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iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c was speculated to be an answer to the low cost Android phones. Most media analysis expected this phone to be really cheap. However, Apple confirmed that this phone is not going to be targeting low end smart phones. It will still be a quality Apple iPhone that is a little cheaper. The iPhone will continue to be a premium phone at a premium price.

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c colorsThe 5c phone is cheaper than the iPhone 5s but not really by much. It is only $100 less than the iPhone 5s. So when the phone was released in September 10, 2013, it had a price of $99 with a 2 year contract for the 16GB while the iPhone 5s was for $199 with a two year contract.

The iPhone 5 on the other hand was discontinued. This in fact was a strange move by Apple. Usually, we have a previous version of the iPhone at a discounted price while one new phone at full price just like previous years.

The iPhone 4s which is a two year old phone was dropped in price when the iPhone 5 came out. We would expect the same thing with the iPhone 5s, and the iPhone 5 would drop in price. However, the iPhone 5c changed this, and the iPhone 5 was discontinued and the iPhone 4s stayed at a low cost.

However, I think there is abetter chance for a price break on the iPhone 5c than iPhone 5, for example, many stores in the US provided the phone for more the 50% off during the holiday season. You can get an iPhone5c for only $27 with a 2 year contract compared to $100.

The 5c comes with five different colors, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, and white. Moreover, you can get cases designed to protect your phone, and adds a little signature to it.

iPhone 5c Cases

The cases come with the same color as the iPhone 5c plus a black case. Therefore, you can mix and match the iPhone color with any of the 6 cases color.

The 5c iPhone comes with the same spec that made the iPhone 5 popular. It has the same 4" retina display, and comes with 8MP iSight camera and of course the A6 chip which was on the iPhone 5.

It comes with 13 LTE bands which assures you the fastest download/upload anywhere in the world.

The iPhone 5c comes with iOS 7 which has a brand new iOS 7 Camera app that allows for 3 camera modes normal, Panorama, and square, plus video capture in 1080p.

The photoes can have 8 live filters, so you can apply the filter in real time as you are shooting. Facetime camera has been improved with bigger pixels, and more light, and with Facetime audio, you can get high quality audio phone calls that are clearer than normal calls.

The 5c iPhone feels nice in the hand. The color is definitely a nice thing making the phone look more like an iPod touch more than an iPhone.

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