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iPhone email

The iPhone email application is one of the default apps that comes pre-installed on the iPhone and iPhone 4. The email feature of the iPhone is one of the most used function for most iPhone users.

I use the email app several times through out the day to check my email. The nice thing about the email app for the iPhone is that it is very simple to set up and it supports many of the free email services such as Yahoo, Google, and MSN.

In this page, I will go through setting up the iPhone email application for Gmail, and I will show you some of the most interesting and useful features of this App.

You can use the same procedure to set up any of the other emails given that you already have an account.

Adding a new email Account:

To add an account in the iPhone email application, you have to open the Settings app from the home screen. Then go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars button.

iphone email settingsmobile mail iphone add account

In this screen you will see all your email accounts if you have any already. Then to add a new account, tap the Add Account button.

iphone email other accountsThis screen has the major email services available. However, if you want to add something else, you can tap the Other button to manually set up an email account.

In this page I will show you how to set up one of the free major email services like Gmail.

iphone email gmail accountTap the Gmail button, and enter your name, address, password, and description of the new account, and then tap the Save button.

A new account will be created. Now you can go to the iPhone email app to access all your created accounts.

iphone email accounts Open the iPhone email application and go to accounts to see all active accounts in your list.

Simply select an account to see all emails from that account.

As any email application, you will see all your email directories.

Tap the Inbox button to see all your emails in your inbox.

iphone email inboxiphone email inbox


iPhone email Setup:

In the Settings app, there are some useful features that can make browsing your email more efficient. For example, you can choose how many messages to be displayed per screen. You can have a minimum of 25 messages and a maximum of 200 messages.

iphone email message optionsiphone email messages


iphone email number of linesThe preview button allow you to select how many lines of the message to be displayed. You can have 1 line per message or 5 lines per message.

I like to see 5 lines so I don't have to open the full message, this gives me an idea what the email is about, and I can either open it to read the details or just delete it.

You can also choose your font size, small or up to Giant.

iphone email font sizemobile email for iPhone


iphone email more settingsOther nice features that might interest you are the Signature, and the setting the Default Account.

The Signature is an automatic addition to the end of your sent email. For example, you can add your name, or company name, so that whenever you send an email it is always addressed.

Here I have "Sent from my iPhone", so whoever receives the message will know it was sent from an iPhone.

Setting the Default Account assigns that account to the email you send. You can choose any email account that you have, so the person who receives your email, will reply to you through the default email that you specify.

Starting the iPhone email App:

iphone email iconTap the iPhone email application, and then tap the Inbox button. You will see the five lines per message effect you selected in Settings and a list of your email messages per your Settings from the above section.


Tap the Edit button at the top of the email messages. You will see a Delete button and a Move button at the bottom.

Tap on the emails that you want to delete or move, and a check mark will show up on the left of the email as shown.

If you tap Delete, you will move the selected emails to trash, while if you tap move, you can then select any of the email directories to move the selected emails to.

iphone email edit menuemail iPhone


iphone email deleteYou can also Delete an email by simply sliding your finger across it. A red delete button will appear allowing you to delete the email.

Slide you finger again if you change your mind and you want to keep the email. If the email is deleted, it will go to your Trash folder.

If you want to move an email from the trash back to your inbox, open the trash folder, and then tap the message to open it. More icons will appear at the button. Tap the Folder icon and select your new location. Select Inbox to move it back to Inbox.

iphone email message in trashiphone email move message from trash to inbox

Tap on a message that you want to read to expand it. In this screen you have more options. Tap the Detail button shown to see more details about the message. You can also tap the Mark as Unread so you can see the message as unread next time. The Up and Down arrows allow you to skip forward or backward through your messages.

iphone email expand messageiphone email new message


iphone email add an addressTo create a new message, simply tap the icon with the pen at the bottom right

In this screen you can type the email addresses or tap the plus button to add emails from your iPhone Contacts App.

iphone email more optionsAt the bottom, there are  5 buttons. The refresh button forces get new emails.

The folder button allows to move the email to another folder.

The trash button allows you to delete a message, while the arrow allows you to reply or forward your the message.

Tap the Left Arrow to reply to an email. Yon will get a menu with different choices depending on the attachments to an email. If there is no attachment to the email, you will get a menu with options to Reply, Reply All or Forward. 

iphone email reply to messageiphone email forward message


iphone email include attachementsTapping the Forward button gives you two more options if you have attachments to the message. You can select to Include or not Include the attachments.

iphne email save picturesIf the email has picture attachments, tapping the arrow button gives an additional option which is to Save Images.

If there are more than one picture, and more than one email address in the reply, the menu will count how many images to save, and gives you the option to reply to all.

iphone email save an imageTaping and holding on a picture attachment will display another menu with two options.

You can Save Image or copy. The save image option will save the image to your iPnone camera roll inside your iPhone photo application.

The Copy option will copy the image to memory, and then you can paste it in any iPhone application.

Generally, all the images that you save from email attachments will automatically go to your iPhone photo application.

You can see the pictures by opening the iPhone photo application.

The mail application can also be viewed in landscape mode, which makes it easier to Type.

iPhone email

One of problems that you will find with the iPhone email application is that you can't download iPhone email attachments and save them locally on your iPhone by default. However, there are some iPhone hacks like AttachmentSaver, iFile, and some other third party iPhone applications that allow you to save your email attachments to your iPhone.

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