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iPhone Icons Hacks

iPhone icons are those little 57 x 57 pixels square images that graphically describe the function of an iPhone application. When you have lots of applications installed on your iPhone, you will have lots of those icons on your home screen.

iPhone icons after shrinking

Each app has its own icon picture or symbol. When you download an app from the App Store or Cydia, the icon for that app will be mounted on the home screen after the download is finished.

When you tap the icon, the app will start. Memorizing the shape or the image of the iPhone icons can give you a quick visual indication of where it is as you glance through your apps.

After you run an app several times a day, you will be able to find it faster than before by glancing quickly through the icons on your home screens.


Default icons actions:

Combine and move iPhone icons in bulk with icon mover hack for the iPhoneThere is not much modification you can do with the iPhone icons up until iPhone OS3. You can only move icons around from one home screen to another.

If you want to uninstall an app from your iPhone, you can tap and hold any icon until all icons start wiggling indicating that you can either move or remove an iPhone icon.

Tap the x at the top left of the icon, and the icon will disappear from your iPhone. That is all you can really do with the default icons on the iPhone.

However, with a jailbroken iPhones, you can do much more. All the following hacks for the icons are free and available in Cydia.


More and more icons:

One advice with those iPhone icons hacks is that you shouldn't apply contradicting or duplicating icons hacks at the same time to avoid conflicts. Just use one by one until you get what you want. If you experience a problems, then just uninstall the last hack. Or you can use a single iPhone hack called Springtomize 2 which is an all in one tool to tweak your icons.


Five Column SpringBoard:

five-column-springboardThis iPhone hack adds more icons to your home screen by squeezing the icons closer together and adding a fifth column for each of your home screens.


This one allows you to have five rows of icons instead of 4 not including the iPhone dock which is the last fixed row.


infiniboard is an iPhone hack that gives you the ability to add as many acons as you want to the spring boardThis iPhone icons hack allow you to put as many icons in any home screen as you want.

You can then flip through the icons by scrolling up and down besides the normal left and right scrolling. This is one of the coolest iPhone hacks.

7x7springboard is an iPhone icons hack that give you 49 icons per screen instead of 16 iPhone icons7x7SpringBorad:

This is an iPhone hack that combines two hacks in one. It gives you 7 rows, and 7 columns, giving you a total of 49 iPhone icons per home screen.

You can see how crowded the picture on the right is. However, with the use of another icons hack called Shrink, you can make those icons fit your screen much better. Read about Shrink below.

iPhone Folders:

With the introduction of the iPhone 4, a new iPhone 4 feature was introduced with iOS 4 called Folders. iPhone folders is an easy way to organize your iPhone icons and categorize them into folders. It is one of the best iOS4 features, and with some iPhone hacks like FolderEnhancer you can dramatically improve the performance of Folders to a great degree.


More iPhone Dock Icons:

five icons dock allows you to have 5 icons in the iphone dockThe iPhone dock is the last row of icons on the iPhone springboard or home screens. When you move from one home screen to another, the iPhone dock doesn't move. It comes with four icons by default, and is used for quick access to your most common applications.

Five icon dock:

With this hack, you can have 5 iPhone dock icons as shown on the picture on the right.


This is a very cool iPhone hack that allows you to have as many icons as you want in the iPhone dock area. It doesn't squeeze the icons together, but it just place them next to each other in an infinite long row of icons. Then you can swipe your finger to scroll horizontally left and right as shown in the picture above.


Shrink Icons Size:

This is a cool hack called Shrink. It is useful when you have 5 or more columns of icons. You will see that the icons will become too crowded and they will overlap with each other. Shrink allows you to change the size of the icons and give you spaces between them which will improve appearance.

Shrink iPhone iconsfive-column-springboard

Both pictures above have the same number of iPhone icons. They both have 5 rows and 5 columns of icons. You can see that with this iPhone icons hack, the icons on the left picture are smaller and have more spacing in between than the icons on the right.

When you install Shrink from Cydia, you can set it up from the iPhone settings. You can select the icon size percentage you want to shrink to. You can go as small as 25% as shown in the picture below.

Shrink allows you to reduce the iPhone icons size up to 25%Shrink iPhone icons up to 25% to make more room


Combine icons:

Combine and move iPhone icons in bulk with icon mover hack for the iPhoneDid you ever want to move 2 or more icons from one home screen to another? You usually have to do it the annoying way by moving one icon at a time. You know how time consuming this is.

MultiIconMover is the solution. It allows you to select as many icons as you want and move them all at the same time as a group from one home screen to another.

After you install the hack, you can simply tap and hold on any of the home screen icons until they wiggle as normal. Then, you can tap on multiple icons to select them.

A red check mark will appear at the bottom right corner of the icons you selected indicating that they are added to the group. Now you can simply slide to your target page and press the home button. All the selected icons will pop in the new location.


Springtomize 2:

This iPhone tweak combines many of the iPhone icons hacks covered in this page in a single tool. Springtomize 2 takes advantage of the iOS 5 and iPhone 4S features and cost only $2.99 from Cydia.



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