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Japan iPhone TV Tuners

The 1Sig iPhone TV tuners was one of the first TV tuners to come out for the iPhone. Unfortunately, it was designed to work only in Japan. It uses the 1Seg TV broadcast which is only available in Japan, and therefore, the following options are unique to Japan only.

1Seg TV Tuner for Japan:

1-sig tv digital tuner for iphoneThe 1Seg TV tuner for iPhone is a very unique device that works differently than other TV tuners. Most iPhone TV tuners work by receiving TV signals through the air, or through other external video sources connected to the TV tuner.

The TV tuner then receives the video signal from the connected video source and displays it on the computer screen.

The 1Seg TV tuner works by receiving TV signal from air, and transmitting it directly to the iPhone through wifi. Therefore, there is no additional hardware or a PC required.

Softbank, the exclusive iPhone carrier in Japan introduced the 1-Seg TV tuner that serves the Japanese public. Click here to read more.

This Method allows people in Japan to watch live broadcast TV on their iPhone using a device that is about the same size as the iPhone itself and is built in an antenna. This device receives the 1-seg broadcast which is a Japan TV signal from the air wave, and then it transmits it to the iPhone though wifi.

one sig tv digital tv tuner iphoneTo control the device, you install an iPhone application provided by the local App Store in Japan and connects your iPhone to the One Seg TV tuner through the iPhone wifi.

You can simply place the TV tuner in your bag or pocket while watching the 1-seg TV over wifi. It also works as an iPhone battery extender if it is connected to the iPhone dock as shown in the picture.


The Seg Clip (Japan):

The Seg Clip is another iPhone TV tuner that is from another company called IO Data. It is also based in Japan and works by receiving 1Seg signals in Japan.

The Seg Clip 1Seg Digital Tuner is a USB device with an antenna. It receives 1Seg broadcast straight from the air and transmits it through wifi to any nearby desktop computer or laptop. Then you can watch the 1Seg live TV broadcast on your computer screen.

This Seg clip works the same as the 1Seg TV tuner with the difference that it is not portable. This means that you are restricted to watch TV on iPhone or other computers through your local wifi network only.

With a free iPhone application called TVPlayer available from the local App Store in Japan, you can access this 1Seg TV signal on your iPhone. Once you connect to the 1Seg Clip using wifi, you will start receiving the 1Seg signal directly to your iPhone. Then you can record the TV and and play it later anywhere with TVPlayer app.

Since this option is not portable because you have to plug the clip to a USB port, it is not an attractive solution for iPhone users. It might be a good option for watching TV on your laptop or commuter at home, but you can't watch TV outside of your local wifi network.

I-O data sig clip for iPhoneIt is very important that you have the ability to watch your live TV on iPhone over 3G networks, or other public wifi networks. So that you can watch TV anywhere in the world.

Therefore, make sure you have this ability when shopping for an iPhone TV tuner. It is really pointless to watch live TV with your iPhone only in your local wifi range. Why not just watch the TV on the computer screen itself instead! Visit the SlingPlayer page to learn about other options of watching TV on your iPhone from anywhere in the world.

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