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iPhone Camera Hacks

iPhone camera hacks are little tweaks available in Cydia for jailbroken iPhones that improve the performance and speed of your camera.

The iPhone camera is great and Apple improved the camera in each iPhone release. The iPhone 4S comes with a 5MP camera, and the iPhone 5 comes with 8MP and comes with an ambient light sensor. Future iPhone are continuing this trend of higher MP to 13MP and above.

Therefore, the iPhone camera is a very useful hardware feature and with some jailbreak tweaks, and some iPhone hacks, you have the chance to improve your iPhone camera experience even more.

There are many iPhone camera hacks that do many little but useful things to to the iPhone camera. It is best to use those hacks and tweaks with an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 camera.

For example, There are many iPhone camera hacks that give you quick access to the camera where ever you are on your iPhone. Suppose you are browsing the internet or reading your emails, and all the sudden you want to take a quick photo of something.

Pressing the home button, and then searching for the camera app and waiting until it opens, takes sometime that the seen you want to capture has already gone, and it is too late.

With some cool iPhone camera hacks from Cydia, you can quickly open the iPhone camera and capture what you want by opening the camera app using an activator action. Or maybe, you can use another hack that captures the photo right away.

Moreover, with a iPhone hack, you can use the video button on your camera to record a video and turn on the flash on or off on the fly while recording.


InstantCamera is an iPhone hack that allows you to open the iPhone camera app quickly from anywhere by assigning it to an Activator action or gesture.

For example, I assign InstantCamera to a double tap at the status bar on my iPhone 5. Therefore, while I am in the middle of reading an email or doing something, I can open the camera app by double tapping the status bar.

Then, I can take a picture right away. This is of course much faster than pressing the home button to close the email app, and then opening the camera app.

Also, this hack opens the camera app a little bit quicker than the default camera button.


Quick shoot is an iPhone camera hack that allows you to capture a quick photo without even opening the camera app at all. This is the quickest way of capturing a photo on the iPhone.

It is designed to help you capture the moment that you really need your iPhone camera really quickly.

You would simply either double tap the camera icon, or perform an assign Activator action to capture the photo.

The Camera will not open, but you will see your iPhone screen flashing and a sound indicating that you have captured a picture. you can also use this camera hack to capture video using the same technique. Simply triple tap on the camera icon, or other qualified icons to quickly start video recording.

The camera button will show a red dot to indicate a picture capture, or a blinking red dot indicating a continuous video capture.

You will then find the picture and video in your iPhone photo application in camera roll.

record n torch iphone hack that adds flash lightRecord 'n' Torch:

This is one of the most useful iPhone camera hacks I found in the Cydia store.

One annoying fact when capturing a video with your iPhone is that you have to start the flash before you start your video.

You can't turn on or off the flash while recording a video.

Therefore, you have to stop the video, turn the flash on or off, and then record video again.

Record 'n' Torch allows you to turn the flash on or off while recording the video. You can do this as many times as you want without stopping your video.

If you are in a dark area, you can simply tap the flash button shown on the top left corner to turn it on, and once you move to a brighter area, you can simply tap the flash button again to turn it off.


iPhone cameraTweaksThis is one of the best camera hacks you can get for your iPhone. It simply adds what is missing to the stock iPhone camera app.

For example, you can manually adjust the Focus, and Exposure.

Also, a new button is added to the camera app that allows you to add a timer.

The timer is nice when you use the front camera to capture a picture while giving your self time to adjust the phone angle.

In the picture on the right, you will see the exposure circle, and the focus square.

By moving the exposure circle around the screen you can adjust your brightness.

If you move the exposure to a dark area, the photo will be brighter. Or if you move it to a bright area, the picture will become darker.

Also, the new button allows you to access a new menu that has the Timer settings, and when you are in video mode, you can select the video resolution you want.


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