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last.fm for iPhone

last fm icon iphonelast.fm for iPhone is a music streaming application that allows you to listen to internet radio online, much like a radio station but with the difference that you select your style of music and the application will recommend the music that best fits your style.

Then you have the option of adding the songs to your play list where you can access and purchase them online or continue to listen to random selection of songs from your style.

Last.fm for iPhone is a music sharing application, where you can create a Radio Station with a specific style and then share those songs from this style with friends and others of the lasfm network. It is different than other internet radio streaming apps like Wunderradio.

Others will know what style you like and what songs you have been listening to, and they can also listen to those songs.

last fm  sign up for iphoneThe first step with last.fm is to register for a free account on-line at lastfm. Click on Join, and fill out the form to create a login and password.

You can also sign up using last fm application for iPhone itself by tapping the Sign up button. Simply enter the information required to create an account.

When you start last.fm for iPhone, the first thing to do is to create a new station by tapping Start a New Station. Then, enter the name of the artist of your style you like to get recommendation for your station.

start a new station in last fm for iphonelast fm search for artist for iphone

The beauty of Last.fm is that it support international music, so I can select an Arabic artist and get recommendation for many Arabic songs. In this example, I enter a Lebanese artist called Haifa Wahbe. I just enter Haifa, and tap the search button, and then I get a list of available matches for that artist.

last fm arabic artist selectionlast.fm iphone buffering

You can see Haifa Wahbe is the first found match. Tap the name to start the Haifa Wahbe Radio. Buffering will start, and the music should start shortly. The buffering should be fast if you are connected through wifi.

Once the internet radio starts playing, a picture of the artist album will show on the screen. Many options are available on this screen. First, you can tap on the picture to zoom it to fill the screen.

lastfm iphone music start screeniphone last fm arabic artist picture screen

The heart button allows you to add a song to your favorite.

Tapping the button with the down arrow gives many choices. You can  Share, Tag, Add to Playlist, and finally Buy a song on iTunes.


lastfm iphone add to playlistlastfm iphone playlist

My favorite option here is the Add to Playlist button. Tap this button to add a song to your playlist that you can later access from your computer by logging to your web page account. From this screen you can also create a new Playlist by tapping the plus button at the top right.

last.fm iphone skip a songIf you don't like a song, you can simply tap the forward button to skip it to the next random song of a similar style.

Tap the Stop button to stop the song from playing.

Moreover, tap the i button at the top right to get more information about the artist.

last.fm more information about artistThis screen gives a brief history about the artist, and how many records he or she has. It tells you the country of origin and much more information.

You can also access links to external sources about the artist that will open in iPhone Safari leaving last.fm.

At the bottom of the screen there are more options. For example, you can see the tags to find this station, find Similar Artists, Events, and Top Listeners.

The most interesting option is the Similar Artist button which will list all similar artist, and then you can tap on any of the artist to listen to that internet radio station.

Arabic radio on the iPhonelastfm iphone top listeners

Also, Top Listeners button allow you view who are the people who listen to this artist most. Then you can tap on his/here name and go to their internet radio station, and see what artists they listen to, and listen to their styles.

last.fm iphone profileBack to the home screen, tap the Profile button at the bottom to access your Top Artists, Top Albums where you can buy the album, or Top Tracks to buy the tracks that you have been adding to your playlist.

You can also review your recently played songs and also see your friends profile.

Tap the Recently Played button to see what you have listened to recently, and then you can tap on any artist in the list to perform further actions on the selected song.

lastfm iphone profilelast.fm iphone now playing


last.fm more options on recently playedOnce you select a song, you can mark it as Love Track or Ban Track.

The Share button allows you to send an email to all lastfm friends, or send an email manually to friends telling them about the track.

Also, you can add the track to your Playlist, Tag it or Buy  it from the  iTunes music store.

Tap the Now Playing at any time to go back to the music playing control screen.


Last.fm for iPhone is one of my best internet radio applications for the iPhone. The sound quality is excellent, and it even plays good over Edge network. However, sometimes if the connection is weak, you will have long time buffering and interruptions while listening to radio stations.

Although last.fm for iPhone application for sharing music, I don't personally use it to share music. I just create a radio station to listen to random music in a style that I pick. I think this is really cool specially listening to international music like Arabic music, and of course it is free unless you decide to buy the songs. Also check out the Arabic iPhone applications page if you are interested to find more Arabic language and arabic radio applications in the App Store.


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