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iPhone Design

The iPhone design is so sleek that other smart phones look dull next to it. Not like other companies, Apple pays great attention to appearance, style and quality. The iPhone and all other Apple products are eye catching that you just want to hold them in your hand or own one.

The iPhone 4 quality has been the best compared to other smart phones as shown in the chart below. To Apple, appearance and quality of the iPhone design is as important as the power and design of the hardware.

iPhone design is the most robust in smart phones

This attention to quality and details in both hardware and software is missing from most smart phone manufacturers. Apple is the only company that design both the hardware and software running on the iPhone.

While other companies might focus on ways to beat the iPhone hardware, it is almost impossible to achieve the level of quality and performance of Apple products simply because of the big gap between company's that makes the hardware, and the operating system running on the smart phone.

For example, there are hundreds of smart phones from different companies that run Android OS but not one company that makes both the phone and the operating system like Apple with the iPhone. Therefore, it is very important for Apple to build with quality, and that is why it is ahead of the competition.


History of Apple Design:

By simply looking at the history of apple design, you will see that the iPhone design is driven from an Apple design philosophy of being simple. Apple was the first company to make an all-in-one unit personal computer in 1985.

The history of Apple design vs old IBM computers is repeating itself again with the iPhone vs other Android smart phones. Although, Apple computers market share is small compared to PC's, it is the quality not the quantity that is really important.

apple design history is a driving factor for new  iPhone design apple design history vs IBM drives the iphone design

Simplicity is the most important factor in all Apple products. For example, Apple was the first company to eliminate the floppy drive from its computers in the iMac series.

Apple design was always attractive and eye catchingiPhone design like any apple design is sleek

Moreover, the Apple mouse is unique and simple with one button compared to mice with 2 and three buttons for PC's.

Apple one mouse button design is a simple design philosophyIBM two button mouse compared to one button mouse apple design

Another example of style importance is the iMac. Apple introduced colored iMacs in 1998. For example, you were able to choose from 5 eye catching iMac colors while other computer companies didn't care much about such a unique feature in a computer.

Apple design is attractive to the eye and the iPhone design as well

This same philosophy of appearance and style drove the iPod Nano series of MP3 players. You were able to select the color of your iPod Nano mp3 player while the rest of mp3 players lacked this unique style. The iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle come with a big selection of rainbow colors that are so attractive to the eye. This appearance strategy has been very successful for Apple as people get attracted to the colors and style of the product design, and then they start looking at what is inside and the features which then makes them simply impressed with the simplicity of the product.

apple design

The iPad was the first multi touch tablet to be introduced to the public. Its style and design again plays a great factor in its sale beside the ease and simplicity of he iOS running on it. The iPad sat a new category of computers called tablets.

The sleek Apple design of the iPad, and the simplicity of its use is the driving factor for its sale

The iPhone Design:

The iPhone by design follows the same Apple style philosophy of uniqueness and simplicity. For example, the iPhone has only one big home button similar to a one button mouse design. A sleep button is located at the top, and volume buttons are located on the side. It has no physical keyboard, because the philosophy of the iPhone is to be a multi touch device with the least number of physical buttons.

iPhone design comparison to iPhone 2G and 3G

Android OS phones on the other hand have more buttons on the front which could be a little confusing to a simple end user.

iPhone design with one home button vs Android with several buttonsiphone design and apple design vs android phonesiphone design is simple while Android phones come with many buttons in the frontThe iPhone design come with one home button while Android OS phones come with many buttons which could be confusing

The style of the iPhone 4 is a clear attraction. It was planned to have two colors white and black with a sleek metal band around it that also work as an iPhone 4 antenna. The iPhone 4 was the thinnest smart phone of its time and was built of high strength glass on the front and back. The iPhone 4 features were also attractive with retina display, and many iOS enhancements.

White iPhone designiphone design is a sleek apple design

Therefore, The concept of iPhone 4 design and simplicity didn't change from iPhone 2G/3G and 3GS. Of course the hardware improved by adding a Gyroscope, LED flash light for the iPhone camera, and an impressive high resolution Retina display, but the simplicity and and style of the iPhone 4 stayed an important target.



From the history of Apple design, you could see that apple always introduce something new and unique to the world. In every iPhone release, you will find an enhancement that didn't exist before.

For example, Apple introduced the first touch screen phone in the initial release of the iPhone. As competition started to become aggressive, Apple introduced the iPhone 4 which had the highest resolution in a Phone called the retina display and it was also the thinnest smart phone ever.

The App Store was the first online application store that has over 500,000 iPhone applications.

The iPhone 2G designAs the iPhone design change and improve, the iPhone dock stay the same from one generation to another. This allows you to use the same iPhone accessory you already have on new generation iPhones.

With the consistent iPhone design, you keep your current iPhone cables to connect iPhone to your TV. You can use the same iPhone headphones, or iPhone speakers. IF you have an iPhone charger, it will most probably work fine with any iPhone you have. iPhone bluetooth headsets should also work on any bluetooth iPhone.

The iPhone case on the other hand is one of the first thing you might have to replace just because of the iPhone shape and size usually change by design. iPhone 4 cases can't fit iPhone 2G/3G/3GS or vice versa because of the new iPhone 4 style for example.

This integration between Apple products from iPhones, iPads, and Apple Computer is the key to amazing products such as the Apple TV. The Apple TV gives you the ability to connect all those iDevices together with iOS AirPlay. This kind of integration is only possible by a single company Apple that design both the hardware and software.

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