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iOS 8 Hacks

iOS 8 hacks are tweaks and apps written for iOS 8. iOS 8 was released late 2014 with many new features, but also some bugs. Weeks later, iOS 8.0.1, and iOS 8.0.2, and finally iOS 8.1 were released to fix all those bugs.

Suddenly without any previous notifications, a team called Pangu was able to jailbreak iOS 8, and 8.1. This sudden jailbreak shook the iPhone community, including Saurik who is the developed of Cydia which is the iPhone store that holds all the hacks, tweaks, and jailbreak apps.

Cydia was quickly updated to support the new Pangu jailbreak, and the following weeks were just time to update every tweak, and hack on Cydia. Although not everything is updated to the latest iOS8 jailbreak, most of the good iPhone hacks were updated pretty quickly.

The iOS 8 jailbreak was also buggy. Maybe it was the buggiest jailbreak I have ever seen. I restored my iPhone 6 several times within a few days after the jailbreak. But, finally, after several Cydia, and Pangu updates, my iPhone 6 got a stable point as any other previous jailbreaks.

Here are my best iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks, that I have installed on my iPhone 6 so far.


Activator is simply the best iPhone hack out there. It allows you to assign different gestures to different tasks. Luckily, it was one of the first iPhone hacks to getiOS8 upgrade. It started in beta, and then it was updated for full iOS 8 support.


It is a little annoying with the powerful iPhone processes, and the capability in speed, but the iOS 8 animations are pretty slow. With NoSlowAnimation, you are in control of how fast the folders, and apps will update. It makes your iPhone

CCSettings for iOS 8:

CCSetings for iOS 8This is a great iOS 8 hack that adds many features to the control center.

Many iPhone hacks targets the control center, but I found this iOS hack to be the most stable and one of the earliest to update to iOS 8.

Equalizer Everywhere for iOS 8EqualizerEverywhere:

This is an amazing iOS 8 hack that allows you to control the highs, mid range, and base of your iPhone overall sound.

You can use it for your music, youtube video, or any iPhone video or sound application.

I even use it to boost the volume of speaker phone, or any phone call.


I love to have a fifth row of keys just for numbers. It makes typing much quicker. I hate it when I have to switch between alphabets and numbers. I used to love iKeywi, but unfortunately to this writing, it wasn't updated to iOS 8. However, exKey is actually a much straight forward iOS8 hack that does the job perfectly.


FolderEnhancer (iOS7/8):

exKey iOS 8 keyboard hackAlthough, I used to love FolderEnhancer in previous iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and specially older devices such as the iPhone 4s. The smaller screens and the limitations in folder sizes, and the number of apps to hold made FolderEnhancer a must have. However, with the bigger iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 plus screens, it is not that a big deal. Moreover, folder arrangements when synce with iTunes might be a little tricky. I still use Folder Enhancer only for limited folder size as I try no to make too much changes so that not to break the link with iTunes, specially when I have to have a no jailbreak for a long time.


Some iPhone apps are still not updated to take full advantage of the new iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 plus resolution, and screen size. Those apps just scale up filling the iPhone 6 screen. Everything just looks bigger.

iOS 8 apps that take advantage of the newer bigger iPhone 6 screens give more contents in the screen. Therefore, this iPhone 6 hack forces those apps to take advantage of the bigger screen real estate by making everything smaller or as big as the older iPhone 5s. Therefore, you end up with more screen than before.


Force reach is an iOS 8 hack that adds some more features to the stock iOS 8 Reachability. The most important feature of ForceReach is that it doesn't have a time limit when Reachability is activated. Therefore, you have unlimited time to reach your content, and then when you are done, just tap outside the window.


This is a perfect iOS 8 hack that I was waiting for for sometime. It is perfect for bigger iPhones such as iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 plus where typing with one hand is almost impossible or very hard with small hands. The keyboard can now move top the left or to the right to get closer to you when you type.


MultiIconmover plus is an iOS 8 hack that allows you to select multiple icons at the same time and arrange them in minimal amount of time. With the original iOS 8 method, you must tap and hold, and then select each app to move it to where you want.


The iPhone can take a snap shot of your screen simply by pressing the home and power button at the same time. Snapper is an iOS 8 hack that allows you to snap a piece of your iPhone screen not the full screen and save it to Camera Roll. The nice thing about this iPhone hack is that the snap shot remains floating on your screen. So, you can use it to cut a piece of information that you will need in your email, or a phone number etc.


With iOS, because there are no cursor keys, it is very annoying to move from one sentence to another. Or even to move one letter back to correct a word. SwipeSelection is a great iPhone hack that allows you to move forward or backward quickly by swiping left or right on the keyboard.

Handykey for ios8Hanykey jailbreak for ios8Hnady Key for iOS 8


VideoPane is one of my best iPhone hacks. I hate the fact that when you open a video, it stops when checking your email or using another app like Safari. VideoPane allows you to detach the video and make it run in as a floating window on top of your iPhone home screen or any app. Therefore, you can continue watching your videos while browsing the internet with Safari.

You can resize the window by pinching in and out, or you can change the transparency by double tapping the video window.

Virtual Home:

Virtual Home is an iPhone hack designed for iPhones with Touch ID. That means iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and above. With Virtual Home, you can tap on the home button to quit apps, and double tap to go the app switcher. Therefore saving your home buttons presses from wear and tear.

You can also with one tap while the iPhone is sleeping, you can wake up the iPhone, and unlock at the same time. With Virtual Home, I rarely see or use the lock screen.

3G Unrestrictor:

3G Unrestrictor is one my best iPhone hacks, and is one of my favorite iOS 8 hacks. Usually, I wait for an update for this iOS tweak anxiously. The tweak allows you to watch TV, or run apps that require you to be on wifi only. Most TV, and cable apps require wifi in order to start streaming. 3G Unrestrictor fools those apps into thinking they are on wifi while they are actually on 3G or 4G/LTE.


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