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iPhone icons

iPhone icons are small squares of different pictures that represent iPhone applications installed on your iPhone. They exist on the iPhone home screens and can move from one home screen to another.

To add an icon to your home screen simply go to the App Store, and install an application, its icon will be displayed on your home screen which means an application has been installed on your iPhone.

To move an icon from one home screen to another, tap and hold on it, once it starts wiggling, then you can tap and slide it to the left or right to move it to an adjacent home screen. The iPhone can have up to 9 home screens.

By default each home screen on the iPhone can hold 20 icons. That is 16 home screen icons, and 4 iPhone dock icons. However with some iPhone icons hacks you can get up 50 iPhone icons per home screen or even more using something like Springtomize 2.


Arranging iPhone Icons:

As the iPhone home screens becomes cluttered with icons, they  become difficult to arrange, and the icons start to move around from one screen to another.

Fortunately, Apple updated iTunes to include a feature of arranging your icons right in iTunes, and syncing those arrangement with the iPhone. So you won't loose the locations of your icons.

itunes  iphone icones arranger

Moreover, later in 2010 with the introduction of the iPhone 4, Apple introduced Folders which is an iPhone 4 feature added to iOS4. iPhone Folders allow you to have more control and customization of your icons. You can organize and categorize your icons and move them to Folders that you can easily name.

Use the iPhone Dock to Arrange Icons:

original iphone iconsImagine having 5 or 6 home pages of icons, and you want to move one icon from the first page to the last page quickly!.

This would require you to tap and hold on the icon on the first page and then move your finger to the edge of the screen to the right until you reach the sixth page.

If you accidentally remove your finger, the icon would drop on whatever page, and then you have to repeat the process again.

One tricks I found useful in this situation is to arrange the icons using your iPhone dock.

The trick here is to use the dock as a temporary icon holder because the dock doesn't move when you flip from one home screen to another.

First, you need to empty one or more of the four iPhone dock icons as shown below. Then, use this empty space as a holder for any new icons you want to move.

move iphone iconsmove new iphone icons

Once you fill this empty iPhone dock space with the new iPhone icon you want to move, you can then flip to the target page quickly while the icon is still in the dock. Finally, move the icons from the iPhone dock to the target home screen as shown below. This trick will work with both icons and folders.

new iphone icons in placemove iphone icone to new position

You can see the final result where the new icons are moved from the dock to the new target position in the new home screen.

Now, you have 2 empty spots in the dock, that you can use again to move more icons or folders, or you can go back to the first home screen, and put the original icons back to their original place in the iPhone dock as you can see below.

move to new iphone pageoriginal iphone icons


Deleting an iPhone Icon:

Deleting an icon means removing or uninstalling an iPhone application. To do that, simply tap and hold on the icon you want to remove until it wiggles. Then, tap the (x) sigh that appears at the top left corner of the icon. The icon and the application will be permanently removed from your iPhone.

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