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iPhone Notes

iPhone tips and tricks with iPhone notesiPhone Notes is one of the default iPhone applications that comes pre installed with every iPhone. It can be used to type any kind of notes that you like to be backed up on your Mac or PC.


Although there are many other iPhone applications that allow you to take notes, iPhone notes is unique as it comes pre installed by Apple and it sync with iTunes by default which is the biggest advantage over other third party ones.

Notes generally is fast and opens quickly. it is specially useful when you are talking on the phone and want to write a quick note and don't have a pen and paper.

You can quickly switch to Notes while you are on the phone and start typing your notes. Of course, it is best to put the iPhone to speaker mode so you can type while listening to your party.

To create a new note, just tap the plus button at the top right corner, and a new blank note page will open. You can start typing in either portrait or landscape mode. To edit an existing note, just tap its name from the list of available notes you have, and start adding to it. When you are done tap the DONE button.

iPhone applications, iPhone NotesCopy and paste with this iphone tips and tricks

You can also search your notes. just type the search keyword in the search box and Notes will find the note that contains the search word.


iPhone Notes Tricks:

iPhone notes can recognize email, web sites, and phone numbersNotes like other built in iPhone applications can recognize phone numbers, websites, emails, and addresses.

Therefore, after you enter a note with such information as an email address, or a phone number and tap done, this information will be displayed with a line underneath it indicating that it is a link.

This link means that you can send this information to other iPhone applications which is one of the most powerful feature in Notes and other pre installed iPhone applications.

You don't have to type the information again, or copy and paste it to another application.

The email address for example, will automatically go to its correct location in your contacts email area, and the phone number will go to the right place in phone numbers.

I use Notes app mainly to take quick notes of such information when I don't have time to open my Contacts application and search for my contact. I write the information quickly in iPhone Notes, and then use the integration feature to send the information to iPhone Safari, iPhone Mail or iPhone contacts which places the information in the right location in my iPhone. Visit the iPhone Tips and Tricks page more iPhone tricks.


How to use iPhone Notes link:

Tap and hold on a website from Notes, and you get the option to copy the url or open it in in iPhone Safari.

If you tap on a phone number, you get other sets of useful options like calling the number, generate an SMS text message to that phone number, creating a new contact with that phone number, or adding the phone number to an existing contact.

write website notes with iPhone  notesPhone numbers with iPhone notes

Also if you tap and hold an email address, you can open the iPhone email application to create a new email to that email address. Moreover, you can create a new contact information with that email address or add the email address to an existing contact.

You can apply the same method with any physical address link you have in notes. If you tap on an home address for example, the options will be a little different and you will have the option to open that address in Google Maps application.

iPhone notes email tips and tricksAdd addresses automatically to maps and contacts from iPhone Notes

If you have a GPS iPhone hack called "Navigate from Maps", you will be able to direct your address to your favorite iPhone GPS application installed on your iPhone such as Navigon, TomTom, Sygic, iGo MyWay, or any other GPS application from the App Store. Then you can get turn by turn voice notification to that address.



Although, there are many iPhone applications that are designed to take notes, the simple integration of the default Notes application with other iPhone applications such as iPhone Safari, iPhone Mail, Contacts, Google Maps, YouTube and the ability to sync those notes with iTunes makes iPhone Notes the perfect iPhone application for taking quick notes.

The information can then be organized with ease, and can be backed up to your computer using iTunes. Also, Notes can link to notes from other accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, and others. You can select which account's note you want to display, or you can select to display all notes from all accounts.


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