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iPhone RDP Clients

iPhone RDP clients are iPhone network applications that allow you to gain full control of your PC. They allow you to control your PC screen and have full access to your PC files right from your iPhone. With an iPhone RDP client you can even stream your sound from your PC to your iPhone.

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a method of controlling your PC using an RDP client which is a proprietary of Microsoft and therefore works only on PC's running Windows. Visit iPhone VNC viewers if you are looking to control a Mac or other platforms from your iPhone or iPhone 4.

There are many RDP clients in the App Store. Jaadu RDP ($24.99) is one of the best RDP clients for the iPhone.

iPhone network applications like Jaadu RDP allow you to ontrol your PC  similar  to an iPhone VNC client but with more features

iTap RDP is another good iPhone RDP client that cost $11.99 while Remote Desktop Lite is a free RDP client that are available in the App Store.

An RDP client gives more control and more features over your PC compared to an iPhone VNC viewer as the protocol is developed by Microsoft and designed to work only on Windows operating systems.

With an RDP client you can adjust your PC resolution from your iPhone for example which gives better control and less zooming in and out.


Advantages of RDP Client Over VNC Client:

There are several advantages of using an iPhone RDP client if you have a PC. One important advantage is that the resolution is independent of your actual PC which means that you can adjust your screen resolution on the iPhone regardless of what resolution you have on your actual PC.

Therefore, you can set your RDP client resolution to match your iPhone 4 retina display for example to 960x480 and get full screen remote display at the best resolution possible on your iPhone. Your PC could still have its independent resolution of 1024 x 768 for example.

Once you quit the iPhone RDP client, your PC resolution stays at it current resolution without being affected with your remote resolution on the iPhone. Therefore, the iPhone RDP resolution and the PC resolutions are independents. This is not possible with a VNC client on the iPhone.

Use Jaddu RDP for iPhone to control your PC- iPhone VNC ClientiPhone RDP is similar to an iPhone VNC client but for PC with more options

Another big advantage of an RDP client is the ability to stream audio from your PC to your iPhone or iPhone 4, and the ability to control the quality of the audio stream to improve frame rate performance. Again, this feature is not possible with an iPhone VNC client, as the VNC can only display the screen of your Mac or PC but no audio.


Port Forwarding:

One of the obstacles with any remote desktop application is the ability to control your Mac or PC from anywhere in the world.

iPhone network with an iPhone RDP client requires you to enter your computer IP addressMost RDP clients like Jaadu RDP will automatically discover all your local computers connected to your local wifi network given that those computers have an RDP server installed and running. However, if you are outside your wifi network, and want to remote control your PC over EDGE or 3G network, then you must set IP forwarding on your router.

Like any iPhone network application, you can remote control your PC from anywhere in the world by setting up port forwarding on your router. The port for RDP clients is 3389 which needs to be opened in order to allow access from outside.

Moreover, similar to any iPhone VNC viewer, with an RDP client for the iPhone you must enter your computer IP address to do this.

Therefore, you must know your IP address which means that if your IP address is dynamic which also means that it could change, then you will not be able to login to your computer unless you find your IP address somehow.


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