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iPhone 5s Camera

The iPhone 5s camera has many improvements over the iPhone 5 camera in both hardware and software in the OS 7 camera app.

Almost every component in the camera hardware starting from the lens and sensor to the pixel size and aperture have changed and improved.

iPhone 5s camera aperture

iOS 7 for example comes with a brand new iPhone camera app that adds even further enhancements such as filters and many other features to improve the picture in real time.

Besides the iPhone 5s camera takes advantage of the faster and more powerful Apple A7 64-bit processor, and the improved dual true tone flash light.

Although more pixels is good, Apple thinks that keeping the same mega pixels but making the pixels bigger to allow more light makes the image look better. Therefore, the iPhone 5s still has 8 MP camera but 1.5 micron pixels that allow 33% more light, and also a wider f/2.2 aperture with a 15% larger sensor.

All of this gives sharper image in low light.


True Tone Flash:

Apple seem to focus more on low light on the iPhone 5s by adding another LED flash light. This second LED flash light is amber in color, and when you take a picture in low light, the first flash light starts, and measures the current light temperature. then the second true tone amber flash light come on, choosing between thousands of color combination to give the best and most balanced color image for the skins, and light.

iPhone 5s true tone flash

Moreover, in low light the iPhone 5s uses a new auto image stabilization. It immediately and intelligently takes 4 photos, and merge them to get a none blurry picture.

iPhone 5s image stabilizer

Burst Mode:

This mode is really fun to use when you want to capture a sequence of quick movements like someone jumping, or even a kid moving too much. This mode allows the iPhone 5s to capture 10 frames per second and give you the best picture of all.

You can then select a series of those images, or let the iPhone 5s pick the best one for you.

Slow Motion:

The new slow motion feature in the iPhone 5s camera is amazing. It records HD video at 120 frame per second, and then it allows you to select the portion of the video that you want to play in slow motion.

The hardware and software in the iPhone 5s are working together so intelligently, and seamlessly so that you can focus on taking great videos and images without worrying about the quality of the image, light, or movement of your hand or the object.

The iPhone 5s takes the iPhone 5 camera and give it all the missing features that make a great camera even better.


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