.

However, some iPhone tweaks like Lock Info could give the iPhone lock screen very useful appearance and features.

Springtomize 2 allows you to tweak some of the lock screen components like adding seconds to the time, and increasing the time until the iPhone screen dims.

Show Camera:

One of the nice features of iOS5 was the addition of a Camera icon right next to the lock screen slider. To activate the iPhone camera icon, you have to double click on the home button while you are in the lock screen. Springtomize 2 allows you to enable this camera icon by default. Therefore, you don't need to double press the home button anymore.

Lock Screen Dimming:

This could be useful if you have information displayed by LockInfro for example on the lock screen or if you have weather information on the lock screen. This delay could be very useful.

Custom Lock Screen Label:

If you move to the bottom of the Lockscreen page, you could also tweak the lock screen Slider in different ways. For example, you could hide the slider all together. Or you can add custom texts to the slider instead of the default "Slide to unlock". You can either enter any text you want, or select time, or time with AM/PM in the

Modify lockscreen with Springtomize 2Customize label for iPhone icons using Springtomize 2



iPhone icons on the iPhone are very basic. The number of icons per screen is fixed to 16 icons, the size of the icons is fixed, and iPhone folders also have some default values that could be changed and completely customized with Springtomize.

One of the most important iPhone customization is the icons customization. I had 2 or 3 iPhone hacks from Cydia just to customize the iPhone icons. However, Springtomize 2 could now eliminate many of those iPhone icons hacks.

Increase icons Per Page:

This is one of the most useful iPhone icons hack you should consider if you have many iPhone application that you like to show on one screen. You can choose up to ten icons per line, and up to five rows per page. This will give you a total of 50 icons per page!

Customise iPhone  icons  with Springtomize 2Customize iPhone icons number with springtomize

Reduce ions size:

This is a really cool feature available in Springtomize which is usually achieved by a separate iPhone hack. With Springtomize, you can tweak the size of iPhone icons on the home screens, on the iPhone dock, and in the iPhone task switcher.

Simply turn on the "Resize Icons" button and then tap on the "Size" below it to control the icon percentage size.

Resize iPhone icons with springtomize 2Customize iPhone icons size with Springtomize 2

The picture below show iPhone icons reduced in size to 30% !. Maybe this is too small, but you can adjust the size however you like in percentage.

Resize iPhone icons with Springtomize 2Resize iPhone icons with Springtomize 2 for iPhone 4S

Other options available are hiding specific iPhone icons from the iPhone screens. You can select to hide Newsstand, or you can select any iPhone application from the "Choose Icons" option.



iPhone folders are one of the most useful feature of iOS. The ability to drag and drop any icon inside a folder and organize your application with folders is one of the few iPhone customization available in iOS by default.

Springtomize 2 gives you more power to customize your folders. Many options are available, but the most useful one is the icon per line inside a folder.

Customize iPhone folders with Springtomize 2Iphone 4S folder customize


App Switcher:

The iPhone task switcher is a nice iOS feature that allows you switch between applications quickly. Simply double click on the home button to access the task switcher dock, and then slide left and right to scroll through the open applications, or scroll all the way to the left to access the Music application and the volume slider.

More icons in Task Switcher:

One important tweak of the task switcher is that you can increase the icons to ten icons per page. Moreover, you can enable the task switcher edit mode. Normally, to enable edit mode in task switcher, you have to tap and hold on an icon until they wiggle.

App switcher customization with springtomize 2iPhone task switcher customization

Then you can tap the minus sign to kill that app. Springtomize 2 allows you to enable editing on open, which means the minus sign will be shown once you activate the task switcher. This will make it faster to kill an application if needed. You can also change the volume slider to brightness slider at the bottom in the task switcher if you like.

Customize the task switcher with springtomizeTask switcher iPhone customization with Springtomize 2


Time Machine:

This area of Springtomize 2 allows you to backup and restore your settings. You can also enable "Automatic Backup".

Timemachine backup with springtomize 2 for iPhone 4STime machine backup with springtomize 2


Status Bar:

iPhone 4S status bar customization with Springtomize 2I personally like to show as much information on the task bar as it could hold.

But you could remove or disable some of those icons in the status bar that you don't want to see.

You could do many iPhone customization to the status bar by simply enabling and disabling some buttons using Springtomize 2.

You can change the carrier name to any thing you want. Also, you can customize the time that appears on the status bar and show your wifi network if you want.

Finally, you can hide the icons you don't want to see from the status bar. Simply tap the "ON/OFF" button to hide or show an icon.

Customize iPhone 4S status bariPhone customization of status bar



The iPhone home screens or pages can also be customized. For example, you can remove the nine page limit, disable spotlight, or hide the dots.

Status bar iPhone customization



iPhone Themes are very common in Cydia, where you can change the whole appearance of your iPhone using Winterboard, or DreamBoard. Springtomize 2 does have some theming, but not as much as Winterboard, or Dreamboard.

You can customize the fonts type, size and color in the Dock, or in the icon labels.

iPhone 4S sprngtomize 2 ThemingTheming with iPhone 4S springtomize 2

You can also change the opacity of the iPhone icons and the color of the clock on the lock screen. Moreover, you can have custom images for many of those components.

iPhone 4S theming with springtomize 2


Notification Center:

The iPhone notification center is one of the features that was introduced in iOS5 and iPhone 4S release. Springtomize 2 allows you to customize some of the notification center components. For example, you can change the notification background to transparent or Blurried. You can also choose up to thirty lines for any notification.

Notification center for springtomize 2Customize notification center with Springtomize 2 for iPhone 4S


Springtomize documentation for iPhone 4S customizationMore:

Finally, the "More" button allows you to read the documentation, see the settings files, and turn on and off other mobile substrate hacks that are already installed.

If you have any problem with Springtomize 2, the easiest thing to do is to tap the "Reset Defaults".

That is probably the only feature I would use in this screen.

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