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Locate iPhone Applications

It is very difficult to locate iPhone applications on the iPhone file system. Not only the applications have a strange name consisting of letters and numbers, but also each folder that contains an installed iPhone application changes its name randomly.

When you have a jailbrocken iPhone and have full access to your file system, you might need access to the applications folder to do a manual iPhone backup of your application preferences or settings, or for any other reason.


The iPhone Applications Folders:

There are two places where the iPhone stores its applications. The First place it stores applications is "/var/mobile/Application/"

iPhone tricks like Applink will create a shortcut with the name of the application.Any iPhone application in this folder will have a strange name which looks like a serial number.

Not only those folders give this strange combination of long letters and numbers but they are also random. So if you remember one folder or write it down to remember it one day, it will change in another day.

More over, if you have lots of applications, it will be almost impossible to locate those iPhone applications.

You have to open each folder individually to see its contents which is time consuming.

The other place to locate iPhone applications is "var/stash/Applications".

Locate iPhone applications on the iPhone file systemThis applications folder contains all the Pre installed iPhone applications such as App Store App, Maps, YouTube and iPhone Notes along with Cydia applications.

Those applications don't have the strange folder structure as the App Store ones, and the applications are called with their original names nicely.

Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions to the inconvenience of those strange folder names.

You can use iPhone hacks such as AppLink or use SBSettings which are both available for free in Cydia to tell you where exactly to locate iPhone applications.


1- Use Applink to create Applications Shortcuts:

iPhone tricks , use Applinks to make shortcuts of the iPhone applications nameInstall a cydia app called AppLink which is an iPhone hack that tricks and decode those names to their real names.

Then it makes a shortcut of the actual name of the iPhone Application and stores it in a directory called AppLinks in "/var/mobile/AppLinks/"

When you use an FTP client to access your iPhone file system, and browse to this location, you will find all the iPhone applications names pointing to the actual location that has the strange folder name.

2- Use Sbsettings App Folder:

One nice iPhone system trick to locate iPhone application in your iPhone is by using Sbsetting App Folders feature, which shows you all your installed applications on your iPhone.

To access App Folder, activate SBSettings by following the instructions in the SBSettings page and then tap the "More" button. Then slide down to "App Folders" to see all the applications installed in your iPhone.

If you tap on any of those applications, Sbsettings will show you the latest code and the location for that iPhone application.

iPhone tricks with sbsettingsFind the iPhone  Application code using  Sbsettings

You can then follow that path and match the code for the application you are looking for. For example, the picture above shows the path for an application called Ad Check.

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